A postscript upon Presidential performance

The latest of the insensitive remarks made by the usurper Barry Soetoro, was a statement “We leave no one behind”. If only that were true, especially where the attack in Benghazi was concerned.

We now have a better understanding about some of the things that happened that night. However, some questions are beginning to form in my mind, and I have not seen anyone address these particular questions.

The Libyan interim President Mr. Mogharef, was very quick to counter the video story. That is fair enough because there was no protest and it was a terrorist attack. Many different sources stated from the beginning that it was a terrorist attack, but Barry S kept up the pretense that this was somehow a spontaneous action due to some really terrible video.

Mr Mogharef is a reasonable man, and the Libyan government have been co-operating with the Western world. They are enemies of Iran. Now, we do know that some reinforcements were sent from Tripoli. In fact the 17th February Brigade were alerted and escorted them to the annexe where the later action was taking place, and where Doherty and Woods were killed. This means that there must have been communication with the Libyans regarding the attack at some level.

We know that there were requests for help, and that those requests were denied. We know that there were two drones in the area taking photographs and videos of the whole attack. In fact we know that the White House Administration watched the whole attack in the situation room whilst it was happening.

If there was an issue about entering Libyan air space so that the drones could take care of the attackers, then was there or was there not, an attempt to request permission to end the attack via a drone strike? Did Washington reach out to the Libyan government regarding the attack? Did the Libyan government refuse permission to deal with the attackers?

I know the Libyans like to look after their own business. I pretty certain that they want to be able to take the attackers into custody and deal with them under their law. What I want to know, is whether or not Washington involved the Libyan government in what was happening, if they had approached Libyan security, and if not, then why not!!

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  1. There is a reliable (90%+) rumor that MSM is in possession of emails that will clearly and directly pin all the bad stuff in Benghazi on the Fraud-in-Chief. One theory is that they have been holding them until the hurricane news settles down a little. The other theory is that they will sit on them forever, like the LA Times.

    My bet is the latter. The more damaging they are, the more likely they are to be buried. Unless somebody airs them on the Sunday AM News Shows, it is all over. And I don’t mean Fox. Nobody listens to them except all of us who have already decided.

    Also the fraud has already begun big time. It is KNOWN that many voting machines pick Obama even when voter selects Romney. Only if you persevere and hit the Romney button several times will it finally ‘take’. And NOBODY CARES, and like last time nobody will do anything about it.

    Overall, I see nothing to encourage me of a Romney win. Sure, there are bits and pieces of this and that. But too small and too unfocused. Again the MSM is totally complicit – perhaps even worse. The message is not getting out to the people who need to hear it.

    I am sticking by my bet. Maybe even doubling down. My only caveat is UNLESS THE MSM TURNS ON HIM, which I consider unlikely.


  2. The brilliant and timely essay explains both why it is imperative that Obama be defeated buy why he will win anyway.



  3. Taking All Bets

    Here is THE QUESTION: Will this harm The Obama’s election chances or will the MSM be able to successfully keep the lid on for a few more days? I think the Sunday AM shows are probably the last chance.

    This will doom Obama’s chances of re-election if widely known. That is why our politically corrupt media is censoring this news as hard as it can. They do not want the majority of Americans to know. But they cannot keep the lid on. It is too big, and too awful. The only question is one of time before Election Day.

    Of course, the other big question is: DOES ANYBODY CARE? I mean, even if rabid Obama disciples knew these facts, would it sway their vote?



  4. As the election closes, things are really heating up. Conservatives are running totally scared and going nuts. We have this sinking feeling that we are doomed.

    The problem is: EVERYBODY knows Obama is incompetent, many of us know “it is worse than that”. So, yes, in theory, he should lose, bad! The fact that he is not at the 1% or 5% he deserves, proves that the practical situation is far different than the theory. For instance, the following information is widely available, widely known, and uncontested. Why does it not instantly doom him?

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Goddamned Lies

    The bottom line, of course, is that Obama was extorted by his own irresistible desire to win. He would fabricate his past, dissemble at will, slime any opponent, deny any friend in order to assure himself the White House.



  5. For another example – here is a quote from this incredibly damning article:

    Since most people have already made up their minds one way or the other about Obama and Romney, it probably won’t have a practical impact on the election.

    This article goes beyond the usual INCOMPETENCE and at last reveals the unthinkable of HE’S DOING IT ON PURPOSE!


    All these things indicate not only should Hisself loose by a wide margin but should go down as the worst president in history. Or even be tried for treason.

    Alas, none of which is happening nor will ever happen!

    If ‘they’ have managed to maintain the fraud and the con this long – with a relatively straight face – ‘they’ are not about to blink now.


  6. Carlyle, you keep forgetting about PEOPLE POWER. The fraud is not going to win the election. There would have to be cheating on a massive scale for him to win.


  7. You nit the nail right on the head – the two biggest parameters in this election are: 1) people, and 2) cheating.

    But you come to the hopeful, and alas wrong, conclusion.

    The fraud IS on a massive scale – at least in the key battleground states. The fraud last time was massive, and by all accounts it is just as bad and probably worse this time. NOBODY is preventing it and nobody is investigating it. In fact the only widely available protection is Voter ID. But liberal state governments are vetoing that everywhere and several judges have struck it down.

    The people are UNINFORMED. A great majority of Obama voters (especially blacks) do not care . I would say that over 90% of the people do not understand or deny that Obama is ruining America. And less than 1% of us fully grasp that he is doing this on purpose in a treasonable manner.

    Here is an example. Military contractors are required by law to notify potential layoffs well in advance. Obama has encouraged (demanded?) them to violate this provision and even gone so far as to promise to pay them and make them whole if they are sued. And of course the MSM has done their part by total failure to cover the situation. Here is a snippet:

    This article was written on 10/1/2012 but for reason the main media didn’t seem to think it was important enough to make it more public….Do you wonder why ?

    Lockheed is going to lay off 123,000……………

    The White House has asked Lockheed-Martin NOT to issue notices of lay-offs until December (after the election).

    Can it be anymore clear who we are dealing with? He will do anything to get re-elected and if he does….God help America.

    It is easy to sit here and know some of the truth and see some people all agitated about this and come to the wrong conclusion. But we are very few and if we are dissatisfied we will not riot.

    We also sit here fully realizing how evil he is and that he is a foreign agent and domestic enemy. Yet some of us (ahem, ahem) fail to connect the dots and reach the obvious conclusion:

    They will do ANYTHING possible and EVERYTHING necessary to win.

    There are no rules and no referees. And they certainly could care less about “sportsmanlike conduct”. They came to win – and are bringing pistols to a knife fight.


  8. Carlyle,

    you claim I have come to the wrong conclusion, however I dispute that and so again I say it in two words: PEOPLE POWER

    You completely forget the 2010 elections when Republicans mostly overcame the Dem cheating, including in North Carolina.

    Reince Priebus is onto the machine problem in Ohio. People are aware and they will make a song and dance if anything is wrong.

    You seem to be unaware of the lack of enthusiasm among Democrat voters this years. There are plenty who are turning out, but some of them are not voting for Obama!!

    One of the big measures has been early voting in Ohio, and even there the numbers turning out for the Democrats is thousands lower than 4 years ago. I would be surprised if Ohio goes Democrat this year, especially under the following circumstances:

    1. Abominablecare – Ohioans have already voted on the issue
    2. crowd turnout. In Ohio Romney Ryan are getting crowds wanting to see them at 10 time or more than the number of people turning out for Obama.
    3. Coal mines – do you think the coal miners are going to vote to end their jobs?

    Even in Toledo there is a movement against the Democrats. On top of that everyone expects that the majority of blacks are going to turn up and vote for Obama. I say that this is not going to happen to the same extent as 2008. The blacks are already calling him Bathhouse Barry. They will either site home, vote for a third party, or for the first time vote Republican. Many are waking up to the fact that Obama has used them and done nothing for them. They are not enthused about voting.

    In other words the enthusiasm is there for Mitt Romney. It is not there for Obama.

    Here is something else to consider that relates to the 2010 election. There was one race in Illinois which was a shock Republican win. The incumbent could not find enough votes to cheat herself into being the winner.

    It is my view that the Democrats are going to be so overwhelmed with the vote that goes against them that they are not going to be able to cheat like they have in past elections. People are simply not going to be voting for them.

    I see ground report after ground report that states that there is no enthusiasm this year for Obama. They report enthusiasm for the Republican candidate instead. One person I know did a test run to see what would happen when he wore his Romney/Ryan T-shirt in Chicago. He even went to the south side, rode the trains, and nothing happened. He got some thumbs up, but no one attacked him or spat on him or did the terrible things they did 4 years ago.

    Even in deep blue New York, there are people who have stated that they are not voting for Obama, and this was after hurricane Sandy. The momentum is not there.

    Further proof that Obama is not going to win is the purchase of an estate in Hawaii paid for by “the friends of Obama” who are his donors in Chicago.


  9. Carlyle, instead of reading American Thinker (a site that I read as well), I think you could do better reading this:


    Kevin comes from Ohio. He grew up in Cleveland Ohio. He know how Ohioans think. Another Ohian is Daniel Blatt who came from around Cincinnati and he thinks the same way.

    As for myself, I lived in Fairborn, near Dayton back in 1984-85 so I have a little bit of a feel with regard to the thinking of Ohians.

    Even in Toledo, which is very much an industrial town, the tide has turned and peope favour Romney, not Obama.

    Most people think that MA is going to Obama but I think it will be very, very close. I am also going to tip that Scott Brown will get ahead of Elizabeth Warren for the Senate seat. It will be close. However, I think that people will choose the person who has the ability to be one of them, rather than the ideologue.