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I was going to write a post about the debate, where Mitt Romney smacked Obama out of the ballpark, or in Australian parlance, Obama was hit for 6 (this has the same effect where a ball can end outside of the stadium!!). However, more revelation about the terrorist attack in Benghazi means that I am once again touching on this subject.

The White House Administration is engaged in a cover up. They learned nothing at all about what went wrong for President Richard Nixon, who was in my opinion a far superior man, and one who was capable of handling foreign affairs. The same cannot be said for Barack Obama. In the debate he claimed that the USA was safe because he is in the Oval Office. I am calling mushroom fodder on his claims. The world is not safe since he has been POTUS, and the USA is very vulnerable. The cover up involves the lie that a video of very poor quality was supposed to have blasphemed Mohammad the Pedophile. I continue to have my own theories about who paid for the poor quality documentary in the first place…. and it would not surprise me if I was to learn that Al Qaeda was in fact the backer of the tape. I suspect already that the Arabic subtitles that were added were deliberately done in such a way that more than a few rage boys got all upset.

From the start the Libyans have stated that there was no protest at the Benghazi consulate. They have totally debunked the story from the White House. This debunking has come from eye witnesses who were on the scene and were a part of the Libyan security team who were shot, wounded (and 10 of their number killed), during the attack. There are also Libyans who are part of a think tank in London who spoke up immediately stating that the attack sounded very much like it came from Al Qaeda, yet the White House would have us believe that there was a protest and what happened was spontaneous. It makes me think that something was in fact planned but not until October.

Information is slowly filtering out about the manner in which the White House and the Department of State flipped the bird at Chris Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador. Stevens had requested an increase in security, but the White House had refused the request. Even worse, is the latest news on the matter. MyPetJawa is reporting that the White House had cut the security in Benghazi as a response to the previous attacks over the past few months. Such news fills me with disgust. Chris Stevens and the men who were with him (on other business, and looking for weapons) had no chance because Obama refused to provide the consulate with the proper level of security.

There is a lot more in the way of information that in my view totally damages the credibility of Obama and the White House Administration. This information includes the fact that the White House did nothing about the Egyptian terrorist who was released from prison when Muburak was forced from power by Obama. It was the Egyptian who had sneaked into Libya, and who had set up training camps in the desert, to train those willing in the art of bomb making.

I maintain that the majority of Libyans are not into that kind of stuff, and this is supported by the response of normal Libyans who have gone out into the streets to demonstrate against the terrorists, who ousted the radical militias from their posts in Benghazi and Tripoli and in general have shown their support for Americans.

At the present time the Libyan government continues to rely upon a militia to provide security to the Americans. A small contingent of Americans did visit Benghazi today, and they were secured with the help of one of the government militias. I am willing to accept the sincerity of such people. That does not mean that I do not acknowledge the risks being taken in such a dangerous spot.

There has been some other encouraging news with the arrest of two Tunisians in Turkey on charges relating to the attack on the US Embassy. It is no surprise that Tunisians were involved in the attack. There are people in all of these countries who are simmering jihadis who are so mentally challenged that they are will to die for the sake of killing a few people from Western countries.

Yes, Obama was trounced in that debate last night. His body language told the story. He looks like a defeated man. We have not even scratched the surface when it comes to all of his misdeeds. America has the opportunity to fire Obama, and send him packing to Hawaii. This election is very important, not just to the USA but to the rest of the world. We want to reverse the harm that has already been done.