Carlyle you were right – the Election was stolen.

All things considered, especially when the enthusiasm was for the Republicans and Mitt Romney, it is hard to comprehend that Obama won the Presidential Election in 2012. Was it a better ground game? Nope. Everything I had been reading pointed to a Romney win. The number of registered Democrats was down, the number of registered Republicans was up.  The win itself looks like it was a plausible legitimate win, except that so many cases of election fraud have been registered in various ways. From the late surge towards Obama in Ohio, to the gradual win in Florida (because the judge threw out Alan West’s challenge), to the obvious fraud in Pennsylvania, to the fact that people were bused to Wisconsin from Chicago, right down to the voting machines that were flipping to Obama when people were voting for Romney, all of those things add up to massive election fraud.

Here is a partial list of how Republicans were cheated out of a win:

1. Wisconsin – it has been reported that in at least one location bus loads of Democrats turned up on the day and registered themselves to vote. They did not have id, could barely remember the address on the utility bills that they were presenting as proof of address. These Democrats came from Chicago and they were not exactly quiet about the fact.

2. Nevada – one woman was arrested for attempting to vote more than once. She was allegedly a Republican. This made the news. What did not make the news was the fraudulent vote machines. If I read more on Nevada and machines flipping the vote, then I will write about it.

3. North Carolia – this happened in 2010 where machines flipped from the Republican choice to Democrat. I do not think the machines were fixed.

4. Pennsylvania – several Republican election officials were kicked out of the polling station by the Democrats. They were reinstated on a judge’s order, however there was enough time for shenanigans. In every one of those polling places Obama got 100% of the vote. The Republican officials had no way of knowing exactly what took place when they were not present.

5. Ohio – the first whiff of fraud came when Democrats were busing in people who likely did not have the right to vote – the Somali population – on top of that they used interpreters who showed them how to vote Democrat down the ticket. This is illegal. There were reports of machines flipping from Romney to Obama. Then there is the massive swing in Cleveland. It was massive enough to swing the state. I am calling bullshit on that late swing. This happened at a point where ballot stuffing was most likely at the end of the night when Obama was still behind. That swing in Cleveland was sufficient for Obama to win the state. If you look at the map though, you will see that most of Ohio was Red, not Blue.

6. Michigan – yes, there is probably a good reason to be suspicious about machines flipping.

On top of these examples, I think there are other instances where there was fraud. Once again the military were denied the right to vote. The ballots did not arrive on time. How convenient. Then there were those who reported machines that were not functioning so they used paper ballots that were placed in a trash bag!!

Whilst I am only giving an outline I do believe that there is cause to be concerned about the level of fraud in this election. John F. Kennedy beat Richard Nixon as a result of voter fraud in Chicago. As much as the Democrats complain about George Bush defeating Al Gore, it must be pointed out that the votes in Florida that were in question were in fact fraudulent ballots. Al Franken won his seat in Minnesota by pulling the trick of making challenges, but Al Gore was unsuccessful when he pulled the same trick. The Democrat operatives have been perfecting their fraud over time. However, it is those voting machines that came from Venezuela that sealed the fate of this election.

Technology experts do point out that it is easy to use key logging software in these machines. It is possible to hack the machines and thus alter the result. This is the most likely method used by the Democrats since most people in IT with the skills use those skills in being hackers – such as Anonymous.

It is not the end of the world. What can happen next? Watergate 2.0

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  1. Sometime I HATE being right. I am quite depressed and distraught right now. I really don’t think we can survive 4 more years of this. Especially if unfettered by need for popularity and re-election.

    If I am right that this fraud is a Foreign Agent and a Domestic Enemy (and remember alas I am cursed with being a ‘lucky guesser’), then America will be irrevocably changed and a number of things that cannot be undone.

    Also, you know why you are on my short list of blogs I check everyday and why I post here. You are one of the best reporters and analysts around. And very objective. I don’t have to agree with everything, but I insist that reporters – even Citizen Journalists – be competent and unbiased and forthcoming. You are all that.

    Other than disagreeing on bits and pieces here and there (and providing some pushback and Devil’s Advocacy to keep you honest – he he), my only quibble is that in my opinion you sometimes don’t quite “close the deal” or get to the ultimate “logical conclusion”. I won’t quote details, but I think three broad areas are indicative and shows clearly why you and I can agree 90% and yet come to different conclusions.

    1. You and I both despise economics of the Keynesian School, and for essentially the same reasons. I further connect the dots all the way back to Keynes himself, whereas you blame his disciples who perverted his ideas.

    2. You and I both agree on much of the situation in Libya. In fact you have studied it far more than I, and I learn from your insights and analysis. I don’t disagree that Gawdawful was a bad man and a bad leader, but I further connect the dots to conclude that his ouster was destabilizing and such destabilization is often worse than the cure. In particular, great and violent changes in leadership ALWAYS let a number of rats sneak in through the cracks.

    3. And as to the case at hand: You and I agree 95%+. And all your reasoning and analysis was/is sound. Again, I simply claim you did not go the last step and connect the last dot. I believe Obama was never ‘elected’ in the first place but ‘installed’. I think you believe this also – we have discussed many times ‘by whom’ – i.e. who are the puppetmasters? My logical conclusion tells me that anyone with the power and the will to install him in the first place will ENSURE that he remains installed – NO MATTER WHAT – they have too much to gain and too much to lose.

    So, keep charging ahead – pray for US and the world.

    PS – What’s that idiot’s name over at CW blog? I wonder if his head has exploded yet? Citizen Grand Juries, Supreme Court gonna take him down, the people will get fed up? Bosh and poo on him.


  2. Carlyle, I am wondering about what had popped up on Ulsterman re Military Insider. Whoever that might be left a comment: Watergate him.

    Like you, I am totally distraught over what happened. I know something is very fishy. I saw it with my own eyes when watching the Ohio count. I saw how the count blew out by more than 50,000 votes at the end of the night, enough to swing the election.


  3. Air Force Brat!

    Barring a miracle, a percentage of the American people may eventually consider “the unthinkable” to be the only option left. Please understand that this is not what I want; however, it is what I SEE.


  4. AFB in that respect I really do hope that you are wrong.

    The USA has a history of taking action over certain issues. The first time led to the War of Independence, and the second time was the Civil War. I truly hope that there is not a second civil war. Unfortunately with the Marxists gaining the ascendancy and their complicity with Muslims, you might just be correct. I just do not want to go there.

    Meanwhile, here in Australia, the evidence against the SubPrime continues to mount. Her deception is now quie obvious. The “honey trap” has been applied and now her press conference has been tabled into Parliament, and that means she could be found guilty of misleading the Parliament.

    The smears against Tony Abbot continue. He is a good man, very much like Mitt Romney, except that he is a Catholic. Once again Catholics are being pilloried for the sins committed by priests and brothers more than 20 years ago. I suspect that someone close to my husband’s family might be in a lot of trouble because of allegations. I have always taken the view that people can make allegations, but if there is no supporting evidence, there is always the possibility that the allegation is a lie. Sometimes that supporting evidence is overwhelming, but other times there are holes so big that such allegations should never be sustained. Either way, it is a cross that we bear as Catholics, and yes the mud sticks!!


  5. Air Force Brat!

    Agreed, Aussie. Hopefully we’ll get that miracle.

    That truly sucks about Mr. Abbott, and I hope he evenually prevails. It’s reprehensible that a person having nothing whatsoever to do with misdeeds committed long ago by people he / she has probably never even met should have his reputation sullied. Regarding the Sub-Prime — what is likely to happen to her if she’s found guilty of misleading Parliament?



    I’m sure this is all a coincidence. Just like the great number of counties that reported more actual votes than registered voters.

    Are we living in some sort of 3rd World dictatorship now?


  7. Air Force Brat!

    Re Philly — it’s a pretty sad day when you have to have the Sheriff’s Department escort you somewhere and stand there & protect you so that you can do your job! Some “hallmark of civilized society”, huh?


  8. This just in:

    Fraud in Ohio Also

    Surprise surprise.

    Barack Obama received more than 99% of the vote in more than 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on election day. In fact, there were a substantial number of precincts where Mitt Romney got exactly zero votes. So how in the world did this happen? Third world dictators don’t even get this much love.


  9. And — did you notice the peculiar wording of the resignation letter? Is Petraeus trying to send a coded message of duress?

    In my memory NOBODY has EVER spelled out such detail in a resignation letter. Sometimes it is a simple “I quit”. Perhaps a reference to a transition, as in “I was just holding things together here, but now that you won re-election, you need to appoint one of your own homies”. And most often the famous “I want to spend more time with family”.

    When has ANYBODY EVER said “I did something bad and I disgraced the position and I want to therefore commit seppuku”? Even if it is common knowledge and all over the news, the most anybody has said is “I don’t want this witch hunt to be a distraction”.

    The only thing even close in modern history is when Eisenhower made Patton publicly apologize after slapping a soldier.


  10. Carlyle, if you read very carefully what I wrote above, I was aware of the fraud in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland district). Kevin Dujan is from Cleveland. He grew up there and he has contacts. His contacts indicated that they would be voting for Romney. Then this happened!!

    I was aware that something was wrong on the night of the counting because of the heavy swing towards the end. Romney should have won Ohio. I am certain that he should have won Ohio and was shocked when the last returns came in. It was more than 50,000 votes.

    There should be an investigation into all of these counties and their results. If they were using machines, then those machines need to be impounded and examined for keylogging software. All results in those counties should be declared invalid.


  11. I am yet to write up anything about the Petreus resignation. There is something that is not quite right. I am still reading up on little bits of information that is filtering out.

    The latest is in regard to a comment made by Paul Broadwell about Libyans being held in the annex, and I can assure you that I heard about that weeks ago, that the CIA operatives mentioned having some Libyans and having to let them go. What Paula said added to that information that was already out there – her claim was that they were being held prior to the attack, and my impression had been that they were captured at the time of the attack.

    I have some ideas on this subject. It is conspiracy theory at this point in time. I will only add words from the alleged Military Insider and that is “Watergate him!!”