Jill Kelley snags another General

This part of the story is still developing. The news is that Jill Kelley had correspondence with General Allen, the current commander in Afghanistan.

Jill Kelley is Lebanese-American. This is something that rings my alarm bells. You might wonder why my alarm bells would be going off like that so I will try to explain.

Several years ago when attending Bible Study I came across a really wonderful couple. He was from Lebanon, and she was a Palestinian Christian from Israel. They explained some of the horrors that they faced in the Middle East. Did you know that Christians can be arrested if they carry their own personal Bible going into a Muslim country? Yes, in Saudi Arabia for example Christians are arrested if they are found to possess a Bible. What I did learn is that life can be very tough.

However, I have also learned a few other things, such as the fact that Lebanese Christians, and yes even Syrian Christians have often sided with Muslims against Israel. If you are taking any notice of the civil war in Syria, then you should have observed that the Islamists have been threatening the Christians. It sounds like the same old thing from the Muslims, but I suggest that you need to look a little bit more closely at why Christians are under threat – it is because those same Christians are supporting the Shia Alawite tribe in their dominance of the majority Sunni. In my book that sounds like a very good reason to threaten the Christians during a time of Civil War.

Now back to Jill Kelley. Lebanon remains an unstable country and it is quite natural that many Lebanese fled their homeland coming to Australia and the USA as their favoured destination. This is how Jill’s family ended up in the USA. Think about that for a moment. They have ties to the unrest in the Middle East.

Jill Kelley is in the habit of befriending people at the base in Florida, in particular the Generals who end up leading the troops in Afghanistan. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that she has perhaps been doing a little bit of information gathering? What if Paula Broadwell actually found out about what Jill was doing, and it had nothing to do with a love interest?

I am putting this question out there, not because of any conspiracy theory, but because I believe that something is not right about this whole story, especially when it has now ensared another general.

One response to “Jill Kelley snags another General

  1. You must know Aussie altho I dont comment much. I find your posts incredibly interesting. Someone with a brain who can think critically. And what about that FBI agent-still unnamed? And Paula’s emails were hardly what I would consider “threatening”. Would not warrent an FBI investigation at all. Why report them to the FBI in the first place? Why not the police? And apparently Eric Holder got the reports in August. Hokder is the most recent to abandon ship. And the extended powers of the patriot act where a dictatorship can be declared if the populance becomes “too unruly” againt the government? 20 states want to secede from the union including 9 states that voted for Obama. The president is head of security for the UN? With the auroura shootings he signed a pledge that the U.S. would disarm itself of handguns in 4 years. And what about Brandon Raub? Twice decorated marine who used rock lirics and said some “anti-government” statements on face book and was arrested as a terrorist under the Patriots act. Isn’t it interesting that he looks more like James Holmes, then James Holmes? Who could plant all those bombs and fire semi-automatic weapons? A nerd Ph.D. student or a twice decorated ex-marine? Why did the Irish nurse, who treated the aurora victims, die under very misterious circumstances on her vacation two weeks after the aurora shooting? She is in the photo-op with the president. Why was the UN monitoring some polling sites? Why after the video which only has 13 hits before it was announced as responsible for the Benghazi attack used as an excuse so the UN could monitor American internet usage for “terrorist” comments. And what about the dollar bill which specifically talks about one world order? Questions but no answers. Keep up the good work.