Back to the Future – the Profumo Affair

Legal Insurrection has up an interesting post, and I am grateful to Joel because he zapped the old memory banks :). I am actually old enough to remember the headlines about the Profumo Affair in Great Britain. It was all about a call girl by the name of Christine Keeler. If my memory serves me correctly there was another woman involved in the scandal as well.

John Profumo was a Minister in the Harold MacMillan government in Great Britain. He had a pillow friend by the name of Christine Keeler, who was a call girl, and who in turn had a pillow friend who was the naval attache at the Russian embassy. When the affair came to light, and it was believed that Profumo could have been compomised, Profumo swore to the Prime Minister in private and then to the Parliament that he was not involved in an affair. A few months later he had to recant his story. The fallout from this scandal was in fact the end of the MacMillan government, and I think that is when probably one of the worst of the British Prime Ministers (Harold Wilson) came to power.

What has this got to do with the Petreus scandal? I actually think that the outcome of that previous scandal has a lot to do with the outcomes in the Petreus scandal. What was paramount in the criticism of MacMillan and of John Profumo was the fact that the affair could have subjected Profumo to blackmail by third parties who were seeking State secrets. Great Britain has a lot of these spy scandals including one associated with a man called Philby. Here in Australia there have also been some spy scandals including one that involved a Minister in the Whitlam Government in the 1970s (the son of the man at the centre of that scandal hotly denies that what was claimed, and I might add the report came from ASIO, was a lie. He is wrong, the source is impeccable).

Sex scandals involving people in postions such as head of the CIA, head of the Defense Department, Minister of the Crown, Prime Minister, President etc. always have the potential for blackmail. To this I add that even people who are closet gays, such as Lindsay Graham, face blackmail because of their refusal to acknowledge themselves and come out of the closet. It is simply a fact of life, that if you do something that can bring shame, and you think you can hide that action, there will always be someone who knows about it, and is willing to tell others, if you do not do as they say.  This is what I think actually happened to David Petreus in the days immediately after the Benghazi debacle.

Is it possible that the White House did not know about the affair? I think it is next to impossible that the Administration, including Obama or maybe Valerie Jarrett did not know about the affair. Why else would David Petreus have gone along with the crap that was coming out of the White House? David Petreus knew what took place. He knew it was a terror attack, and yet he told that first enquiry the line about a spontaneous protest.

The fuss that was made about the break-in at the Watergate hotel went world wide. Yes I remember bits and pieces of that debacle because it was widely reported in Australian newspapers. Of course it was widely reported because it involved a Republican President. No one in the MSM reported on the John Kennedy affairs when he was President, but those affairs were equally compromising and could have exposed Kennedy to blackmail as well. Not a word was leaked until after President Kennedy was assassinated. The fairytale of the Kennedy Camelot had remained in place for more than 30 years before the real stories were being told. Kennedy was in fact a compromised President.  All the same, the cover-up initiated by Richard Nixon was the thing that was his undoing.

So how should we be viewing this David Petreus affair? Frankly, it is not the sexual aspect of this whole affair that really matters, it is the backgrounds of the players. I have already stated that I am concerned about the other woman and her access to American Generals because that woman is a Lebanese-American. What is her family background? How did she gain so much access to so many generals? What is the possibility that she ended up with information that could have compromised any number of missions in the Middle East, or that she turned over that information to people associated with not just with Al Qaeda, but people who are anti-American? Is she another Valerie Plame?

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  1. Aussie – If you will allow me to be so brash, I will herewith put down some dark and dramatic statements and predictions. I would like to capitalize on the most recent “proof” that I am never wrong (or, if you prefer, “I am a really lucky guesser”). No, I do not want to chortle and dance and sing “nanner nanner”. I already wrote down what I think of your analysis, competence, etc. But I do want to take advantage of the recent up-boost in my credibility to drive home some essential things.

    And, remember, I have been an active watcher and commenter about all things Obamanoid since mid 2008. First I was a frequent contributer and debater at Texas Darlin’ blog, then Citizen Wells, and now here – plus multiple skirmishes on multiple other blogs. I have made many statements and predictions – all true. So here is my current batch:

    1. Barack Obama does not exist. That is a fictional alias of somebody else, presumably Barry Soetoro.

    2. The Social Security number being used by the putative president is invalid and/or fraudulent.

    3. BHO/BS is deeply involved in the death of Donald Young and is probably responsible.

    4. The primary victory of BHO/BS over HC in 2008 is fraudulent.

    5. The general victory of BHO/BS over MR in 2012 is fraudulent.

    6. BHO/BS is not a global evil genius mastermind – he is nothing more than a common ordinary urban street thug and criminal.

    7. BHO/BS is the puppet of an as-yet-to-be-identified person or organization.

    8. BHO/BS is a Muslim and a foreign agent.

    9. BHO/BS was raised and educated on Communist propaganda, including his professors and courses in college.

    10. BHO/BS attended Occidental as a Foreign Student and possibly Columbia as well.

    11. The actual vital records in Hawaii are damning (not just embarrassing) to BHO/BS. Not sure that the birthplace is the problem, more likely to be the father.

    12. Bill Ayers wrote Dreams From My Father.

    13. Based on the official narrative (see 12) BHO/BS is not a Natural Born Citizen as required by The Constitution.

    14. Even if the father is correctly specified (see 11) which may relieve the NBC problem, BHO/BS is currently an illegal alien and no kind of American citizen at all.

    15. BHO/BS attended Harvard via a lavish scholarship from Saudi Arabia (thus giving a strong hint as to 7), and hugely benefited from widespread and deep Affirmative Action (e.g. does anybody really believe he earned the position of Editor of the Law Review?).

    16. BHO/BS hates Israel and will take every possible opportunity to undermine and destroy.

    17. The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood (aka Arab Spring) is not an accident or a result of carelessness or incompetence – but a purposeful objective.

    18. Destroying bits and pieces of USA is not an accident or a result of carelessness or incompetence – but a purposeful objective – and will get dramatically worse over the next four years.

    19. The Petraeus thing is not about sex. It is instantly about Benghazi and could very well be even bigger than that.

    Maybe more later – but this should be enough to get the juices flowing. The worst part is that nobody is doing anything about it. MSM: silent. Republicans: silent. At a minimum, congress should start an immediate investigation including the forced unsealing of all his various hidden records. The same investigation ought to call out the MSM for aiding and abetting the hiding of information and failing to investigate. I don’t know if the MSM can be legally held accountable for anything, but at least they can be publicly chastised from a bully pulpit. Secondly, the courts – particularly SCOTUS – ought to hear at least the biggest of the cases brought so far, including those involving treason. There is more than enough for any kind of Probable Cause threshold, so discovery is to be allowed. Finally the government (congress? FEC? courts?) needs to thoroughly investigate the fraud of the most recent election.


  2. In a similar vein, here is one I have been nurturing since 2010 or before. I am not quite as sure of the details and timing, but I am sure of the general idea.

    Part A

    (And if you remember, this used to drive “demented prick” over a CW nuts). The Obama will never be caught, arrested, or deposed. If the posse starts closing in on him, he will disappear to some far corner of the earth.

    Part B

    The Obama will not last until 2016. Something will activate Part A, or he will just ‘gracefully’ quit. In which case Biden will become president – and will select Hillary as his VP. Biden will soon thereafter claim ill-health or some such and will step down so that Hillary will be president – and therefore will be the incumbent for 2016.

    Part C

    Either Biden or Hillary will pardon The Obama for any and all crimes backwards and forwards.


  3. Carlyle, I hope your Part A, B & C are totally wrong.

    Here is something to consider. The person claiming to be Barry Obama, I will call him Barry Soetoro, is ill. He is a drug addict and he continues his personal use of drugs including cocaine. As a result of his cocaine use, he has a particular form of Parkinson’s Disease. This might explain why he was clutching a pen during one of the debates, he had to hid the tremors in his hands.

    Now here are some very juicy tidbits. Yes I think you are correct about Donald Young, but was it Hillary or Bill who had Vince Foster killed?

    Obama is very much into blackmail. What is the bet that Obama found out all about Vince Foster, including the real means by which he died (it was not suicide). What if he had been holding this over Hillary and Bill’s head? It might explain why either one of them has been so eager to do what Obama wants.

    I believe you are correct with regards to most of the other points, but you left out some things as well. Barry Soetoro is known in Chicago as Bathhouse Barry. Even the AA’s call him Bathhouse Barry!!


  4. I know BHO/BS was/is deeply embedded in the gay and drug culture. But in Modern America, alas, that is not necessarily a deal breaker. So I did not list that.

    I hope AB&C are wrong also. I am not quite as convinced of this (maybe only 90% instead of 100%) so I did not list it among my original list. All I know for sure is that they will instigate several branches of “funny business” to ensure a continued reign of terror.

    I also did not mention that the proffered LFBC is as phony as a $3 bill. That is so obvious that it is not worth contesting. Consider it a subset of item #11.

    Finally, in all this talk of National Security, even the liberal pundits have started to grasp that any sort of secret (especially in someone of international significance) is an irresistible target for blackmail. How they fail to connect the dots to the biggest secret of all is incomprehensible. Perhaps they will? What is really weird is that even if The Obama were to be pure as the driven snow, the fact that he is trying mightily to hide many things is INSTANT CAUSE FOR GRAVE CONCERN – not the facts of what he is hiding, but just the fact that the hiding is taking place.


  5. Carlyle, it might not be a deal breaker to drug crazed left wing types, however there are Christians and there are African American Christians who will tell you something very different. It matters to them!!

    Please stop calling those left-wing pundits by the name “liberal”. They are not liberal at all because they do not meet the classical definition of a liberal. Even Progressive is the wrong term because they are the ones who want to push the USA into a system that is now totally out of date. Please call them LEFTIST. That is what they are, and that is what they should be called from now on.

    These people were so far up themselves that they have constantly refused to look beneath the surface. They also failed to take note of a number of books and movies where it was made very plain that when anyone has a secret they can be blackmailed.

    A good example of this is the case of Senator Lindsay Graham. That man is an absolute bulldog at times. When I have been exposed to him in the Senate (which is rare) I have been very impressed. However, when it comes to voting on such things as the next Supreme Court Justice Senator Graham rolls over and votes to put in place extreme left wing individuals (one of them had not been a judge!!). Why? The answer is quite obvious. He is a closet homosexual. The Democrats always keep dirt files on their opposition. Harry Reid has a dirt file on Lindsay Graham and thus Lindsay is being blackmailed to do what Harry Reid wants. This can also happen to Mark Kirk, another closet homosexual, and Adam Schock. They all need to come out of the closet. They will not lose because they have come out, but they will lose for other reasons!! Coming out means that the Democrats have nothing to hang over their heads and then they are free to vote according to their own intuition.

    And that my friend is what happens when people have secrets, they do in fact get blackmailed and thus they do more things that is distasteful to them.


  6. May the God of the Old Testament
    inspire and fortify the Israelis in this
    time of great trouble.

    And, on this particular subject,
    Pamela Geller has it dead right:

    In any war between the
    civilized man and the savage,
    support the civilized man.


    Overnight, sirens still sounded in the region, as at least 13 more rockets were fired, and I won’t be surprised if many of these people won’t vote for Likud in the upcoming election.

    Daniel Greenfield says:

    There is no ceasefire, despite declarations from the international community to the contrary, just as there has been no peace for the past twenty years despite peace accords being signed.

    In the language of diplomacy, ceasefire does not mean that the rockets will stop falling and peace does not mean an end to the violence. They mean only that Israel is not allowed to fight back when the rockets fall and the bombs go off. Peace does not mean an absence of killing; what it means is that the terrorists are the only ones allowed to kill.

    The ceasefire means that diplomacy has succeeded and the goal of diplomacy in the Middle East is not to make it possible for Israeli children to sleep safely at night, but to pull back Israel from finishing a war.


  7. Air Force Brat!

    I’m kind of thinking that Israel needs to say “Screw the U.N.” and everyone else who wants to hobble her from defending herself.


  8. AFB I agree. Screw the U.N.