In case you have not heard

It is more or less all happening here in Australia. The revelations regarding the AWU scandal have continued.

The SubPrime has in fact misled the Parliament, although she has tried to be careful about making admissions that could totally do her in.

The creature is so angry at Tony Abbott, the Opposition leader, and Julie Bishop the Deputy Opposition leader, yesterday she exclaimed that Tony Abbott must ask the question and she will answer… Yeah right… If Tony was asking the question then the bitch would do another of her screaming banshee rants like the one that she did on misogyny as a means of deflecting from the truth.

To put you in the picture, last week, one of the three involved in a variety of scams returned to Australia where he has been living in order to give a statement to the Victorian police. There were three statements involved. One of the issues being investigated is what is known as a Specific Power of Attorney. It was backdated, and the witness to the signature was not present at the time, but it was signed in front of the beneficiary of the PoA.  There is reason to believe that a crime was committed.

In regard to another matter, that of the AWU – Workers’ Reform Association Inc, there is now sufficient evidence to show that the SubPrime deliberately misled the W.A. Commissioner who is in charge of incorporating Associations. There are several things wrong with the way in which it was incorporated, including it seems the real purpose of the entity. It was used to siphon funds from a construction company by the name of Thiess, who was the vehicle for what is known as BCITF – this was to be funding for workplace training. It was an illegal association in more ways than one, and several hundred thousands were siphoned in this way.

There is a third matter that has not had a lot of air – the Widows and Orphans fund belonging to the miners in Boulder West Australia. It was the SubPrime who used her position as a lawyer working for the law firm involved, who reassured the miners who were being made redundant that the money would be safe with her married lover Bruce Wilson. The money disappeared, however, some money was spent on the purchase of the Kilbarri units.

On top of this, another matter involving Bruce Wilson has arisen. This one is extremely serious, because he had a case of gelignite and starters which he told the union people to use to blow up a smelter. The union people on the site refused to do what he told them. Instead the got rid of the gelignite and hit the other material. The W.A. police are very interested in this story.

Bruce Wilson surfaced at the weekend. Predictably he supported the PM proclaiming her innocence. He was interviewed by someone on the ABC (yep as bad as yours and the BBC), and he inadvertantly helped the case against Gillard. As a result, Nick Styant-Browne, has unredacted some more of the exit interview and it contained the admissions over the setting up of the AWU-WRA.

One of the many issues brought up has been: who were the clients. She claims that her clients were Blewitt and Wilson, but the truth is that the client was the AWU.

There is more of that brown stuff to hit the fan. There are so many people involved in this story who are now in the Parliament, that it is driving the rest of us crazy. These people also have something to hide and they have been unwilling to do the right thing.

We continue to be in a stalemate situation and we are stuck with the worst PM in the history of Australia, as well as a government that is wasteful and making promises that cannot be kept.

4 responses to “In case you have not heard

  1. I just can’t take it – – –

    Try as I might to maintain an even keel and sense of calm deliberation, certain elements of national politics rear up and kick me in the face.


    I don’t know why this has become so difficult. She has a long history of being wrong. She is either a shill for “the other side” – i.e. non Americans – or she is totally stupid. But let’s just focus on Benghazi.

    Her story to the 4 networks that Sunday AM was total nonsense. Chris Wallace’s reaction, AT THE TIME, ON THE SPOT, is absolutely diagnostic and appears to have been suppressed – i.e. you will have a hard time finding it. But I was there and I heard it. He said, in the most startled and incredulous tone possible, “You SURELY cannot believe that”. To which SR repeated her pile of croc and even elaborated on it – doubling down, so to speak.

    So, let’s analyze this. She is either the stupidest person to walk the face of the earth or she was shilling for some agenda. I don’t believe she is that stupid, so it only leaves the latter. WHOSE agenda? In either case, she is TOTALLY DISQUALIFIED for her current job and even more disqualified for SoS. Further, their official story makes no sense. Think about it. Put yourself in her position. Even if some moron or agenda pusher, even the CIA, DoD, and the President himself, told you this movie-making nonsense, would you say it? Hell no. You would say, “if that is the best we have at the moment, I am going to simply say that ‘details are being investigated’ and leave it at that”. There was absolutely NO REASON to have such a definitive answer so soon.


    For DoD sec? You have got to be out of your mind. A war criminal? A person who under the guise of a righteous protest threw away his military insignia and medals and disavowed the military AND America? A person who aided and abetted the North Vietnamese? Who behind everybody’s back tried to negotiate a premature ending to the Vietnam war? He and Jane Fonda are two peas in a pod. What next? Jane to be Undersecretary for Appeasement?



  2. The stupidity of UN recognition of Palestine statehood MUST be answered. Such things have consequences, and in this case, it should be the most severe of consequences. “Proportional Response”, my ass! There has never been a stronger need for immediate and definitive ACTION!

    The Women in Green movement has the right idea of how respond to the PLO at the UN: by annexing Judea/Samaria:

    The Women in Green movement is calling on the Israeli government to immediately annex Judea and Samaria.

    The call came in response to the application by the Palestinian Authority Thursday for status as a non-member observer state at the United Nations General Assembly.

    In a statement sent to media, WIG spokespersons Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover quoted the founding prime minister of the Jewish State, David Ben Gurion, who said, “What’s important is not what the Nations say, but what the Jews do!”

    Following the expected vote to approve the PA’s application on Thursday, the WIG movement “calls upon the Israeli government to respond with the immediate application of Israeli sovereignty over all Judea and Samaria,” they said.

    And they’re absolutely correct here. If the Israeli government fails to take proper action, they will be risking a serious letdown of their public.


  3. Carlyle, Susan Rice should not even be the UN Ambassador. She is lazy and she wants to live it up… oops very suitable for jug ears.


  4. Why can’t we connect the dots?

    Isn’t that how we got in trouble with 9/11/01? Our failure to see logical connections and the big picture?

    Nobody seems able or willing to take the last step – the one that will save us from disaster. The one that really matters. The “plain as the nose on your face” simple and direct conclusion.

    Remember Occam’s Razor? The philosophical and logical principle that says that the most obvious and direct conclusion is probably the right one? Or, more precisely, don’t load up explanations and arguments with excess baggage when a simple one will do.

    The big problem is not that Hisself is being advised and misled by the MB. Although that is clearly true. The BIG problem is that he, the messiah, the lord and savior, IS the MB.