Zimmerman vs NBC

The State of Florida vs. Zimmerman is one case that should never have happened in the first place. This is a case of self-defense and is one that is 100 times better than some of the other cases where people have been trying to make comparisons. To me, the differences have been very obvious – take for example the case of the woman who fired a shot at the wall but was more or less directed at her ex-partner. She was found guilty even though she pleaded stand your ground. In her case, I would expect a jury to come back with a verdict of guilty for a few reasons (1) she had little or no regard for her children who were present, (2) she went to her car to get the gun that she fired. It is this second point which I feel is the greatest difference between her case and that of the situation that faced George Zimmerman. She had a choice, and she could have walked away, got into her car and driven off… but instead she fetched a car and then fired it.

George Zimmerman was a very conscientious type of person. On that fateful night he was going to the store when he saw someone he thought was acting suspiciously. He called the police. That same person circled his car, and then ran off. We know from the taped call that George thought he had lost the person that he had seen. He got out of the car to find the name of the street so that he could give the information when the police arrived, and it was when he was on the way back to his car that he was attacked. Trayvon Martin caused the confrontation. Trayvon Martin king hit George Zimmerman, got him to the ground, and pounded Zimmerman’s head several times. During this struggle, the gun in its holster was revealed, and Trayvon Martin, upon seeing the gun threatened to kill George. There was a further struggle, and the gun went off. George managed to fire the gun and the shot killed Trayvon Martin who was still on top of him when the gun went off. No matter how I look at this scenario, to me at least, there is a clear cut case of self-defense involved. It is the perception of a life under threat that really matters.

There should never have been any charges laid, but as it turns out Trayvon Martin’s father is one of the brovers, who had connections to Natalie Jackson, who contacted BenjaminCrump, the chump. It was from the moment that Chump got involved that the case ended up out of all proportion. The gathered evidence was pointing to proving the story told by Zimmerman. However Chump and Co saw this as an opportunity to make money. Chump brought in Daryl Parks of fleecing the government via Pigford settlement claim, and from there the Justus Brovas, otherwise known as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous became involved. They also involved the most corrupt politician ever, Barry Soetoro aka Soebarkh aka Obama who proclaimed that the thug Trayvon Martin was his son, or at least if he had a son he would be like the thug Trayvon Martin. There is probably some truth in that statement because a son of Barry Soetoro, the corrupt politician would in all likelihood be a thug gangsta wannabe who was into drugs and demeaning females.

This interference led to the threat of riots in the streets, thanks to the stirrings of the Justus Brovas, and it led to the State Attorney General taking over the case as it was about to go to the Grand Jury.

The Sanford police and told Tracy Martin that there would most likely not be any charges against George Zimmerman, so what did Crump the Chump do? He manufactured a witness by the name of DeeDee who was supposed to have been listening as the whole thing happened. The problem is that it simply is not true. If there is a DeeDee, then she in fact heard nothing. Her testimony was made up by Benjamin Chump. This part of the story is in fact a story in the process of being written. The case is still going through discovery and getting material out of the Persecution has been like pulling hen’s teeth!! I will have more to say as this portion of the story continues to unfold.

In the meantime, I want to look at some other things that have been happening, including the fact that the Beasley Law Firm is now involved, and a lawsuit has been filed against NBC over the alteration of the 911 call in order to give the call a racist slant. The damage done to George Zimmerman by the NBC is incalculable. Since this is an early stage of the process, I have to just bide my time, and look for relevant information. I note here, however, that all of the Networks, except perhaps Fox News can at some time expect to find themselves slapped with a lawsuit because of various actions at each of the networks.

If networks continue to not report the news, but to simply create the news, then they can look forward to more of the same.

The other aspect of the case that I want to consider is the way that the State and others have tampered with the evidence and with witnesses. Mark O’Mara has pointed to the fact that witnesses have had a habit of altering their statements after they were contacted by the state. Then there is the case of the 13 year old Austin who was most likely the only witness, and it would seem that someone got at his mother too.

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