Time for a guessing game

Der Speigel is not as bad as some media outlets but all the same the headline does not spell out the facts. On the other hand, what I like is that the nationality and other pertinent facts are mentioned in the first paragraph :). So now we have a little guessing game about who planted a bomb at the Bonn railway station.

Was it:

1. A Catholic who hates the Lutherans because Martin Luther was a jerk?

2. A Presbyterian who hates Catholics because Queen Mary refused to convert to the Kirk?

3. An English curate from the Anglican Church who hates Germans?

4. A member of the Bader-Meinhoff group? (getting closer)

or was it by chance

5. Two Somalis known to police in Bonn for being extremist Islamists?

If you read the article at the link you will be surprised at how quickly you find the answer, but you will not get the answer from the headlines. Well done Der Spiegel for at least not hiding the truth, that the bomb was indeed planted by two Somali individuals, well known to the police to be extremist Islamists. Happy Christmas Germany.

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