The persecution of George Zimmerman

The latest hearing in the case of State of Florida vs George Zimmerman was held on December 11. Whilst I am disappointed that Judge Nelson did not vary the bail conditions, the case continues to move in a direction that should end with the acquittal of the defendant. There are many twists and turns in this case and each twist or turn needs to be examined in detail.

For a really detailed analysis of this case I recommend TalkLeft and Mike Daniel’s Stately Manor as places where you will get decent analysis. I would steer clear of the Last Refuge because the main author over there tends to get a bit carried away at times, especially in his opinions on the case. However, there is still some decent material to be found at that site. Another good site to check is Diwataman.

As a brief synopsis on this case I offer the following thoughts:

The 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was not a resident of The Retreat in Sanford. His father was on intimate terms with a woman who was renting a unit, by the name of Brandy Green. On the night that Trayvon Martin died, he had gone from this unit to a nearby 7-11 where he purchased a can of Arizona Watermelon Cocktail and a bag of skittles. These items were on his person at the time of his death, and the CCTV footage obtained from the 7-11 clearly show him purchasing these items.

Martin left the vicinity of the 7-11 at around 6.29 pm and proceeded to walk back to the Retreat, which should have taken roughly 10-15 minutes to reach. (More on this point later).

George Zimmerman, had volunteered to be the captain of the retreat’s Neighbourhood Watch. There had been a series of burglaries in the gated community and George was the kind of pro-active person who was willing to keep an eye out for anything odd in the hood. There had been some recent burglaries, including one where a young mother had ended up hiding in her bathroom as two unknown persons had tried to enter her property. It is this history of the area that meant George was alert to any suspicious looking person.

At somewhere near 7.00 pm George had left his residence to go and do grocery shopping. There was no active Neighbourhood Watch but George was ever vigilant. George spotted a tall male looking into some houses in a manner that aroused his suspicions. He pulled over his vehicle and called the police non emergency line to advise what he had seen. During the course of this conversation George gave a description of the person (this description was manipulated by either NBC or ABC), and he stated that the person had come right up to his car. He also told the dispatch that the person had run away, and the general direction that he had gone. The dispatch person asked “Are you following” and upon getting a positive answer he then stated “we do not need you to do that”, with a response ok. George had continued on the path to find a street number and then started walking back to his car when he was confronted and attacked by Trayvon Martin.

There should be no questions about “throwing the first punch” because there was no evidence on Trayvon Martin’s body that he had received any body blows from the fists of another person. On the other hand, George Zimmerman had suffered a broken nose, as well as some head injuries, lacerations, and a large contusion.

(As an aside here, I must note that I have heard of lots of cases where people have either died or ended up with brain injuries as a result of someone throwing a punch and knocking them to the ground. In my opinion George was lucky that he did not end up with permanent brain injury).

After landing the punch to George’s nose, the two struggled until George Zimmerman was pushed to the ground, where Trayvon Martin proceeded to jump on top of him and deliver several more blows to the head, MMA style (per one of the witnesses to the incident). George was screaming for help, but not one of the neighbours came to his assistance, instead several of them contacted 911. As George attempted to move himself to dodge the blows his clothing rode up and the gun that he was carrying was exposed. Trayvon Martin put his hand over George’s mouth and told him “tonight you are going to die”, whilst at the same time his other arm started to stretch towards the gun. George managed to push his arm away and at the same time managed to get the gun out of its holster. It was at this point that he fired the gun and Trayvon Martin died as a result of a gunshot wound.

This is a case that should be clear-cut self-defense. In fact it is one of the few cases where I believe that it truly was self-defense. George Zimmerman could not get away from his attacker, and at the point where the gun was fired, he was in fear of his life.  However, this has not stopped the emergence of the Scheme Team and the activity of the Scheme Team where efforts were made to have George Zimmerman charged for the death of Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin was not some cute little boy of about 13 or 14. He was a young man who was on the verge of becoming an adult. He was most likely about 6ft tall at the time of his death. He was also a young person who had entered the world of drugs and had developed a taste for both cannabis and Lean. In fact the two items that were found on his person are some of the ingredients that help make up Lean. The missing ingredient was the cough syrup.

When the Scheme Team were told that the Sanford police did not think that there was enough evidence to bring charges, they went into action, and this is when Benjamin Crump produced his alleged ear-witness. It was shortly after this witness was discovered that the State of Florida made the decision to charge George Zimmerman with murder in the second degree. Angela Corey and Bernie de la Rionda have become the persecutors of George Zimmerman.

There is no need to rehash a lot of the drama that has ensued since the charges were laid in April. What I want to do is focus for a moment on the statements made by Gilbreath, one of the investigators under oath. I will note here that Gilbreath did not interview Zimmerman. He gave answers that are in contradiction to other pertinent facts (as those facts have become available). This testimony was given at the bond hearing. In hindsight, this now suggests to me that Mark O’Mara, the defense attorney was aware of some inconsistencies in the charging document at that time. For O’Mara this has been a very complex case, and he has had to work hard to unravel much of the conniving by the Persecution. His questions to Gilbreath in hindsight have actually set the stage for the information that is now becoming available.

You can read the whole of this testimony from Gilbreath here. I want to highlight an inconsistency regarding who actually interviewed Witness 8. According to Gilbreath it was Osteen who did the interview. However, the available evidence has shown that it was Bernie de la Rionda who did that interview. Please check it out for yourself, and see how the persecution has been lying and changing their story to fit their narrative.

As well as this inconsistency, there is the bombshell that Bernie de La Rionda helped to put together the document that was charging Zimmerman with second degree murder. It was Bernie de La Rionda who added in certain wording or phrasing such as “he profiled”, as if to prove a point as to intent of Zimmerman. There are a lot of other inconsistencies to consider including the fact that prior to putting this affadavit of probable cause together the Persecution made no effort to interview George Zimmerman. The persecution made no effort to request George’s medical records. The Persecution attempted to deny that George had a broken nose and that the head injuries were more than a few lacerations.

However, the biggie in my view is the way in which BDLR continues with the nonsense that George was somehow being inconsistent and could not have been screaming for help if Trayvon Martin had his hand over his mouth. The problem here is that BDLR is talking out of his ass on this subject. The timeline proves what George states. There are witnesses who stated that George was the one who was being beaten by Trayvon Martin. No doubt Trayvon Martin wanted to silence his victim and very likely told him to STFU. The authoritative voice was not necessarily the voice of George Zimmerman who has a somewhat mild voice. On the other hand Trayvon Martin had a deep voice (If you do not believe me then listen to his voice on that 7-11 tape). That person doing the yelling in the deep authoritative voice was Trayvon Martin. The Persecution investigation was an absolute joke and there are still things to be revealed.

This brings me back to Witness 8, known as DeeDee. It seems that there are two girls involved here. The Persecution claims that she is a minor, but when she was interviewed she gave her age as 18. The girl is not a minor!!  Then there is the issue of how many interviews might have taken place. The first one went to air, and Matt Gutman appears to have the copy of the tape. However, this is where there is obfuscation and lies. Who was present when Matt Guttman got that tape? Who was present when DeeDee was interviewed the second time? According to Galbrieth it was Osteen who did the interview, yet the transcript that has come to light shows that it was Bernie de La Rionda who did the interview…. Here is the first of many lies…… Here is the first cover up that has been exposed.

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