Why does Evil happen? Where was God in this crisis?

I feel very inspired by words stated by Mike Huckabee on this very subject of the evil committed by Adam Lanza upon the young children and their teachers at Sandy Hook elementary school. The first thing that I have to say is to express my condolences to all who lost loved ones in this particular massacre. Nothing can bring back those young lives.

During such a time of despair it is worth stopping and thinking about how God was working in the face of evil during that whole scene. The acts of bravery of various teachers needs to be mentioned. Several of the teachers gathered up the children and pushed them into closets. One lot of children were taken into a bathroom, a very small area to fit in 15 children. The teacher spoke softly to them, telling them to be quiet. The piano teacher ushered the children who were with her into a closet and told them to keep quiet. She told them that she loved them, and then when one child suggested that they should pray, they did. That act of faith helped to save lives. Other teachers in the gym did the same with their groups of children ushering them into a closets. Yet the bravest of the teachers was Miss Soto who was killed by the gunman after she thrust herself in front of the children in her class in an effort to save their lives. She put her charges first, not thinking about her own safety, thus she gave her life in an effort to save the lives of others.  Other children had stories, such as the child who was pulled into a classroom and to safety, and another who grabbed the hands of his friends and ran from the classroom where the gunman was shooting at the children. God was acting in all of these people on that day.

It is because people think of God in some remote way that they forget that God works through us. This is the same as Evil. The Evil One works through those who do his will, rather than the Will of God. This is how Evil is allowed to operate in the world.

I am not certain that I can adequately explain the concept that I want to convey here. As human beings we have the ability to chose to do what is right or what is wrong. If we choose to do that which is wrong, then we are listening to the Evil One, instead of listening to God. We have free will in everything. It always comes down to our choices in the long run. Choosing to do right does not mean that we will never sin, because we are indeed sinners, but with God’s Grace we can choose to do what is right. All sin starts in a small way. It is the lie, or the small act of theft that is the beginning. Once we realize that we can get away with that small action we get bolder and bolder until we are so full of sin that we can no longer react to the will of God. One day, when I find my reference book, written by the late Bishop Fulton Sheen, I will write some more on this subject. For now I will try to remember some of the things that he wrote about on this very subject.

Sin abounds everywhere in the world. There is nothing more sinful than abortion on demand, but wait there is something worse, it is involuntary euthanasia of the elderly and the disabled. Marxists and atheists in particular who reject God embrace instead the Evil One. Looking back in history there is no better example than Hitler’s Germany where there were so many evil practices. Hitler himself had been baptized as a Catholic, but by the time he had entered his teens he had rejected God.  That rejection of God led the way to Hitler opening himself up to do evil in the sight of God.

Name any of these massacres, such as the Port Arthur massacre perpetrated by Martin Bryant, through to the massacre in Arizona where at least 6 people were killed, and Gabby Giffords was left with brain injury, to the massacre at the theatre in Auroroa to this latest massacre in Newtown CT and there is one common thread. The perpetrators were mentally ill. One could easily state, well they did not know what they were doing… there was something wrong with them… but in my mind those excuses are simply not good enough. Adam Lanza was born with Asperger’s Syndrome, making him a highly functioning autistic child. He had some obvious problems, including his inability to socialize. The children in his class probably did not understand why he was different, they just knew that he was weird. Adam’s mother was looking after him on a full time basis, so it would appear that there had been some developments in his life that required her keeping an eye upon him at all times, until he shot her in the face. Adam’s father had abandoned him when he got a divorce. Perhaps Adam had developed schizophrenia. Maybe in the future we will learn whether or not he had started taking any hallucinogenic drugs.

This brings me to Jared Loughner because his drug taking had been reported. Two drugs in particular were mentioned, one of them was cannabis, and the other was a drug made out of a South American herb that is know to give an hallucinatory high.  In my own mind I have no doubt that both drugs together damaged his mind.

What these two have in common with the Aurora killer is that all three of them acted with precision, putting into place something that was well planned. In fact they have something in common with Anders Brevik of Norway. All of them seem to have had a psychotic episode that brought on their murderous rampage.

The evil that went into such planning shows how these mentally ill people actually embraced the Evil One, instead of embracing God. They chose to do those evil things yet God was there, helping the injured, comforting and protecting the children. It is just that we cannot see Him unless we look for Him in the actions of others.

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