Australia – a land of drought and flooding rains

Look how easily I write lines from the poem by Dorothea Mackeller. When I was at school I had to recite the poem off by heart. The poem tells us about the extremes of Australia. It is true, we suffer the droughts and we suffer the rains… and once again it has been raining… and there have been floods. A tropical cyclone that hit in Queensland came down the coast and left a lot of water in its wake. We had one very wet day, and my husband had to release some water from the swimming pool because of the danger of the overflow. In Queensland we see that the rivers are swollen and a number of towns have been affected, in particular the town of Bundaberg, where they have suffered a once in 100 years flood. So far 4 people, including a small child have been killed by the flood conditions. In the case of the child, he was crushed by a falling tree. His mother remains in hospital.

Over January, Australia had record temperatures, and in Sydney a new record was set for the hottest day, with temperatures reaching roughly 110F or a little bit warmer. We stayed indoors during the hot days. Of course, this normal weather, because the extremes like this comes in cycles like every 50-100 years, the alarmists have been out plying their henny pennyisms. They never seem to understand that this is Australia. I add here that there were several fires during the extreme heat, and that some were caused by lightning strikes but others were deliberately lit by arsonists. Our leader of the Opposition happens to be a volunteer fire fighter for the Rural Fire service and his unit was sent to help with fighting the fires. Can you believe that the Lamestream Media had the bloody hide to claim that he was pulling a political stunt. By chance he was in Brisbane when the flood warnings came, and there he was helping with the sandbags, and guess what those snipey Lamestream Media types took another swipe calling it a political stunt… except that the real political stunts were…..

Now onto the more political things because things have been happening over here. First of all, yesterday my local MP, Craig Thomson was arrested on 150 counts of fraud. At long last, he was arrested over his misuse of union funds. At the same time the Victorian police have been investigating a matter pertaining to the wicked Red Witch, otherwise known as the Crime Minister, or Prime Minister relating to the Australian Workers Union. The bitch is still giving the “I did nothing wrong” statement. She never answers any questions on the matter. It is all waffle.

The witch has given what most of us think is a false election date, and we are supposed to be going to the polls on September 14, which just happens to be Yom Kippur and she could not give a flying fig about that fact. Everyone is pointing to the fact that it seems she has tried to pull a fast one because of the imminent arrest of Craig Thomson. I should add here that the arrest does not stop him from sitting in the Parliament, but what she is trying to prevent is a by-election in the seat of Dobell (he would have to resign if he was convicted of an offence or was bankrupted).  In other words the announcement was not a very classy act.

On a more important front has been an outright attack on our freedom of speech. There has been an attempt to get through the Parliament a change to the racial discrimination act that would mean that anything we write or say could cause offense to someone else and we could end up in court over that kind of stuff. It is an outright attack upon our freedoms.

I have not written much about the AWU scandal, and that is because there is a lot of information to absorb. The matter reaches back to about 17-20 years. The current Prime Minister was a lawyer at the time, and she had a married man as a lover, by the name of Bruce Wilson. This Bruce Wilson is not a very nice man, and in fact he is what I consider a domestic terrorist (ask Bob Hawke what he thinks about Bruce Wilson).  One story concerning this man relates to him travelling to Kamdabla with a box of gelignite and detonators and giving that to the men who were on strike. He told them to blow up the smelter. The man in charge of the union people on site refused to follow those orders. He destroyed the gelignite and buried the detonators.  That is only one story that is to be told. The real scandal involves the shake down of a construction company by the name of Thiess, and a shakedown of the government. Bruce Wilson and his offsider Ralph Blewitt attempted to set up an entity so that they could siphon funds that ultimately came from the West Australian government. The first attempt to set up the Association known as the AWU-WRA failed so Bruce hopped on a plane and flew to Melbourne, where he consulted with Juliar Gillard. She drew up the articles of association and her handwriting is on the form. Ralph Blewitt was the signatory who made the application to set up the entity. Another issue is the manner in which Bruce Wilson took over the Widows and Orphans fund from the miners at Boulder, WA – the money disappeared.

The Crime Minister claims that she was used by Wilson to which I say, “mushroom fodder”. She claims that she was “young and naive” BUT a woman in her 30s is not young and naive. She was having an affair with a married man. What is more that man was the agent of her client. She kept what she was doing secret from her law partners. That is a breach of her law ethics and fiduciary duty to her partners as well as to her original client. When she was approached to set up the entity she did not tell Wilson that it was illegal, but she went ahead and helped him, right up to sending the Commissioner in WA a comfort letter.

The harridan screams and threatens anyone who brings up this subject. She threatened the Murdoch Press with setting up an inquiry, just like the one in the UK if they did not sack journalist Glen Milne. She goes over the top screaming like a banshee if anyone uses the word “trust” instead of “slush”. At the time of her exit interview from the law firm Slater and Gordon she admitted she knew that she was helping to set up a slush fund.

Now why would this harridan scream like a banshee over the word “trust fund”? I think that the answer lies with Boulder. You see the harridan was there with Bruce Wilson when he talked the miners into handing over their funds worth close to $1 million. She spoke at the meeting. She told them the funds would be safe. A new Trust was to be set up by the AWU in Perth with Bruce Wilson as one of the Trustees….

Can you see what I see… “Trust Fund”…. “Widows and Orphans”….. Boulder WA…. money disappeared…. She knew about that fund….

However, what the Victorian police is investigating is the purchase of a property in Fitzroy. The issue being investigated in the Power of Attorney….developing.


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  1. O/T Rant:

    Time to fly flags upside down?

    Truly we are a nation in distress. We are being daily and deeply attacked by foreign infiltrators – the enemy within. Every day with every governmental action (particularly those pouring out of the White House) things are getting dramatically worse. Dramatically more un-American — as defined by The Constitution.

    Convenient graphic:

    On the whole our congress people are not the core of the problem, but they may be worst evil in that there are so many of them and they steadfastly refuse to do anything about it. They are cavorting about with secondary topics and issues while the ship of state is headed straight for the iceberg. Nay, is being steered into the iceberg on purpose.

    Recent events with Obamacare are unfolding with rapidity. And everything we predicted (even the most paranoid of us) are coming true.

    Gun control hysteria has reached a higher pitch and a higher volume than ever in my lifetime.

    John Kerry is/was a radical dissident, then a proven traitor and war criminal. We cannot stop deluded constituents from elected him, but surely we must be able to stop his appointment to the highest executive positions. But we can’t.

    I remember when Chuck Hagel was in the Senate. He was a light-weight and a buffoon at a level that is hard to remember. Besides he is savagely anti-Israel, pro-muslim, supportive of a nuclear Iran, and god knows what in regards NorKo. Perhaps he can be stopped, but if not, added to other recent outrages, this surely must be a tipping point for defining a nation in distress.

    Many say it is wrong to be so negative about a duly elected president. But the fact of the matter is that he was not duly elected. I will site just several key pieces of evidence:

    1. Wholesale fraud at unprecedented levels.

    2. Lack of credentials and any sort of serious vetting.

    3. Lack of knowledge about his background and ideological orientation.

    This latter I lay directly at the feet of the MSM. Of course many people voted for him for reasons of race. There are no doubt others who voted for him out of either agreement or party loyalty. But none of this is sufficient for him to be elected. The people he needed to win are the vast majority of “moderates” who voted for him because he lied and nobody called him on it, and the ever popular “He must not be that bad or the MSM would have told us”. My conviction is that most of these would have held their noses and run away if they had a complete description of the man laid out before them. Given this total lack (hiding) of information, how could there have been any sort of informed due process?

    Just one simple example will prove all. Even amidst warnings from us objective folks, did any numbers of moderates believe that Obama had a relationship with Bill Ayers? Most, if not nearly all, thought it was braying from the misguided conspiracy theorists or the vast right wing conspiracy. How would the 2008 (or even the 2012) election have been different if they knew that Obama and Ayers have a long a twisted deep relationship and that Ayers actually wrote Obama’s greatest literary work? (To paraphrase Joe Biden and Christopher Buckley – Oh, my! A Magic Negro that is actually articulate and a deep philosopher!!)

    How can we ever meet the constitutional ideal or be a great nation if the electorate are so blazingly ill informed?
    Neither do I see, at the moment, how to unyoke ourselves from the unapologetically liberal academic and media influences.
    The adults are being assaulted daily with BS from the MSM and our children receive a minimum of 12 years of hostile indoctrination and ‘programming’. And by withdrawing from regular church attendance, even that avenue of instilling morals and values is being rapidly closed.

    Am I paranoid??????????????????