An open thread

I am introducing an open thread for people who might come here and who want to bring up matters relating to the Zimmerman case.

As you should be aware I am a supporter of Zimmerman, believing that it was self defence and that he should not have been charged with a crime.

A little bit of my own background will not go astray because there are two stories you need to know. The first is that my first cousin Dorn was kidnapped raped and murdered by being shot in the head. Please note the first two parts of the crime because the murder was the likely outcome. I am against gun control. Over time I will explore the subject because here in Australia the majority of domestic murder occurs with a knife, not a gun!! The second story involves the boy who was once my next door neighbour and who was kidnapped raped and murdered… I am still waiting to hear that his attacker is behind bars and it is more than 10 years since the crime took place.

George was the real victim in this case. Martin was the aggressor as far as I understand the situation. That is my position and for George I want justice seen to be done.

I would welcome any newcomers here with the proposition that some might like to write their own posts regarding the Zimmerman case. I know some have given the subject a lot of time. I recommend Diwataman and TalkLeft as good sources of information. Michael Daniels is another excellent source of good quality analysis.

This thread is available to those who have something to pass on about the case. Call it an alert, especially for me, since I have been caught up with Australian stuff 🙂


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  1. I just want to be the the first one here. :0

    Aside from that, I have taken note of the many others that either left on their own accord or like you were either asked to leave or were no longer welcome. A few months ago another “aussie” of whom was a pro TM anti GZ ( and still is today) was found saying some pretty nasty things. It quickly became an anti aussie (you) thread. Before it got too far, I stuck my nose in there and guarantied it wasn’t you. I had found you previously replying to something Mike had said on his blog. I mention this in case someone says that they had read things that you wrote that were nasty against GZ. That there is another”aussie” out there.

    Looks like fun times ahead!


  2. hi Ejarra,
    thanks for that particular heads up. I have always been pro George Zimmerman.

    There was another Australian who was posting on Mike’s blog and I had a few goes at him, especially when he was coming on strong about gun control and deliberately misquoting statistics.

    This is why I preface my own comment about what happened to my cousin. It has not made me anti-gun.

    When I wrote that this morning I had forgotten about another incident in my life when I first lived in Canberra. It was an incident etched into my memory because I watched the fire, and I watched the policeman as he ran from pillar to pillar, and I saw the the special squad arrive. I saw the fire brigade trying to put out the fire from behind their truck because they had heard gunshots. Yet no one other than the perpetrator was killed in the incident.

    From the time I heard about George’s case I have been pro-George and anti-Trayvon Martin and his family. George was beaten to within an inch of his life. Those kinds of king hits do kill people and there have been several incidents in Australia, especially in Sydney where people have been killed from just one hit to the head. I add here that a former cricketer was killed in the same way. As you would be aware I had followed the case very closely.

    I have left remarks at the Treehouse and SD has refused to allow the remarks to go through and therefore there would have been no way for me to defend myself especially when an impersonator was in action. It was most definitely not me, especially when I have an extremely low opinion of Crump and his colleagues, believing them all to be liars about the whole situation… and also Crump being involved with the Pigford situation is another reason for my extremely low opinion of him and Daryl Parkes. I have an even worse opinion of Natalie whatshername.


  3. Transferring in from another site. Give me some time to look around .


  4. Welcome Jordan

    I hope you will feel comfortable here. I present things how I see them.


  5. Thanks for the welcome, Aussie. .nice job here.

    Here”s a little humor for everyone:

    Mikes has great updates and most of the folks there are knowledgeable and well recognized by followers ;

    DeeDee is a Tamarian. This thread by SlingTrebuchet is even better than Miike’s Update 11. I have laughed until I cried and had to stop.


    • Yes it was good. It makes a lot of sense but only if one is a follower of that show 🙂

      It contained a few truths about the woman claiming to be DeeDee.


    • She is funny but does NOT believe George. She repeats the same old garbage but so do a few others there. Mike has too much patience with them and the thread can get old in a hurry as it is now.


    • Yes, it is a pitty that she cannot see the wood for the trees and she has to make stuff up!!

      The pro-Trayvon people are boring with their repeated lies.


    • IMO, Mike should clean this mess up. I would never allow someone to continue repeating the same old stuff over and over again.. I heard them twice the first time.

      Too hard to find and read the good comments.


  6. Mike allows these dissenting views. The people never make any sense, but Mike also relies on those reading to chip in and point out where these people are wrong. I have a lot of admiration for the way in which Chip Bennet responds.

    I prefer the approach taken by Jeralyn, that is no conspiracy theories. I like to read what she has to say on this matter but do not agree with some of her other stuff so I do not read it.

    I am keeping an eye on the Zimmerman case because it is one where there should never have been charges in the first place. It has all the hallmarks of being a case that is self-defense. Those who claim that he had his gun drawn are talking through their butts (excuse my language on this one but they really exasperate me with the stuff they make up).

    One conclusion I have reached, and it is one that these people fail to see is that I think it near impossible that George was doing any running after Trayvon. First he had on boots that make it darned hard to run, but second he had already been diagnosed with sacroiliitis and I can assure you that anyone who has been diagnosed with that condition does not do much in the way of running. Walking is fine, fast walking is fine, but not running. That condition puts a lot of strain on the lower back and yes the back is inflamed – the muscles also go very easily into spasm and something like running gets those muscles rather upset. I am talking from experience here.

    The more I learned about the case, the more I recognized that Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own demise. He had the option of going into the unit where he was staying but instead of going there, backtracked and attacked George Zimmerman.

    I have never believed DeeDee’s account because there seemed to be something wrong in her story. It is hard to say exactly what is wrong, but “I could hear the grass” after the phone had been cut off is a big clue. This female needs to be deposed. Then someone has to deal with all of the Crump lies about her because she was not the 16 year old who was pictured with Trayvon Martin.


    • We are both on the same page.


    • 🙂

      I should mention that next Sunday we are heading off on a road trip from NSW and into Victoria. I am not sure what access I will have to the internet.


    • When my oldest daughter was 14, I took her to Australia for a month. That was in the late eighties during the month of December.. your winter.

      We covered Sydney, the Outback.. Alice Springs and Ayers Rock.. Cairns.. Daintree Rain Forest… did some diving on the Great Barrier Reef and departed from Melbourne. We flew there and back in the original old fully reclining sleeper seats so we were well rested when we first arrived in Sydney.. only two stops between Tampa and Sydney on Continental. We stayed mostly in Sheraton hotels but rarely slept.

      Airfare and hotels were all free from my Frequent Flyer programs but we did stay a few nights in a resort on the water near Cairns. At one time, I had over 5 million FF miles and Kara had over 2 million. I took her all over the world when she was growing up.

      The resort was a beautiful place with the most awesome buffet known to man. We ate mud bugs to our heart’s content.. emperor fish and some other species unlike anything I have tasted and I have fished around the world. I actually taught the chef some of my own Southern recipes. We paid for nothing and I had a hard time getting rid of him. He would eat with us every night.,, greatly interested in our alligators and how my father taught me to prepare them when I was young and they were legal to hunt. I think maybe that chef began to cook your crocs using some of my methods. He later wrote me with some questions.

      Unfortunately, our rain forest tour guide got drunk at lunch while we were having a barbecue on a dried up small stream and never sobered up. I had hired him along with 4 other friends I made while there at the resort. Fortunately someone had a map to help us find our way back because his ‘associate’ also got drunk. It was a great trip… that my daughter fondly remembers. We made many friends and she kept in touch with a few of them for years as did I.

      I would love to go back but I am 66 and sort of got tired of travel. I was once on 350 flights in one year and spent 200 nights with Marriott that year..I was later featured on the front page of USA Today (1989) and many other newspaper and magazines and did a few TV news shows about my travel and the ability to always get a first class seat and upgrades to the best hotel suites at no additional charge.

      Back then, travel was hassle free fun and I was always treated like royalty on Continental, Eastern, TWA and Delta. Those four airlines always upgraded me (and my daughter) to first class and gave me numerous awards. I am a lifetime Marriott Platinum card holder, lifetime Delta Medallion member and also a Delta Flying Colonel, even though it does not mean as much today as it once did but Kara always got very special treatment, too, when she traveled alone as she often did to meet me somewhere, even to other countries.

      Today, I hate airports but still have a couple of million miles after sending my entire large family and many friends on trips around the world., Even they burned out. Go figure.

      Forgive the rant but Australia fascinated me and is the most beautiful place I ever visited. I was inspired to tell you how much I loved your amazing Continent. One day I will tell you an interesting thing the Aborigines taught me about hunting with boomerangs and how they lived. I spent several nights on the ground with them and fell in love with witchetty grub worms and other food they eat. They are truly a fascinating people.. Amazing how they avoided intermarriage by the use of names.

      I loved their billy tea on a hot day.

      Cheers, Mate.


  7. Can I post an attachment here? It’s a copy of part of that USA Today article.


  8. give it a try and see what happens. I have some skills but not sure if I can help get it posted.


  9. Jordan, December is our Summer !!

    Our winter is June, July and August.

    Summer is December, January and February. We have just gone through a very hot and wet one


    • I know that but was in a hurry and not thinking Sorry


    • It is ok, because that is your winter 🙂 and oh boy you guys sure know how to have a winter complete with a blizzard and a record cold temperature!!


    • I live in sunny Florida.. no blizzards so far.


    • that’s good to hear. However, there was a big blizzard when we lived in Fairborn 🙂

      I had never driven in snow. In fact I had not even seen much in the way of snow until I lived in the USA. It was the very first time… and I had to learn to drive a vehicle on slippery roads… what fun!!

      It was not just the blizzard though, there was a mini tornado that tore up one tree in Fairborn and then there was the tornado that passed overhead and landed in the corner of the tri-States causing massive damage. Then we had the coldest day on record for Fairborn.

      To cap this off, when we returned to Australia and posted to Canberra it was the first place that I had experienced snow in Australia!!


    • I have had many experiences with hurricanes .


    • I had one experience with a cyclone… Aivu in 1989 when we were living in Townsville for a year.
      We saw the eye of the storm. One person only died.


  10. When you are posting with a comment there are only the links available per your screen. Can you send a link instead?


    • It’s a scan of the article and sits on my desktop so there is no link, per see, unless there is way to do that I do not know about.


  11. Jordan you have had experiences in Australia that I have never experienced. I have lived in a few different places, including in Fairborn Ohio. My husband is ex-RAAF and he had a posting to the US Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright Patterson where he studied a Masters degree in Logistics Management.

    We had a business class flight to the States but our trip back was a nightmare… it is a very long story full of angst!! Well, put it this way it was really terrible having to sit by the pool in an hotel near the Hawaii airport because our plane had broken down… and it is no fun circling the air to dump fuel and not being allowed to eat!!

    I had a wonderful stay in the USA and visited many places, including getting as far as Orlando Florida. I have the fortune of having US relatives because my mother’s sister married a Marine after World War 2. My aunt and remaining cousins live near Detroit in Michigan and yes my cousins are of Hispanic origin!!

    Some of the places that I visited included Michigan, of course, but also I got to visit Gettysburg and of course went to New York… but had a stinker of a headache when I was there.

    Then in 2009 I returned to the USA. We actually ended up in First Class on the way over there… it is another of those long stories. On the way home we were in business class so it was not too bad. We spent a few days in NYC and I enjoyed my visit that time. We also went to Hartford CT and from there we travelled to Albany NY and on to Montreal then to Toronto and across Canada by train. We then headed down to L.A. by train. I enjoyed the trip 🙂


    • I once had over 500 newspaper clients so there are not too many places in America that I did not visit. I am very fortunate to have been able to see a big part of the rest of the world and to take my oldest daughter with me on so many trips.


  12. Do a copy/paste of the article. It should work.


  13. Someone told me about a murder case going on in Florida now. Something about some great big, white, racist, wanna-be cop torturing and murdering a little black boy as he tried to run home with his candy? I’m looking for more information on that case… is this a good place to check?


  14. Jello welcome to my blog.

    You will find some posts on the subject because I have written from time to time.

    The first thing to note is that the “wannabe cop” happens to be Hispanic with an Afro-Peruvian heritage. He is blacker than my cousins who are half white thanks to my aunt and Hispanic thanks to their father 🙂

    As for the little black boy it turns out that he was 17 years old, taller than the male who killed him in self-defense and was truly a thug. 🙂


    • Hi Jello: What are you trying to pull with that post? Aussie: Jello is a friend and thoroughly familiar with this game.


    • yes I know and a good friend


    • He is sometimes called purple jello because he is slowly evolving… currently somewhere in between blue and red. Not liberal or progressive or conservative or Republican or Democrat. The way things are going in America, he might be starting a brand new thing.. The Purple Party..

      Not sure what you have planned but none of my previous comments are relevant to the case.


    • that is ok. You can talk away… that is why I have provided this safe haven in the first place.

      BTW I like the sound of the Purple Party because it takes in all of us who are middle of the road.

      Maybe we need a Purple Party in Australia 🙂


    • Jello is “good people” .. kind and compassionate., logical thinker.. and self sufficient in his increasingly independent views… gets along with everyone..


    • Exactly… and that is why he is friend to this conservative person 🙂

      I like Jello because he is always polite. I am self-opiniated but I am also one who does not accept the bulltish from anyone and that is why I question a lot of things.


  15. Heh… I love it. I just noticed the time stamps… I guess we’re on Australian time!