An Australian perspective on the Zimmerman case

I am writing this from an Australian perspective for the simple reason that I am not coming from a pov that involves any form of racism.  This is a case that should be based entirely upon the facts and the scene of the incident.

The facts are: George Zimmerman shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin. George’s reason for shooting Martin was fear for his life, especially at the point where he thought Martin was attempting to get hold of his gun.

The non-facts (or rather the things that have been made up) include:

1. George was hunting a little boy who was carrying a can and a packet of skittles like a rabid dog.

2. Trayvon Martin was somewhat younger than his real age of 17

3. That George was 50 lbs heavier than Trayvon Martin.

4. That George had his gun on display so it was Trayvon who was defending himself when he laid into George.

5. That George was chasing Trayvon.

This case has been complicated by a media circus that has continued to lie about what really happened.

I want to comment upon the last point first because I believe that George’s medical history prior to the beating that he took indicates that there is very little chance that George was doing any running. Yes, he might have had the ability to walk fast, but running? Do you really believe a person who has been diagnosed with sacroiliitis which leads to have a very sore low back would be capable of running that fast? Just ask people who have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitits what they think of that kind of statement!!  The other reason for disputing this version of events is the boots. George was wearing boots and they were not made for running!!

This is just a starting point with regard to my perspective of this case, which I actually see as a clear cut case of self-defense. (To be continued)


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The next aspect to talk about is the weight comparisons. Once again the media circus has been responsible for a variety of false impressions. George at 21 was a lot heavier than the George who was set upon by the tall and also bulky Trayvon Martin. I would estimate that at the time of the incident there was no more than about 10lb difference in weight. Trayvon Martin was a lot taller than George Zimmerman, thus he had the height advantage.

On top of that, alleged weight advantage is misleading. The difference in weight might be an advantage if the pair had been squaring off in a boxing match or a judo match or something like that. However, that was clearly not the case.

I am relying on the statements of the “eye witnesses” to the incident and the eye witnesses had Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman. If there was any weight advantage one might have expected the opposite scenario. Clearly that was not the case.

Rather than weight, it was the element of surprise that was all important. George Zimmerman had stated to the dispatch person that he had lost the person that he had seen. He went looking for an address. He had his car keys in his hand when he was knocked to the ground. The keys were found on the footpath and this fact supports what George stated. George was on his way back to his car when Trayvon Martin had appeared out of nowhere and then took a swing at George, knocking him to the ground. Trayvon Martin then pounded George’s head into the ground. If the pounding had continued George could have sustained fatal injuries (I will cover this point about fatal injuries in another post because there are relevant recent Australian cases to consider).

The eye witnesses heard someone calling for help. I believe that person was George Zimmerman. It was not the deeper voiced Trayvon Martin calling for help. This is an indication that Sybrina Fulton lied when she claimed that the voice crying for help was her son. Her reaction and tears were in fact a stunt that was no doubt the brain child of her lawyers.  Diwataman has done a great deal on the voice analysis. My own analysis is simpler because what I heard was a distinct cadence and that cadence belongs to George Zimmerman.

One scenario that gained traction in the media circus was the claim that George Zimmerman had his gun drawn and that it was Trayvon Martin who was standing his ground. Well, I happen to think that particular scenario is mushroom fodder or if you prefer “bulltish”. It was never the case. No gun drawn at all. That particular scenario requires that Trayvon Martin was shot from a distance. It was clearly not the case. Trayvon Martin was not gunned down like a rabid dog, but that does not mean that Trayvon was not a rabid dog.

Perhaps it is the purchases made at the store that tells some of the story. The claim that Trayvon Martin purchased Arizona Iced Tea has proved to be bulltish. The pictures from the site of the incident clearly show that the purchase was Arizona Watermelon Juice. The other item was Skittles, but I do not believe that this item was purchased for the son of the woman who was living in the property where he was staying.

What possible reason could there be for Trayvon to have purchased these particular items? The clue to answering this question is taken directly from Trayvon Martin’s Facebook page. This male was into using “Lean” when he was not using “pot”. He had been in trouble for using and dealing marijuana but he continued to desire those drugs. He moved on to using Lean. Two of the possible ingredients for Lean are Watermelon Juice or something like Mountain Dew plus Skittles to give it a kick. The missing ingredient was the cough syrup that had the magic ingredient that turned the whole into a drug. I note here that Trayvon Martin does not appear to have consumed Lean prior to the incident. However, within the previous 24 hours he had consumed marijuhana because there was a trace of THC found in his blood sample.

The point about Lean is that the combination of Lean and marijuhana is one that can lead a person to paranoia. It has to be remembered here that Trayvon Martin had made some noises about this subject and not wanting to be caught again. What if, when he spotted George Zimmerman, he thought that he had been sprung in some way? This question opens up some possibilities as to why Trayvon Martin starting running but it does not explain why he doubled back to the T-intersection and then lay in wait to deck George Zimmerman.

Note: I have dealt with a young male (not my son) who explained to me about his feelings of paranoia when he heard a police siren. This person had used some drugs which probably had some kind of effect upon his thinking at the time. The paranoia itself was due to a guilt complex caused by something that he had done in the past. When I discuss the possibility of paranoia I actually recall what this person said to me about his reactions when he heard sirens. Therefore, the paranoia is a possibility but it is by no means probable that this is what influenced Trayvon Martin that night.

Basically the eye witnesses to the assault on George Zimmerman backed up his story about what happened. They saw Trayvon Martin attacking George Zimmerman. They heard the cries for help yet none of them came out to help George.

As far as the ear witness is concerned I have yet to see any real evidence that the story is real. It seems to be concocted.


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