It only takes one punch to kill someone

Once again I am writing from an Australian perspective, but for a moment I am going to step back in time to the death of Teri Schiavo.  Teri’s story is incomplete even after she was forcibly put to death by her “husband” Michael Schiavo. The lack of completeness in my view is what caused Teri to collapse in the first place. Teri was not an anorexic and she did not suffer from bulimia. On the other hand, there were workmates who had seen the bruises on her body… had she been a victim of domestic violence? I will leave that question up in the air because I have my own thoughts on what happened to Teri in the first place…. and yes I do think there was foul play. This was a case where conservative and religious people like myself worked in tandem with people on the left and we all had one thing in common – we believed that Teri had the right to live and that her parents should have been allowed to take charge of her… it is simple as that.  When it comes to what might have happened I suspect that a certain type of chokehold was applied to Teri and that caused her to stop breathing. Around the time of the controversy there was a case in Australia that came to light where a young male had ended up in a similar condition as Teri Schiavo after a policeman had applied this particular chokehold. It is the kind of hold that does not leave “evidence”.

So, once again, I am applying cases from Australia to try and explain why George Zimmerman was fearing for his life, not the other way around. There have been several cases in Australia where it only took one punch for the victim to fall down, hit his/her head on the ground and die on the spot or shortly thereafter.  Sometimes the perpetrator has been a bouncer from a club or a hotel. On other occasions it has been a random attack. One of the most recent was here in Sydney and it involved a young male who had been about to celebrate his birthday. It was a random attack and he was punched once. He fell to the ground and he died.

There was another case involving a bouncer in Melbourne and a former cricket star by the name of David Hookes. The death of David Hookes was an interesting saga because of some of the more salacious background… but hey that is how the media report things over here… all the dirt comes out!!  David Hookes had been drinking at the pub and he was thrown out. Some punches were thrown, and just like the other victim in Sydney, he fell to the ground, hitting his head and he died.

There are many, many other instances where young men in particular have died suddenly after a knock to the head. Some of those instances have involved the contact sport of football. It does not take much and sometimes the symptoms are not recognized. The victim has died days within the blow to the head having occurred.

A blow to the head does not have to be fatal either, but it can play havoc for a very long time after the incident. Injuries via car accidents are a good example. The knock to the head might not be obvious if there are no open wounds, but even where there is a minor open wound, some effects can be ignored by medical people and others, especially if the victim of head trauma is very young… yes that is something I know about from personal experience including several years of headaches.  Simple blows to the head do not lead to major trauma. However, let’s look at what happened to George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman received some rather shocking injuries on the night that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin. He received several blows to the head and he really was lucky that those blows were not fatal because of their ferocity. I have no doubt that afterwards he would have been a bit disoriented and on top of that I bet that he has suffered a lot of headaches since that incident. Not only did he have a very nasty contusion on the back of his head, he also suffered a broken nose.

The Trayvon Martin supporters have made outrageous suggestions such as George must have caused his own head injuries but what they say is nothing more than a load of tosh in my opinion. There is simply no way that George could have broken his own nose or wounded his own head in that manner. Those injuries were caused by a very aggressive individual by the name of Trayvon Martin.

When George was being punched and then had his head bashed upon the ground, he must have been fearing for his life. He was calling for help but nobody came.  The last call for help was blood curdling. This is probably at the point just after Martin had his hand over George’s mouth, which probably made George want to gag considering that the blood would have been running down the back of  his throat because of the broken nose. It was also at the point where the concealed weapon had been observed by Trayvon Martin, and then George perceived that Martin was trying to get the weapon.

The ferocity of the attack could have been sufficient to end George’s life.

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  1. g’day aussie. Thanks for hosting this thread! You have very good ideas on the gz case.

    Extra, extra! Finally a new Motion for Reconsideration filed by the defense. With exhibits.

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  2. Stevie you have been approved to post here and welcome to my site.

    There is a term for Crump’s actions in this case and it is called “Witness tampering”

    This is going to be fun. I hope not too much happens when I am on the road for 2 weeks (starting next Sunday)