The day after St Patrick’s Day – Open Thread

Please post your thoughts here.  You are welcome to talk about more than Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman case.


7 responses to “The day after St Patrick’s Day – Open Thread

  1. I normally make corned beef and cabbage so I guess I need to get to the store.


    • 🙂

      However, I cannot stand corned beef and cabbage. I guess I had it too many times when growing up!!


    • Usually, all of my friends and neighbors beg me to make one for them but not a word this year so far. Add some hot pickled vinegar for added zest and always slice against the grain. Do not overcook the cabbage. It should be added last. Lots more hot pickled vinegar on the cabbage when served.


  2. Wild horses cannot get me to make corned beef and cabbage. I do eat cabbage when it is raw. My stomach turns when I smell it cooking. It is merely a case of having it too often when I was growing up… and I learned to detest it :). I am stubborn that way 🙂


  3. I don’t know all the facts about the Martin and Zimmerman situation, so am loathe to irrevocably commit one way or another.


    The FACT that Trayvon Martin is a 17-year-old anti-social street thug, whilst the media (and our Dear Leader) keep portraying him as a 12-year-old angel — this really DISGUSTS me. That fact taken alone should make this a slam-dunk situation.

    But since we seem to be worshiping Chicago Crime Machine and Ordinary Urban Street Thugs at the moment — maybe I have it all backwards. Maybe I am “on the wrong side of history”, as they say.


  4. Carlyle you have it in a nutshell. It is indeed disgusting that this 17 year old thug was portrayed as a sweet and innocent 12 year old when he was a very tall lug of a male.

    I think it was this aspect alone that helped me to see through all of the hype surrounding this case and to keep looking a little further to get at the truth.

    So far nothing has changed my mind about what happened. An assault took place before Trayvon was shot. He was a wannabe gang member. His father, Tracy Martin was a gang member (the Crips) and there is no doubt that Trayvon was walking in his footsteps. The Martin family has not been honest and Sybrina Fulton lied when she claimed that the voice screaming for help was her son.


    • New thread up at the TH about the latest motion.. also at Dman and Rumpole’s places.. talk left, too.