How does this compare to?

When this case became prominent in the first place there were people who tried to make comparisons to two other situations where it was clear that SYG did not in fact apply. I have to work from memory regarding each case, but in both cases one thing was clear to me when reading their facts, both individuals were guilty of committing a crime. The difference is that in both cases the person was black – and that is no defence for their actions.

Let me deal with the woman first because she was the one who fired shots when her children were close by into the wall but at her former partner. She claimed stand your ground and that she was in fear of her life. HOWEVER, this woman did not have the gun on her person when she was allegedly in fear of her life. Instead she went to her car and fetched the gun, then came inside the house and fired it… That is a situation where SYG clearly does not apply. She intentionally fetched the weapon so that she could use it. Discharging a firearm in those circumstances (which really should have been the only charge for the woman) was still a criminal offence.

The next case is that of a situation that involved a neighbourhood dispute that started with the perpetrator having a go at the neighbourhood children, and the white man interfering on their behalf. The black man went back into his garage and fetched his gun, there was a fight and he shot the white man. This is also not an SYG situation because it cannot be reasonably argued that SYG was involved.  I would think that it would be easy to convict on the grounds of at least manslaughter especially when the perpetrator had fetched his gun prior to the fight and then the shooting. I would think it could be argued for 2nd degree murder in the circumstances as I saw them described.

There was another case mentioned, but the circumstances were so different from that of the Zimmerman case that it simply has no relevance at all, and those who tried to use the case simply show their own desperation and willingness to distract.

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  1. Both of those cases are likely to be appealed.


    • In both cases the correct decision is that there was no SYG involved. Both cases involved deliberate action.

      The only condition that I would want to see changed is the time that the woman was given. I think the penalty was too harsh. However, she fired the shot at the wall with her children nearby.

      The reason that her case was not SYG is that she had the means to leave, and she went to her car, meaning she could have gotten in the car and left, but instead she fetched the gun and fired the shot.

      The other case I thought was more blatant than the first one because he deliberately took the gun to the fight. It was a neighbourhood dispute. There was absolutely no reason for him to have gone to his garage and fetched the gun. The victim did not have a weapon on him and I do think a good case could have been made for murder2 because of the simple facts of the case.


    • Corey prosecuted the woman. We have mandatory minimum sentences for her crime. It should have been a slap on the wrist so to speak.

      The other case involves a older black man so he could spend the rest of his life in prison. It happened near me.


    • When comparing those cases together I agree that she should have been the one to get a slap on the wrist… a much lighter sentence. It was very harsh.

      However, that man, his actions were deliberate. He intended to kill someone. It was no accident. There was no need for him to take a gun to that particular fight.


    • Agreed.