Perverting the course of justice – Crump is swimming in it!!

Just in from Diwataman and other sources is the fact that there is a new motion that has been put forward by the Zimmerman legal defence team. I say go for it guys!!

The request is a reconsideration of the Court to allow the deposition of Benjamin Crump (the Chump). I hope that this application is successful because quite frankly George Zimmerman needs a very big break in this case. Everything is weighted against him for political reasons.

Once again I am presenting my Australian perspective on this matter. To be frank I consider the involvement of Crump to be a perversion of the course of justice. This involves his production of Witness8 and all along I have considered her appearance to be entirely suspect. I do not believe her. I do not believe she was on the phone at the time of the incident. I do believe that she is embellishing her story. I also believe that she was coached by Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin and Benjamin Crump as they became desperate to find a way to bring about a civil law suit that would give Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton easy money.  There is always the possibility that what I believe is wrong, BUT, right now I am beginning to see evidence that supports my way of thinking….

One of the major issues that I have with the constructed case is the claim by Sybrina Fulton that it was her son calling for help. That is simply mushroom fodder. Her hysterics when she heard the tape were contrived. I suspect that she was coached by Crump to act in this way in order to try to get the State to act against George Zimmerman in the first place.

According to the available information, Tracy Martin had told Serino that it was not his son calling for help. This information was witnessed by another officer who has been deposed on the matter. Is that witness lying? Crump actually claims that Chris Serino is lying about what Tracy Martin said. Well I think that Crump is the liar.

Let’s be real here for a moment. Tracy Martin was the first to hear the 911 calls where a voice was heard calling for help. Crump was not in the picture. It was just Tracy Martin talking to Chris Serino. Immediately after that has taken place Tracy Martin hires Chump to represent him and the family in possible civil proceedings which he and Natalie Jackson are trying to drum up. The pickings for the civil proceedings have been slim. The facts were showing that the person who killed Trayvon Martin had been viciously beaten by Trayvon Martin and that this was indeed a matter of self-defense. All of the information gathered had supported that this was a case of self-defense but Chump had dollar signs in his eyes.

With those dollar signs lighting up Chump had to do something and that meant trying to find a witness who could somehow counteract the Zimmerman story. Enter stage left: Witness8, the young woman who was alleged to have been on the phone at the time that the incident happened. In my view, this witness has never been credible…. but let’s look how the story began to unfold.

First there was the announcement on TV about this witness and that Tracy Martin had discovered her when checking out his phone records. Personally I think that this might be the first we see of a series of flaws in this whole evidence. An internet download was provided of the calls allegedly coming from Trayvon Martin’s phone that was supposed to have identified this female as having been on the phone at the relevant time. It was claimed by Chump that the young woman was Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend… but this was proved to be untrue. It was claimed that she had spent more than 4 hours on the phone with him that day… no evidence has been provided that this was the case. It was claimed that she had known hims since about kindergarten, and that she was 16 years old….. Well, the female must have been awfully slow if she knew Trayvon Martin since kindergarten because the female who has fronted as witness 8 is not 16 but she was 18 years old and is now 19 years old. It means that a lot of lies have been told….

Second there is the fact that she spoke to Sybrina Fulton prior to even speaking to Chump. Can you smell the set up? Sybrina Fulton went looking for a girl willing to give this type of testimony. Then there are the anomalies surrounding the interview that was held in the presence of Matt Guttman from the ABC (I will come back to them in a moment). The girl’s story changed slightly and was embellished when she spoke to Bernie de La Rionda who was foolish enough to do the interviewing instead of leaving the questions to O’Steen… again I think that this was also very questionable. That interview was conducted at Sybrina Fulton’s house and in the presence of Chump as well as of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

Third, there are lots of inconsistencies in her story, but the most unbelievable has to be “I can hear the grass”… Really?

I know that some people conducted an experiment to see if someone on the other end of the phone could hear the grass… the result came back negative, negative… was not possible… and so it should not be possible because at the point that was supposed to have happened, Trayvon Martin’s phone had been shut off.

However, the biggest perversion of the course of justice has come as Benjamin Crump the Chump has attempted to get out of being deposed. He has lawyered up and issued an affidavit, but there is a problem… Benjamin Crump lied when giving that affidavit and that is a very serious ethical offence in anyone’s language.  Crump’s lack of ethics are fully on display in this matter. It is a joke that anyone takes him seriously because quite frankly he is one of the most unethical individuals to be practising law in Florida.

In the affidavit Chump claimed that he had not had conversations with Witness 8 but it seems that the ABC has seen fit to release an extra portion of a longer taping of the interview that never made it onto the TV. In that extra footage, we see how Chump has bitten himself on the bum. He quite clearly lied about the whole thing. He has been caught out.

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