Who is Michael Smith?

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    • I do not like Kangaroo Court… give it a big miss.

      Michael Smith is much more reliable than anything that comes from Shane Dowling.

      Michael Smith is a former policeman. He is also a former army officer. He is a man of integrity, and I have followed him since he set up his site.

      This is the man who has done more to bust open the AWU scandal than anyone else. He was not sacked but resigned because of an argument about editorial content.

      Som of the sources used by Shane Dowling are the same as those used by Michael Smith. There is a big difference as to how each has used those resources.

      Dowling bangs on about alleged corruption but he never quite proves that he knows his subject.

      As an example I point to Dowling’s claims about Justice Keane. What he is stating about Justice Keane knowing about registry files is totally laughable. You see I have had registry experience, and I know for a fact that the chief justice of the Federal Court would not be involved or bothered with such detail. This concerns files belonging to the former Justice Madgwick that have gone missing.

      There were other issues as well, including his claims of corruption against Ian Cambridge. The real story there is that it was the former ALP Senator Graham Richardson who was approached by former AWU boss Bill Ludwig and current MP Bill Shorten who went to current Senator Bob Carr (who should have stayed in retirement) and got him to offer Ian Cambridge a job that he could not refuse working on the NSW Industrial Relations Commission Bench. There was nothing corrupt where Cambridge is concerned. Then when Fair Work Australia came into being Cambridge was offered a role in that system as well… and again there is nothing corrupt about that.

      So anything that Shane Dowling has to say about Michael Smith I take with a grain of salt because I find Shane Dowling to be unreliable as a source of information.

      The work that has been done by Michael Smith is exemplary. At the same time there are hundreds of people working behind the scenes, and passing on valuable information to Smith. These people include former unionists as well as a former High Court judge and ex-Governor General (Sir Ninian Stephen)who has offered his opinion on the subject of the ethics of the current Prime Minister.
      StephenJ has written 2 formal pieces for Michael Smith News. One of those opinion pieces is absolutely devastating for Gillard. The other piece deals with how a trial judge should address a jury on such matters. Both pieces were a very good read.

      Another person who has given his time is Dr. John Lourens FCPA – he is a lecturer and he also deals with accounting ethics. John has written some excellent papers and has done quite a bit in the way of forensic accounting and research on the matters relating to the AWU scandal. Another person is a woman by the name of Val. She has also given generously of her time.

      If anything Shane Dowling is jealous because Michael Smith has such a large visitor share.