Freedom of Speech – we must fight

When I named this blog “A World at War” it was meant to encompass all manner of topics. This is because we do spend a lot of time fighting various things. It is not meant to be about wars in various countries, but a civil war here or there is also a topic that can be covered.

There are several fights raging at the moment, and I am not talking about Syria, Egypt or even Libya. I am referring to some things that are a genuine problem inside my country as well as in other countries around the world. On top of my agenda is freedom of speech, because I see this basic right of ours being attacked around the world. The next on the agenda is what the US calls the Second Amendment. I do believe in the right to bear arms, even if I do not possess a gun. This is a right that is fundamental to our own protection against perpetrators who come into our countries uninvited. This brings me to yet another agenda: illegal immigration. If they arrive by boat without papers they are illegal immigrants. They are not stuck in refugee camps waiting for a country to accept them as they live in abject poverty… they paid thousands of dollars to enter Australia by boat and that makes them illegal immigrants!!

My other agenda remains support for George Zimmerman but I see that tied up in the right to bear arms as well. This is an agenda because I see it in terms of a man’s right to defend himself and what has happened to George is in fact a breach of his human rights. I am not gung ho about the human rights industry and remain suspicious of such organizations as human rights watch, especially when they never come out and support those who have been placed in a position of losing all of their rights due to some agenda of those who want to destroy the fabric of society.

Right at this very moment Australia is embroiled in a fight to protect our right to freedom of speech. The manner in which the legislation has been introduced and the attempt to gag debate etc reminds me very much of a recent fight in the USA regarding Abominablecare. Keep in mind that Australia is supposed to have a “free health” system, but that is an outright lie. We do not even have the right to have full cover for doctor visits. At the moment we go to a medical centre where we are bulk billed and we do not pay extra but in Canberra we had to fork out the money first. When I attend a specialist I am supposed to fork over the money first and it is just too much (especially when the specialist turns out to be such an asshole). These things will never be free. The government cannot afford to keep subsidizing our health costs at such a rate, especially when more and more expensive procedures are added to the list. Yes, I really do believe that if you want a baby via IVF then you should pay for it!!

It is not just Australia that is being attacked with regard to Freedom of Speech, it is also in the UK. Over there, the proposals go further and they are actually prepared to attack bloggers, bringing them under draconian legislation. It is a very bad thing, because it has been the new media blogs where things such as globull warming have been exposed as rorts…. and of course I add here that Climategate 3.0 is now official because the password has been released. The fact is that the various scientific bloggers who have not toed the official party line have no other outlet to get their message across because the media has shut them out and attempted to shut them down. It is only because we have had the freedom to blog and say what we want that we have been able to get the message out that there is not a 97% consensus of scientists as claimed by the charlatans.

However, I will also always argue that with freedom of speech and freedom of the press, there is also a very heavy responsibility that requires accuracy of the highest order. I remain personally against the paparazzi for example and the way that they follow “celebrities” around trying to snap them in compromising ways. To me that is not responsible journalism. For the same reason I am not a user of Twitter (although I have a Twitter account) and I do not believe in outing people. It is from this angle that I happen to think that people should keep their sexual preferences to themselves and that no one has the right to out people by a medium such as twitter.

My comment here is also directed at the likes of Roseanne Barr and Richard Simon (I think that is his name) who were responsible for releasing what they claimed to be George Zimmerman’s address. The elderly couple who lived at the address were forced from their home because of what they did and I believe that both of them should have been sued. I apply the same thing to Nasty Natalie and her Twitter responses. I have seen many things stated by Nasty Natalie Jackson, and I hope one day she will pay dearly for what she has done… but that is a future time.

In all of this, I point out the consequences of those who use Parliamentary Privilege to smear others. It has happened here in Australia, and by the nastiest person ever to hold the Office of the Prime Minister. The person who was smeared was Michael Smith. The other person who has been smeared is Tony Abbott. He is not a misogynist despite that disgusting rant by that horrible woman.

The ALP want to curb our right to free speech because they do not want the media reporting the truth. This includes investigative journalists doing the hard work to unravel the corruption within the ALP, as well as highlight union corruption especially within the AWU (involves the current PM) and the Health Services Union.  The scandal involving the PM actually shows a woman who has a personal lack of judgement, and a lack of moral ethics to boot!! We, the Australian people have a right to know about these things, we deserve to know the truth and we deserve to have someone in charge who is not tainted by this form of scandal. It is much worse than Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton combined.


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