Open Thread – Australian politics in the hot seat

UPDATE: The ALP is filled with a bunch of gutless individuals without any balls at all. The leadership spill happened at 4.30 pm but no one challenged the PM. That means we are stuck with this stinking mess.  The bitch continues to be our Prime Minister and Australia continues to languish as a basket case.

I simply want us to have an election so that we can punish the ALP as they deserve.

Prior to this leadership spill there was an attempt at a no confidence in the PM motion in the Parliament. Tony Abbott did in fact win the vote 73-71 but there was no absolute majority which required 76 votes. To my surprise the three who are true Independents, Wilkie, Oakshotte and Windsor voted with the Opposition, but the gutless ones were Katter (who failed to vote), Slipper and Thomson. I did not expect anything else out of Thomson because he is in fact an ALP member and he needs the ALP to pay his legal bills. I suspect that Slipper has some kind of deal with the ALP to pay his legal bills as well.

These gutless conniving politicians are a total disgrace to this country.

One more thing and that is the majority of them are either former union leaders or associated with the unions as Labor Lawyers. All of them are a disgrace.

The rumour mill is going crazy here in Australia. Is there or isn’t there a leadership spill about to happen?

Australians want an election NOW. We are sick to death of the situation with the adulteress and liar who is our Prime Minister.

Things heated up when the Pommy idiot Herr Goebbels Conroy introduced his media bills. There were 6 of them. Two of the bills have passed through the lower house, but they were non-controversial. However the other 4 were extremely controversial because they were infringing upon our freedom of speech.

Since the election in 2010 Australia had a hung Parliament. Gillard seized control by making unsound alliances including an alliance with the watermelons aka the looney tunes Green Party. Despite telling Australia that we would not get a carbon tax, we ended up with a tax upon the air that we breathe, and everything that entails. Since then the rage of Australians has been palpable.

For a while now, I have made the point that the atmosphere is very much like it was when Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister. In 1975 the situation became untenable and when there was no resolution when Supply was blocked in the Senate, the Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, used a little known section of the Constitution to sack the Whitlam government, to instal Malcolm Fraser and dissolve the Parliament.  Australia gave its verdict on December 2 1975 when the Coalition was overwhelmingly elected in a landslide.

For the record, I do not believe that the conditions at the present time allow for the current Governor General to take similar steps. This is despite the fact that the Watermelons claim that they have withdrawn their support for the Government. Nothing has changed because they are still passing the legislation. What it will take is for the Independents to declare that the Government under Gillard no longer has their confidence, or if there is a change in leadership that any agreement that was in place has been torn up… and maybe then we can have our election.

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