Fallout from yesterday’s war

Besides feeling disappointed that there is no chance of a May election, and because we are stuck with a woman we despise as Prime Minister, today has just been one of those days of feeling a bit adrift.

On the political front, the fallout is continuing as Rudd supporters are purged from Gillard’s cabinet. So far one Minister, Simon Crean has been sacked. If Gillard had not sacked him then perhaps yeserday’s fiasco might not have taken place. This has been followed by several resignations. I think that the count is now over 6 who have resigned their positions and more to follow.

The ones who have resigned are the best of the bunch of losers that form the ALP government. If they had any sense they should quit the ALP and form a new party for disaffected ALP members of Parliament as well as ALP voters. The last time that happened the DLP was formed.

I feel a lot of disappointment over the outcome, not because I wanted Kevin Rudd to return as leader, I do not. I am disappointed because we are stuck with someone who is more corrupt than all the corrupt politicians in Chicago.

UPDATE:  The fallout has continued with even more Ministers resigning. The last two are Martin Ferguson and Senator Kim Carr. Both of them are of the Left but they are both honourable men.

One response to “Fallout from yesterday’s war

  1. Just a further update. The number who resigned from their positions is now about 7 or 8. However, one person who is supposed to have been a Rudd supporter did not resign. This is Anthony Albanese or Albersleazy. He has been playing some games that is for sure and I suspect that he was in some way behind what took place and Rudd’s failure to make the challenge.