Syria – chemical weapons – keep an eye on this

I am not going to offer any kind of opinion because Syria is too hard to second guess at what might or might not be the truth.

The fact is there is evidence that one or other side has used chemical weapons of some sort. The revolutionaries are blaming the government and the government is blaming the revolutionaries.

What I will remind you is that prior to the allied invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein had enough time to move any chemical weapons or their makings across the border and into  Syria. He had more than sufficient time to move his chemical labs across the border, and from what I had read he was observed moving a few things across the border. It is not hard evidence but I think that this ties in with the recent claims.

There are many things that are unclear in regard to the use of chemical weapons. Could it be that the rebels came across a cache of these weapons? Or could it be that the government troops see no problem in using the Hussein legacy on its own people? Nothing is clear when both sides are making accusations.

I note however, that my source for this story comes via Israel who have people monitoring the situation. Israel has confirmed that the chemical weapons have been used.

I would suggest keeping an eye out for any little tidbits of information on the matter. Although I saw this at one MSM site, there is no guarantee that other sites will report the same thing. This is just a heads up. Besides no one will admit that Saddam Hussein had in fact hidden his chemical weapons over the border in Syria.

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