All is not quiet on the Egyptian front

It is so very tempting to want to say to Mr Soetoro – how is Egypt working out for ya now that Muburak is gone? However, I will have to resist such temptation for now.

Egypt was supposed to be the show piece of the Middle East. It is supposed to be the country that is to lead other Middle Eastern nations in determining their own self-destination. However, it seems that Egypt is continuing a rapid descent into hell.

One could almost say that Egyptians have not learned a thing from their own ancient history… but that is a temptation that must be resisted.

When Muburak was removed from power the Islamists saw it as an opportunity to take back the country. The problem is that there are opposing groups. There is the Muslim Brotherhood, considered to be the moderate group and then there are the Salafists who are the most radical and fundamentalist. However, in Egypt there are other forces such as those who despise both the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood but they have left wing leanings. Ah what to do?

First of all, it seems that Muslim Brotherhood could still be declared illegal by a Court in Egypt… how did that work out for ya Mursi?  Only that seems to be one small part of what is going on over there.

Did the fall of Muburak bring peace to Egypt? Nah.

Today’s news is that there have been demonstrations against the Muslim brotherhood with the MB supporters throwing rocks at those who are anti-MB and vice versa.

It looks like Rage Boy is simply redirecting his rage and instead of raging against the West and things that are of little importance he has his panties in a wad over something done by the MB. Oh my when will these people go attend some angry management classes and get a handle on that temper!!

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