Open Thread – on the road for 2 weeks

Mike Daniels at Stately Manor has an extremely good post re the Zimmerman case. This goes through the latest request by Mark O’Mara for the reconsideration of yet another bad decision by Judge Nelson.

If you see any relevant information please drop it in comments so that it can be discussed.

9 responses to “Open Thread – on the road for 2 weeks

  1. Have a nice trip.


  2. Thank you. I will be checking in when I can. Set this up on my android.


  3. spent yesterday travelling to Canberra, then at a model train show, followed by dinner with friends.
    Today we travelled as far as Seymour in Victoria.
    Tomorrow we are headed to Warnambool
    Paid a small fee to use internet 🙂

    Will check in again next time I have Internet access


  4. just a note here and that is once again SD is lying.

    I was not a spelling NAZI but I did needle SD because he continued to write tenant instead of tenet, that is it!!

    The only thing I was rude about was after a female admin told me to stuff it… and I responded in kind and told her to get stuffed.

    My view is that people who are blogging should be aiming to get their words right and it is inappropriate to use TENTANT when the word is TENET. Words have meanings…. it is irritating when people get these words wrong.

    On that note ADMIN at CTH would often write stupid stuff in a response that never made sense when the issue was something where the word used bore no relationship to what was meant. TYPICAL of the lies told by Sundance Cracker.

    He also banned me at a time when I criticized him over his reporting about the civil war in Libya. I told him he was wrong. There was much he did not understand because of the sources he followed… and many of them were suspect too.

    I am up front in saying that I am glad that Gadhafi is dead. The world is better off without him, especially when he was using his wealth to help Islamists in other African nations includling in Mali. I will have more to say on this in the future but not on this blog.

    As for the constant attack on Mark O’Mara I think SD should pull his head in!!


  5. we have reached Warnambool


  6. checking in again. It was a long trip today. We went from Warnambool, along the Great Ocean Road to Queenscliff then on a car ferry to Sorento and then by road to Frankston. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but we will end up at my son’s place at the end of the day.

    Hubby is attending a model train convention over Easter. One of our other sons will arrive on Sunday and we will celebrate his 30th birthday with family who live down here.
    Then it is back on the road and home again.

    One more thing and that is I am very pleased with the Kia Sorento’s performance. We got down to 6.9 per 100litres of diesel, but it went up to 7.0 today because there was a lot of hills and winding road.


  7. logging in again. I have posted a reblog of Mike Daniel’s latest post which is a must read regarding the Zimmerman case.

    I maintain that this case needs to be dropped. On top of that BDLR needs to be fully sanctioned.


  8. I am home again. Had a good time, and saw lots of my grandson. Then we had the long drive home from Melbourne.