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Freedom of Speech – we must fight

When I named this blog “A World at War” it was meant to encompass all manner of topics. This is because we do spend a lot of time fighting various things. It is not meant to be about wars in various countries, but a civil war here or there is also a topic that can be covered.

There are several fights raging at the moment, and I am not talking about Syria, Egypt or even Libya. I am referring to some things that are a genuine problem inside my country as well as in other countries around the world. On top of my agenda is freedom of speech, because I see this basic right of ours being attacked around the world. The next on the agenda is what the US calls the Second Amendment. I do believe in the right to bear arms, even if I do not possess a gun. This is a right that is fundamental to our own protection against perpetrators who come into our countries uninvited. This brings me to yet another agenda: illegal immigration. If they arrive by boat without papers they are illegal immigrants. They are not stuck in refugee camps waiting for a country to accept them as they live in abject poverty… they paid thousands of dollars to enter Australia by boat and that makes them illegal immigrants!!

My other agenda remains support for George Zimmerman but I see that tied up in the right to bear arms as well. This is an agenda because I see it in terms of a man’s right to defend himself and what has happened to George is in fact a breach of his human rights. I am not gung ho about the human rights industry and remain suspicious of such organizations as human rights watch, especially when they never come out and support those who have been placed in a position of losing all of their rights due to some agenda of those who want to destroy the fabric of society.

Right at this very moment Australia is embroiled in a fight to protect our right to freedom of speech. The manner in which the legislation has been introduced and the attempt to gag debate etc reminds me very much of a recent fight in the USA regarding Abominablecare. Keep in mind that Australia is supposed to have a “free health” system, but that is an outright lie. We do not even have the right to have full cover for doctor visits. At the moment we go to a medical centre where we are bulk billed and we do not pay extra but in Canberra we had to fork out the money first. When I attend a specialist I am supposed to fork over the money first and it is just too much (especially when the specialist turns out to be such an asshole). These things will never be free. The government cannot afford to keep subsidizing our health costs at such a rate, especially when more and more expensive procedures are added to the list. Yes, I really do believe that if you want a baby via IVF then you should pay for it!!

It is not just Australia that is being attacked with regard to Freedom of Speech, it is also in the UK. Over there, the proposals go further and they are actually prepared to attack bloggers, bringing them under draconian legislation. It is a very bad thing, because it has been the new media blogs where things such as globull warming have been exposed as rorts…. and of course I add here that Climategate 3.0 is now official because the password has been released. The fact is that the various scientific bloggers who have not toed the official party line have no other outlet to get their message across because the media has shut them out and attempted to shut them down. It is only because we have had the freedom to blog and say what we want that we have been able to get the message out that there is not a 97% consensus of scientists as claimed by the charlatans.

However, I will also always argue that with freedom of speech and freedom of the press, there is also a very heavy responsibility that requires accuracy of the highest order. I remain personally against the paparazzi for example and the way that they follow “celebrities” around trying to snap them in compromising ways. To me that is not responsible journalism. For the same reason I am not a user of Twitter (although I have a Twitter account) and I do not believe in outing people. It is from this angle that I happen to think that people should keep their sexual preferences to themselves and that no one has the right to out people by a medium such as twitter.

My comment here is also directed at the likes of Roseanne Barr and Richard Simon (I think that is his name) who were responsible for releasing what they claimed to be George Zimmerman’s address. The elderly couple who lived at the address were forced from their home because of what they did and I believe that both of them should have been sued. I apply the same thing to Nasty Natalie and her Twitter responses. I have seen many things stated by Nasty Natalie Jackson, and I hope one day she will pay dearly for what she has done… but that is a future time.

In all of this, I point out the consequences of those who use Parliamentary Privilege to smear others. It has happened here in Australia, and by the nastiest person ever to hold the Office of the Prime Minister. The person who was smeared was Michael Smith. The other person who has been smeared is Tony Abbott. He is not a misogynist despite that disgusting rant by that horrible woman.

The ALP want to curb our right to free speech because they do not want the media reporting the truth. This includes investigative journalists doing the hard work to unravel the corruption within the ALP, as well as highlight union corruption especially within the AWU (involves the current PM) and the Health Services Union.  The scandal involving the PM actually shows a woman who has a personal lack of judgement, and a lack of moral ethics to boot!! We, the Australian people have a right to know about these things, we deserve to know the truth and we deserve to have someone in charge who is not tainted by this form of scandal. It is much worse than Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton combined.


Ronald Ryan – last man to be hanged in Victoria

This is an anecdotal story but I think it is worth repeating because after a lot of thought over the years I am convinced that the wrong man faced the death penalty. For reference there was a girl in my class at school by the name of Debbie who was the niece of Ronald Ryan. Even so I have no real understanding about how that family felt about the events that led to him facing the death penalty.

Ronald Ryan was the last man in Victoria Australia to face the hangman’s noose and this goes back to the 1960s. The story of why he faced the death penalty goes back to a prison break with another man by the name of Peter Walker. During the prison break at Pentridge, a warder was shot and killed and it was claimed that Ronald Ryan was the man with the gun that killed the warder. However, to this day I am not 100% certain that it was Ryan who pulled the trigger.

My memory of all of the events is somewhat hazy because I was quite young when it all happened. I do remember the prison break. I do remember that a warder was shot. I do not remember when Ryan was caught again. Neither do I remember why it was that Peter Walker never faced the same charges. As a result I might get some of the facts wrong.

Somewhere in the midst of my memory is a story about something happening in a toilet block. It might have been another death… and I will have to do some research to see if I can find the details.  I found some information but not anything about the person murdered in the toilet block. It is in the memory bank but very hazy.

There was also something else that happened around that time when a teacher and her pupils were kidnapped and loaded up in a van. The teacher who was a real heroine managed to kick open the back door of the vehicle where she and her pupils had been placed. That story involved Eastwood and Boland and it was the Faraday school kindappings which you can read about here. Lindsay Thompson and the two police officers were extremely brave in attempting this!!

I have a link of a recent news report on the hanging of Ronald Ryan but I note I do not agree with the insufferable Barry Jones on the subject of whether or not Henry Bolte wanted someone to hang. Perhaps it was Jones himself who made the big mistake when Tait got a death penalty reprieve.

The case of Ronald Ryan has always been one that seared in my memory. Perhaps it is because I knew one of his relatives, but I doubt that is the reason. I think it is because I have doubts about whether or not Ryan did in fact fire the shot that killed Hodson the prison guard. It is more than likely that the shot did in fact come from another prison guard and therefore Ryan became the bunny, the scapegoat for what actually happened that morning when Ryan and Walker broke out of prison. My memory tells me that it was Peter Walker who was the really bad one, not Ronald Ryan.

Wikpedia is a good resource on the subject and I found a bit more regarding how the pair were captured in Sydney by a police officer known as gunner Kelly. His informant was another criminal by the name of Lenny McPherson… and here is where we get into illegal abortion clinics, illegal casinos and corruption within the NSW Premier’s Office!! It seems to me that NSW has had more corrupt politicians than anywhere else in Australia, yet Robert Askin is probably the only one who was corrupt and not a member of either a union or the ALP!!

UPDATE:  This is unbelievable!!

How weird because I wrote the piece about Ronald Ryan, a man I believe to have been innocent of the death of Hodson, and what is in the news today? Peter John Walker has been arrested because of a drug lab!!

And I was correct about the body found at or near a toilet block associated with Walker!!

This is an extract from the age report today:

While they were on the run Mr Walker shot and killed tow-truck driver Arthur  Henderson, whose body was found in a bayside public toilet.

Read more:

So my hazy memory was not so bad after all. Now I need to look up information about another criminal who had been held in prison because, prior to us leaving to come to the USA for roughly 18 months, my son was at a school that received a bomb threat. My son came home talking about a fire drill where all the children were taken to the football field, and then on the news that night it was revealed that there had been a bomb threat at a Mt. Waverley Victoria school!!  No such luck in finding any report about this incident, but from memory the man responsible was locked up and never to be released because he was bad!!

Perverting the course of justice – Crump is swimming in it!!

Just in from Diwataman and other sources is the fact that there is a new motion that has been put forward by the Zimmerman legal defence team. I say go for it guys!!

The request is a reconsideration of the Court to allow the deposition of Benjamin Crump (the Chump). I hope that this application is successful because quite frankly George Zimmerman needs a very big break in this case. Everything is weighted against him for political reasons.

Once again I am presenting my Australian perspective on this matter. To be frank I consider the involvement of Crump to be a perversion of the course of justice. This involves his production of Witness8 and all along I have considered her appearance to be entirely suspect. I do not believe her. I do not believe she was on the phone at the time of the incident. I do believe that she is embellishing her story. I also believe that she was coached by Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin and Benjamin Crump as they became desperate to find a way to bring about a civil law suit that would give Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton easy money.  There is always the possibility that what I believe is wrong, BUT, right now I am beginning to see evidence that supports my way of thinking….

One of the major issues that I have with the constructed case is the claim by Sybrina Fulton that it was her son calling for help. That is simply mushroom fodder. Her hysterics when she heard the tape were contrived. I suspect that she was coached by Crump to act in this way in order to try to get the State to act against George Zimmerman in the first place.

According to the available information, Tracy Martin had told Serino that it was not his son calling for help. This information was witnessed by another officer who has been deposed on the matter. Is that witness lying? Crump actually claims that Chris Serino is lying about what Tracy Martin said. Well I think that Crump is the liar.

Let’s be real here for a moment. Tracy Martin was the first to hear the 911 calls where a voice was heard calling for help. Crump was not in the picture. It was just Tracy Martin talking to Chris Serino. Immediately after that has taken place Tracy Martin hires Chump to represent him and the family in possible civil proceedings which he and Natalie Jackson are trying to drum up. The pickings for the civil proceedings have been slim. The facts were showing that the person who killed Trayvon Martin had been viciously beaten by Trayvon Martin and that this was indeed a matter of self-defense. All of the information gathered had supported that this was a case of self-defense but Chump had dollar signs in his eyes.

With those dollar signs lighting up Chump had to do something and that meant trying to find a witness who could somehow counteract the Zimmerman story. Enter stage left: Witness8, the young woman who was alleged to have been on the phone at the time that the incident happened. In my view, this witness has never been credible…. but let’s look how the story began to unfold.

First there was the announcement on TV about this witness and that Tracy Martin had discovered her when checking out his phone records. Personally I think that this might be the first we see of a series of flaws in this whole evidence. An internet download was provided of the calls allegedly coming from Trayvon Martin’s phone that was supposed to have identified this female as having been on the phone at the relevant time. It was claimed by Chump that the young woman was Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend… but this was proved to be untrue. It was claimed that she had spent more than 4 hours on the phone with him that day… no evidence has been provided that this was the case. It was claimed that she had known hims since about kindergarten, and that she was 16 years old….. Well, the female must have been awfully slow if she knew Trayvon Martin since kindergarten because the female who has fronted as witness 8 is not 16 but she was 18 years old and is now 19 years old. It means that a lot of lies have been told….

Second there is the fact that she spoke to Sybrina Fulton prior to even speaking to Chump. Can you smell the set up? Sybrina Fulton went looking for a girl willing to give this type of testimony. Then there are the anomalies surrounding the interview that was held in the presence of Matt Guttman from the ABC (I will come back to them in a moment). The girl’s story changed slightly and was embellished when she spoke to Bernie de La Rionda who was foolish enough to do the interviewing instead of leaving the questions to O’Steen… again I think that this was also very questionable. That interview was conducted at Sybrina Fulton’s house and in the presence of Chump as well as of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

Third, there are lots of inconsistencies in her story, but the most unbelievable has to be “I can hear the grass”… Really?

I know that some people conducted an experiment to see if someone on the other end of the phone could hear the grass… the result came back negative, negative… was not possible… and so it should not be possible because at the point that was supposed to have happened, Trayvon Martin’s phone had been shut off.

However, the biggest perversion of the course of justice has come as Benjamin Crump the Chump has attempted to get out of being deposed. He has lawyered up and issued an affidavit, but there is a problem… Benjamin Crump lied when giving that affidavit and that is a very serious ethical offence in anyone’s language.  Crump’s lack of ethics are fully on display in this matter. It is a joke that anyone takes him seriously because quite frankly he is one of the most unethical individuals to be practising law in Florida.

In the affidavit Chump claimed that he had not had conversations with Witness 8 but it seems that the ABC has seen fit to release an extra portion of a longer taping of the interview that never made it onto the TV. In that extra footage, we see how Chump has bitten himself on the bum. He quite clearly lied about the whole thing. He has been caught out.

What about the GZ medical history?

After the Zimmerman medical history was released there was an outcry from Trayvonites with all sorts of crazy claims – all of them inaccurate anyway.  However there were a few things that stood out to me and even now I see some people making statements that are more or less incorrect.

Let me start with the most obvious and that is the prescription of Adderal. For George to be legally taking Adderal he would have been diagnosed with something like ADHD or some other reason where it was thought that Adderal would help. In the case of ADHD the brain seems to be wired differently and without the drug the person has more than a few problems associated with behaviour. The Adderal actually works to calm down those brain waves. How it does that? I have no idea. The only thing I want to point out is that when the drug is properly described in these circumstances it is less likely to cause aggression, however, when it is taken illegally, well that is an entirely different matter.

The next drug on the list is Temazepam, and it is this one I can personally comment upon because I have used it in the past. From what I understood from George’s medical history the Temazepam was prescribed at the time he was staying with his grandmother at the hospital. It was to help him get to sleep. Temazepam is normally prescribed for sleep disorders and yes failing to get to sleep for whatever reason is a sleep disorder.  I always took it sparingly. I do not presume to know George’s habit in this matter BUT what I can say is that it is highly unlikely that George would have taken Temazepam and then disappeared to go shopping. It is something that is taken not long before going to bed because of the drowsiness that it causes.

As far as the possible side effects are concerned, such things as “it can cause aggression” is listed as a general side effect. I would doubt that in 99% of cases of those taking Temazepam that the day after taking one tablet to help get them to sleep that they would suddenly be aggressive. For this reason the prescription of Temazepam is a side issue, and there is no evidence that George was continuing to take the drug after it was initially prescribed.

However, there was something else in George’s medical history that I think gives a better understanding of George’s situation. One of the things I noted is that 28 year old George Zimmerman was taking Glucosamine, a substance used by people with arthritis. This did not make sense that someone of George’s age would be using this, and then I discovered that George was diagnosed with sacroiliitis. This is very interesting.

Sacroiliitis is the inflammation of the sacroiliac joint which is a part of the lower back (very close to your butt). I speak from experience here because I have a history of injury in that region and having pain in that area is not much fun. What it means is that doing things like running is difficult. It also means that one has trouble sleeping because of the pressure pain coming from the joint that can affect both left and right sides of the body. This is sort of what George would have been dealing with prior to the beating that he had sustained from Trayvon Martin. The beating itself very likely exacerbated the existing condition.

In my view, considering what is in the medical history there is no reason to assume that George Zimmerman was abusing any medication. On that night he would not have had temazepam in his system because that is not taken until just prior to bed time, if he was even continuing to use it after his grandmother had come out of the hospital. I would suggest that such talk about agression relating to the use of Temazepam is out of place and is not based upon the realities of the case.

Who is Michael Smith?

How does this compare to?

When this case became prominent in the first place there were people who tried to make comparisons to two other situations where it was clear that SYG did not in fact apply. I have to work from memory regarding each case, but in both cases one thing was clear to me when reading their facts, both individuals were guilty of committing a crime. The difference is that in both cases the person was black – and that is no defence for their actions.

Let me deal with the woman first because she was the one who fired shots when her children were close by into the wall but at her former partner. She claimed stand your ground and that she was in fear of her life. HOWEVER, this woman did not have the gun on her person when she was allegedly in fear of her life. Instead she went to her car and fetched the gun, then came inside the house and fired it… That is a situation where SYG clearly does not apply. She intentionally fetched the weapon so that she could use it. Discharging a firearm in those circumstances (which really should have been the only charge for the woman) was still a criminal offence.

The next case is that of a situation that involved a neighbourhood dispute that started with the perpetrator having a go at the neighbourhood children, and the white man interfering on their behalf. The black man went back into his garage and fetched his gun, there was a fight and he shot the white man. This is also not an SYG situation because it cannot be reasonably argued that SYG was involved.  I would think that it would be easy to convict on the grounds of at least manslaughter especially when the perpetrator had fetched his gun prior to the fight and then the shooting. I would think it could be argued for 2nd degree murder in the circumstances as I saw them described.

There was another case mentioned, but the circumstances were so different from that of the Zimmerman case that it simply has no relevance at all, and those who tried to use the case simply show their own desperation and willingness to distract.

It only takes one punch to kill someone

Once again I am writing from an Australian perspective, but for a moment I am going to step back in time to the death of Teri Schiavo.  Teri’s story is incomplete even after she was forcibly put to death by her “husband” Michael Schiavo. The lack of completeness in my view is what caused Teri to collapse in the first place. Teri was not an anorexic and she did not suffer from bulimia. On the other hand, there were workmates who had seen the bruises on her body… had she been a victim of domestic violence? I will leave that question up in the air because I have my own thoughts on what happened to Teri in the first place…. and yes I do think there was foul play. This was a case where conservative and religious people like myself worked in tandem with people on the left and we all had one thing in common – we believed that Teri had the right to live and that her parents should have been allowed to take charge of her… it is simple as that.  When it comes to what might have happened I suspect that a certain type of chokehold was applied to Teri and that caused her to stop breathing. Around the time of the controversy there was a case in Australia that came to light where a young male had ended up in a similar condition as Teri Schiavo after a policeman had applied this particular chokehold. It is the kind of hold that does not leave “evidence”.

So, once again, I am applying cases from Australia to try and explain why George Zimmerman was fearing for his life, not the other way around. There have been several cases in Australia where it only took one punch for the victim to fall down, hit his/her head on the ground and die on the spot or shortly thereafter.  Sometimes the perpetrator has been a bouncer from a club or a hotel. On other occasions it has been a random attack. One of the most recent was here in Sydney and it involved a young male who had been about to celebrate his birthday. It was a random attack and he was punched once. He fell to the ground and he died.

There was another case involving a bouncer in Melbourne and a former cricket star by the name of David Hookes. The death of David Hookes was an interesting saga because of some of the more salacious background… but hey that is how the media report things over here… all the dirt comes out!!  David Hookes had been drinking at the pub and he was thrown out. Some punches were thrown, and just like the other victim in Sydney, he fell to the ground, hitting his head and he died.

There are many, many other instances where young men in particular have died suddenly after a knock to the head. Some of those instances have involved the contact sport of football. It does not take much and sometimes the symptoms are not recognized. The victim has died days within the blow to the head having occurred.

A blow to the head does not have to be fatal either, but it can play havoc for a very long time after the incident. Injuries via car accidents are a good example. The knock to the head might not be obvious if there are no open wounds, but even where there is a minor open wound, some effects can be ignored by medical people and others, especially if the victim of head trauma is very young… yes that is something I know about from personal experience including several years of headaches.  Simple blows to the head do not lead to major trauma. However, let’s look at what happened to George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman received some rather shocking injuries on the night that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin. He received several blows to the head and he really was lucky that those blows were not fatal because of their ferocity. I have no doubt that afterwards he would have been a bit disoriented and on top of that I bet that he has suffered a lot of headaches since that incident. Not only did he have a very nasty contusion on the back of his head, he also suffered a broken nose.

The Trayvon Martin supporters have made outrageous suggestions such as George must have caused his own head injuries but what they say is nothing more than a load of tosh in my opinion. There is simply no way that George could have broken his own nose or wounded his own head in that manner. Those injuries were caused by a very aggressive individual by the name of Trayvon Martin.

When George was being punched and then had his head bashed upon the ground, he must have been fearing for his life. He was calling for help but nobody came.  The last call for help was blood curdling. This is probably at the point just after Martin had his hand over George’s mouth, which probably made George want to gag considering that the blood would have been running down the back of  his throat because of the broken nose. It was also at the point where the concealed weapon had been observed by Trayvon Martin, and then George perceived that Martin was trying to get the weapon.

The ferocity of the attack could have been sufficient to end George’s life.