A comment on the Zimmerman case

I have taken this comment from Mike Daniel’s site. It is written by MichaelnotMike:

OK, Part II.

IMO there’s circumstantial proof that the DeeDee March 19, 2012, letter was actually a statement requested by Crump and a document that he or someone in his office coached DeeDee on preparing. This is important because it is another bit of proof of the Crump conspiracy.

Here’s my thinking:

Here’s Crump’s March 20, 2012, presser:

youtube [dot] com/watch?v=86QQnKMuUmk

Because the letter had the appearance of being prepared by someone other than DeeDee, it read like an outline of “preferred/ideal” facts, or a statement similar to what a lawyer would “work” with someone to prepare, on Saturday I pondered if Crump had used the “letter” as an outline for his March 20, 2012, presser, and if it was proof of Crump’s and The Scheme Team’s case theme.

For a number of reasons this is important, not the least of which it that the letter is evidence of the conspiracy, criminal witness tampering, interfering with a lawful police investigation, and obstruction of justice.

Anyway, print out DeeDee’s letter and watch Crump’s March 20, 2012 presser.

Notice that Crump’s talking points in the presser are in the exact order of this “letter.” Also take note of the word’s Crump uses in his presser. What are the odds that Crump and DeeDee would use the same exact words and that the letter follows along in the general order of Crump’s presser?

Now Crump would say “of course I used DeeDee’s letter to Sybrina as an outline for my meeting with the media, any competent attorney would. That would make no sense because why not provide it to media during his presser? It is dated March 19, 2012. Why not introduce it to the world as another piece of explosive information that as Crump says “connects the dots and proves Zimmerman a murderer,” as Crump said during the presser.

In regards to this letter being additional evidence of Crump, et al. crimes:

– Interfering with a police investigation: Crump lied about many aspects of police conduct (e.g., that they did not arrest Zimmerman, they did not investigate the case, that the police, they let a  murder go, Zimmerman Sr. was in cahoots with the SPD and SA Wolfinger) to support his reasoning on why he and Tracy Martin were justified in not cooperating with the SPD criminal investigation.

However, Crump was (as Bernie would characterize) a “civilian.” Similar to Bernie cannot lawfully decide which information is relevant, and therefore something he should give MOM West, Crump as a “civilian” is not allowed to decide to cooperate or not with law enforcement.

(Especially despicable was Crump accusing the SPD of collusion, conspiracy, and incompetence, but it was Crump and Tracy Martin who repeatedly put up roadblocks in front of the police (Tracy Martin would not give the police information about Trayvon’s phone; DeeDee; voice samples of Trayvon; background about Trayvon – e.g., his “record” at school, social page postings; and tampering with witnesses – Crump trying to coax them to change their statements to police; and turning the public against the police and SA Wolfinger, to name a few.)

Can you imagine the state of our society if you or I could refuse to cooperate with a lawful police investigation and hide evidence from them, because we supposedly don’t trust the police. The law does not allow “civilians” to decide whether or not cooperate in a police investigation.

– IMO the letter is also proof that Crump violated his attorney oath and obligations as an officer of the court.

Anyway, here’s why I say that the DeeDee letter was a Crump fabrication. It is suspicious in so many ways, no wonder Bernie did not give it to MOM West until the eve of DeeDee’s deposition.

Here’s the approximate times in the video that IMO shows a Crump outline for his presser. Also there’s the words DeeDee uses that are the same as in Crump’s presser.

07:10 – I was on the phone with Trayvon.

08:00 – Started to rain. Raining hard.

08:10 – Running through apartment COMPLEX.

08:45 – Goes back to walking.

08:55 – “I think this dude is following me.” (Note that this is how I think DeeDee would say it, not as she says in the letter “then noticed someone was following me.” Anyone think that’s how DeeDee and Trayvon talked?)

10:30 – He says he is going to try and lose him. (Yeah, Trayvon talked like that 🙂

10:35 – Trayvon says I think I lost him.

10:48 – He says he is right behind me AGAIN.

11:00 – She says he hears Trayvon ask ‘Why are you following me?’

11:30 – She heard earpiece fall.


Seems obvious to me that Crump memorized this “letter” he had DeeDee make, he used it as an outline of what he was going to say in the presser, wanted to lock in DeeDee to the false narrative, and have “notes” for DeeDee to be able to refer to in interviews by law enforcement or attorneys. In other words, these were DeeDee’s lines she needed to commit to memory. (Despite Crump’s efforts, she failed miserably in the Bernie interview. An interview, by the way, I suspect Bernie too had this “outline” to reference while asking DeeDee questions.)

As I said before, this is all on Crump. I don’t perceive DeeDee as a serious liar, because she did not care about Trayvon Martin not the criminal prosecution. And in regards to DeeDee, Crump’s actions were similar to police entrapment. Crump intentionally created the circumstances where DeeDee was compelled to tell the lies that she did. But for Crump I doubt DeeDee was going around town busting at the seams to tell what she knew. Nope, when Tracy Martin called her to pitch her “helping out Tracy and Sybrina to get justice” I bet she hung up the phone thinking “Oh f___, I don’t want to get involved in all this sh#*.” And then things blew up from there.

In contrast to DeeDee, Crump had the motive to lie. Crump knew that to pull off his con he had to memorize his false narrative, and have others stick to it too. The DeeDee letter was the outline to Crump’s case theme and by God he was sticking to it. He then went to work tampering with witnesses to get them to fit his false narrative and fictionalized DeeDee.

In my view, I believe that Michael has this correct because when I saw the contents of the letter I could clearly see that the language was not that of a young woman who struggles with the English language. In fact the language is even too good to be Crump doing the dictation.


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