North Korea – a mouse that roars

During my break I noted that North Korea had decided to declare war on the USA and on South Korea.

One thing to note is that they are showing footage of guns firing on their television station as if they are trying to convince the North Koreans that they are in a state of war. However, not a shot has been fired.

North Korea has a habit of pulling this form of stunt in the hope of getting aid from various nations intent upon stopping any warfare. It has worked in the past when the USA gave them aid to stop the sabre rattling.

Please drop a link in comments if you read anything that shows that this time North Korea is serious.

UPDATE: something to consider about what direction NoKo could take in any given war. This story comes from the Daily Caller. It would seem to me that the only way that such a backward country could gain new technological skills would be for the Chinese to be helping them. China is very good with this kind of cyber attacks and warfare and it is highly likely that China has been passing on those skills to the North Koreans.

This leads me to ask a more serious question: Could China decide to use North Korea as a proxy for starting war with the West? Is there any hope that China could be pressured to stop North Korea from conducting a war that nobody wants? Or is it a case of China working behind the scenes.

Always keep in mind that China was very pissed off when it lost the sphere of influence it had in Libya. Using North Korea as a proxy could be one way of retaliating against the USA and other nations who went to the assistance of the Libyan rebels. (Please note I am speculating with regard to possible motivations.)

2 responses to “North Korea – a mouse that roars

  1. Ho ho – you trying to bait me? You KNOW I could not just let this sit here without a comment. Of course The Un and his kin are insane – so who knows what they are up to. But here is something to stir your imagination:


    Is this a harbinger or just huff and puff? What are the chances that The Young Un has determined that The Obama is a paper tiger and would not lift a finger to enter into any new international disputes.

    Here is my analysis of a plan that would probably work: NorKo drops a midsize Nuke on a midsize SoKo city to prove the bite behind the bark (both technology and the will to use). Nobody in the international community (not even US, Russia, or China) would risk a large scale nuclear war to retaliate. NorKo then demands unconditional surrender of SoKo. Even economic sanctions would not work in that NorKo would now control the economic wealth and knowhow of SoKo. Western countries might boycott NorKo, but it would not matter because then China would willingly engage in economic ties with NorKo. Seems unstoppable and highly likely.

    Remember: I am a Really Lucky Guesser.


  2. He has moved a missile that could reach at least Guam or Hawaii and I think it is just manouvering at this point in time.

    Do I think he will drop a nuclear weapon on South Korea? I hope not!!

    China is the only country that can bring this character to heel. No one else has that ability. However, what I fear is that Iran has had too much influence in that country over several years and that behind this sabre rattling one might find Iran.

    China will not want to risk nuclear war, and I think that the diplomatic effort will turn to China in the near future.

    One more thing you might not have considered is: Ban Ki Moon. Yes the current head of the UN is Ban Ki Moon. What happened in the UN recently?