It sounds like the Chamberlain case

Amanda Knox – what can I say about the case? There is a lot of material and I do think that a lot of the accusations were bullshit. Is she innocent? Did she and her boyfriend have anything to do with the murder? Well according to the police in Perugia Amanda Knox was the brains behind the death of Meredith Kercher….. yet there is another explanation.

This story has a lot of parallel to the story of the murder trial of Lindy Chamberlain over the death of her daughter Azaria. I always believed that Lindy Chamberlain was innocent, and as I read the lurid details of the trial, I actually became convinced that the prosecution had nothing…. BUT…. the jury found her guilty of the murder of Azaria even though the baby was in fact taken and killed by a dingo.

Amanda Knox is now facing another trial over the death in Italy… it seems the Italians do not believe in the double jeopardy rule. In the meantime, a book detailing the case is about to be released. The DailyMail in the UK has probably one of the best summaries that I have ever seen on this perplexing case. It is well worth a read because for the first time I can see how a young woman who had only rudimentary Italian, no representation etc. was railroaded into making a confession. There are so many holes in the case, to the point that there are more holes than those available in Swiss cheese. The prosecutor was intent upon locking up Amanda Knox and he was successful the first time because he used perjured and tainted evidence.

One question remains: did the persecutors of Amanda Knox make a deal with the real murderer to implicate the couple in order for him to get a reduced sentence? The real murderer was at first given a 30 year sentence and then this was reduced to 16 years. He will be released from jail soon after only serving 8 years. Should he be released then there is no justice for the grieving relatives of Meredith Kercher. But what about Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend?


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  1. This is a tough case to figure out. We know only selected details. It is very hard to make a solid judgment without actually being on the jury and hearing all the evidence. And if the prosecution is corrupt (or the courts!) then even being on the jury would not be enough.

    I was somewhat stunned that Ann Coulter (whom, while not always agreeing with, I usually respect) has come down hard on Amanda’s guilt. She is just SURE that Amanda is a low life and guilty as sin.

    My own feeling is that Amanda is not guilty of much – a cover up maybe, but not murder. I had an occupation for 20 years that forced me to make quick judgments of other people based on looks and a few spoken sentences only. Important serious judgments. While you may argue that this is not enough, you would be surprised how good one can be at this sort of thing with a little training and experience. From that perspective Amanda just reeks innocence and naiveté.

    But who knows for sure. Without hard facts, in the end, it is just speculation. We can only hope that God allows her to receive what she deserves, one way or another.


  2. Carlyle, I am in agreement with you and yes I do think she reeks of innocence and naivety. I read all the lurid stories about Amanda but those stories were questionable plants. Yes Amanda had a boyfriend and she was on sexual terms with the boyfriend.

    The article that I read points up a lot of things about the case, especially the slack way in which evidence was gathered.

    The part that reminded me so much of the Lindy Chamberlain case happens to be the way that evidence was gathered to make an innocent person look guilty. In that case they had a lab assistant who claimed that sound deadener which was in the Chamberlain car was foetal blood. Of course there were blood stains on the blankets in the tent because the dingo grabbed the baby by the throat!! What the persecution in the Chamberlain case claimed is that she used a small pair of scissors to kill her baby, then she walked back to the campfire with all of the other witnesses as cool as a cucumber before she then sounded what they claimed to be a false alarm.

    The other similarities is all of the lurid stories that were told about the Chamberlains, including the name given to Azaria and that her mother had dressed her in black and the child was intended to be a sacrifice… yes people really believed that kind of shit about Lindy Chamberlain. I never believed that garbage at all.

    At the time of trial Lindy Chamberlain should have been found not guilty. The defense had expert witnesses proving that the batch of liquid used to prove that the sample was foetal blood was faulty. What is even worse is that the pathologist in the case Joyce Kuhl by name destroyed the slides so that no more testing could be done. Kuhl was rewarded with a new job in the Northern Territory. She did her job as requested by the persecution in that case. Even when it was proved that the stains were sound deadener the jury refused to believe other than Lindy was guilty of killing her own baby. It was not until the baby matinee jacket eventually turned up that Lindy was exonerated.

    After reading what is an investigative report (the book sounds interesting) about the way in which the police in Perugia went about collecting evidence I see the same kind of thing that happened to Lindy Chamberlain. The murderer of Meredith Kercher was not Amanda Knox. The knife that was confiscated was not the knife that was plunged into Meredith. On top of that the witness who claimed that Meredith and her boyfriend purchased bleach was lying and another witness from the same store was there at the alleged time and she knew Amanda and she stated that Amanda did not go near the store the next morning. So there you have it – tainted evidence, and a tainted witness.

    The other thing to note which is different is that Amanda had poor Italian language skills. The Perugia police did not use an interpreter and the officer who extracted a confession apparently slapped her around a bit before the confession took place. Apparently he had a reputation for that kind of thing.

    I could not care less what Anne Coulter thinks because she is wrong about a lot of things and she does not have the pride to admit when she is wrong. As far as I can see Amanda Knox and her boyfriend are innocent of any wrong doing in that case. The murder was committed by the other man who was found guilty. Amanda did not egg him on and Amanda was not in the house when Meredith was killed.