Terrorist Attack in Boston

Yes I am stating what seems to be the obvious about the two explosions. The question is: who will the MSM blame first?

I will take bets just leave your response in the comments. Please note that Wolf Blitzer has taken the prize for being a total idiot by blaming the TEA movement. In your dreams Wolf Blitzer. I have never known any TEA movement person, both Democrat and Republican to have planted bombs. This is the work of Jihad…

Update: there is a man who is under suspicion who is in hospital with wounds. He is a Saudi national – but is the Boston police guilty of profiling the wrong person. I would have thought a Pakistani the most likely….

Update: there has been a third explosion at the JFK library. I guess the bomber does not like the memory of JFK. Either way, it is a bad situation because the library is on fire.

Update: It did not take long for the tools of the left wing to try and place blame on “right wing”.  The problem that I have is that the so-called right wing have nothing at all to do with the conservative side of politics. The Left-Right construct is all about Marxism and Socialism. Conservatives belong to a different sub-set.  Really, what can one say about the sickening Matthews and his ilk. They are total tools… but I win my own bet. It took no time at all for these fools to continue to make fools of themselves.

Update: Information is now available regarding the type of bomb that was used. It was an IED, the kind used in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has probably been used elsewhere as well…. The bombs were crude, the kind that is made in a kitchen. The bomber used a pressure cooker with ingredients such as fertilizer, ball bearings and nails. Needless to say Jihadists are very good at making this kind of crude bomb. It should be noted here that some jihadis who were caught before they caused damage also used this same kind of device. They got their instructions from the late Samir Khan and the 2010 Inspire magazine where the instructions were given on how to make such a device. It should also be noted that the same group behind Inspire magazine pointed to sporting events as being ideal places to inflict this kind of carnage on the population.

Update: To date only the Pakistani Taliban have denied responsibility for these bombs. That leaves connections to those in Afghanistan and India, but I remain convinced that perhaps there is another player, the Somali Al-Shabab. My PetJawa has some interesting posts on the subject and it appears that at least on Twitter Al-Shabab have almost but not quite claimed responsibility. I continue to think that the bomber is a Somali turned American citizen. The Somali community in the USA seem to have a lot of young men who return to Somalia for the purpose of Jihad.  They have a tendency to be quite fanatical.

On the score of fanaticism, I should point out that during some of the controversies in the early Christian Church, the real fanatics came from Africa. I am not sure if the Circumcellions were from the region of Somalia, but having read about their fanaticism it would not surprise me. Even as long ago as 400 A.D. the Africans had the desire to create martyrs of themselves but not in the way that sees a Christian become a martyr. With such a background it is not hard to understand how such fanaticism has been allowed to take root in these Islamic countries, especially the fanaticism of Al-Shabab etc.

I will not be surprised if it turns out that the bombing has links to the Al Shabab in Somalia. To me, considering the last 4 or 5 years and the number of drone attacks that have taken out their top leaders, it is highly likely that Al Shabab is the sponsor of this particular terrorist event.  This means I believe the spokesperson from the Pakistani Taliban on this occasion.


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  1. This seems too modest for a Terrorist Attack. i.e. probably not AQ or Taliban, etc. Could be the act of a single rabid Islamist? But, even then, why not pick a larger explosion in a place even more populated?

    Let me skirt the edge of paranoia, here – – –

    1. We know that Holder and most likely Obama were deeply embedded in the Fast And Furious debacle. The only rational explanation so far put forward: F&F was a false flag operation to help make the case for more gun control.

    2. Certain people have jumped on the Sandy Hook incident with apparent delight as coming just at the right time to be a poster situation for gun control. There are even serious indications that Adam Lanza was not the only shooter. What does it all mean?

    3. The Boston Bombing has been widely reported to have used Gun Powder – i.e. the same stuff readily available for use in some types of recreational, and even certain self defense, firearms.

    Is it unreasonable to question whether this is yet another false flag operation to help bring the public around to enthusiasm for banning this powder?


  2. Carlyle yes I think you have one thing correct. It was not co-ordinated by Al Qaeda.

    It was not gunpowder that was in those bombs. The bombs gave off white smoke indicating that they used fertilizer which is a widely available ingredient. The use of ballbearings is a hallmark of Jihadi influence.

    I remain of the opinion that the person responsible is most likely a Somali.


  3. Carlyle you might want to check this link


    It sounds quite plausible that there is a connection between the two events.

    Almost all of the commentary that I have seen point to the fact that the type of bomb which is an IED, was not made with gunpowder but with fertilizer. Almost all of the commentary points out that it was a pressure cooker bomb and that the instructions to make such a device was available on the Al Qaeda site Inspire Magazine which had been the brain child of Samir Khan, the associate of Anwar al-Awlaki.

    If there is a “homegrown” component, then that is most likely due to the perpetrator taking out US citizenship.

    It is of interest that the failed bomb in New York Times Square was a similar device – a pressure cooker IED that was made according to the same instructions. Also, this was the device used in the plot to bomb the NY subway system. There seems to be a consistency in the type of bomb that has been used.

    There are two previous events that happened in April and the loony left have been trying to link those unrelated events because of the date of the Boston Marathon. Those events were the deaths at Waco Texas and the Oklahoma City bombing. In the case of Waco, it was the fire that was started by the FBI agents that caused the deaths of so many people. If the agents had used a different approach then the whole incident could have been avoided. HOWEVER, I add here that I do not consider those people at WACO to have been Right Wing Extremists because their modus operandi has been that of left-wingers. They were not just anti-government or even anti-tax (the current slur) but they were totally anti-authority. There is a strong connection between WACO and Oklahoma City bombing because TImothy McVeigh was a witness to what happened at either WACO or Ruby Ridge. It meant that McVeigh was ripe for the real perpetrators to use him as a stooge in that bombing. There are witnesses to the Oklahoma bombing who have stated that a third man was involved. That third man was an Iraqi….. The FBI did not bother to track him down… The way in which that bombing took place in Oklahoma had some of the hallmarks of an Islamist being involved especially in the way that there was total disregard for the children who were in the building.

    …. that Iraqi remains in the USA and is now a citizen. I am not saying that he is associated with what took place in Boston… but he might have had some contract with the perpetrator (this is speculation because I think he was more professional in his bomb making than the perpetrators of the Boston attack).

    One reason for knowing that this was a bomb made with fertiliser is the white smoke. If C4 had been used then it would have been black smoke. The bomb-makers used ball-bearings, nails and other sharp material in a fashion that was meant to inflict cruel damage to as many as possible. I cannot imagine an anti-tax person doing the same to fellow Americans at a sporting event. Actually I will change that statement to the TEA movement so that I exclude that other group who do have members who will do stupid things where authority is concerned.

    Nearly all of the incidents where these bombs have been set off have ended up with people being severely injured or in the case of the Bali bombing massive numbers being killed. I note that several people in Boston were so severely injured that they have lost their limbs. The sister of the boy who was killed was one of those who lost her leg, in another case it was two brothers who each lost a leg. It is a very sad business.

    Something else to consider – there is another way to make a very decent blast and that is with the use of propane gas. I have seen that devastation first hand since I was a witness to an event in Canberra many years ago where the perpetrator used propane gas to set off an explosion by firing a shot at the escaping gas. In that situation there were no ball bearings and no shards or nails to harm anyone who might have been in that building. In other words, motivation determines the type of bomb that is made…. and jihadis are motivated to inflict as much injury as possible.

    One more thing – this kind of bomb, packed with ball bearings and nails has also been effectively used in Israel, not just in Bali. I am not certain, but I think it was also the type used in the Madrid train bombing.


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