Persons of interest – identified by one of the victims

UPDATE2nd suspect is now in custody. He was discovered hiding in a boat. The bomb squad sent in a robot to check if he had a bomb attached to his body.  He is alive and he is in custody. At the same time 3 other individuals, including a woman have been taken into custody in Bedford.


The question that I have: who was the naked man who was placed in the police vehicle. There has been a picture of a male lying flat on the ground that looked like the man identified as suspect no 1. He had been shot apparently and was taken to a Medical Center where he was pronounced as dead.

Suspect no 2, Sunil Talipathi remains on the loose. This is the male who disappeared from Brown University. The police are now claiming that he came to the USA with the purpose of murder and that he is a terrorist.  (YES THERE ARE INDIAN MUSLIMS)

There is one picture of the victims that stands out more than any other one, because I can honestly say that I thought that the man photographed lying on the ground with his legs obviously not attached to his body was dead. However, this man is the one that was saved by another man, Carlos Arrendondo who put a tourniquet on his legs and thus saved his life. I add here that I saw the video of an interview with the man who acted so rapidly and he was literally shaking from the experience. I hope that he is ok and is also getting some much needed help. The victim’s name is Jeff Bauman. The bag was dropped at his feet just before it exploded. Jeff Bauman is lucky to be alive.

It seems that Jeff Bauman has survived for a very good reason, and I have discovered the following via Drudge. The first thing that Jeff Bauman did when he woke up was to ask for a piece of paper and his words were that he saw the bomber. Chris Bauman has been speaking with his brother and has discussed a lot of the detail with him. Jeff Bauman was at the finish line to see his girlfriend complete the marathon. Another female friend had moved away and she also has a wound but was not as seriously hurt as Jeff Bauman.

It is a miracle that Jeff Bauman is alive. It is also thanks to Carlos Arrendondo who acted quickly to do the tourniquet that Jeff’s life was saved. Thanks to this miracle perhaps the bombers will be found sooner rather than later.

On the same note, Conservative Treehouse has a post that is very much of interest regarding the possible identity of suspect no 2.


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