The Jihad connection – I told you so!!

Last night I went to bed thinking that the names of the perpetrators of the Boston marathon were a guy by the name of Mike and another by the name of Sunil. Both had foreign sounding names. Well, it seems everybody got those names wrong again. How embarrassing, especially when two other Moroccans who were in the crowd watching the race ended up having their images blasted all over the internet (they were innocent of any wrong doing). This morning I woke up to hear the real names of the perpetrators, and discovered that they were Chechens. Oh brother!!  Chechyna. Who would have thought it possible!! Of course Chechyna and Dagestan where they had lived before coming to the USA is a Muslim stronghold. Chechyns have been behind some of the worst carnage in Russia. Chechyn Muslims had no mercy for the children who were blown to bits in Beslan. The two perpetrators acted in the same merciless way, not caring that their actions killed an 8 year old boy and seriously maimed his 6 year old sister who has had her leg amputated, and whose mother has a serious brain injury. Then of course there is Jeff Bauman who lost both legs in the blast and who identified the suspects for the FBI.  The Chechyn mother and father and proclaimed their sons innocence, even though those two were discovered with their pressure cooker IEDs at the MIT. Yeah sure they were innocent!!  However, kudos to their uncle who has stated the obvious – the oldest of the two was a big loser. The uncle had quite a bit to say and was not impressed when he learned that the older of the two had “found Islam”.

There is an Australian-Lebanese connection. The radical who has taken over from Anwar al-Awlaki with his radical preaching is Sheik Feiz Mohammed. He was running a very radical “mosque” in Liverpool, a western suburb of Sydney. The bookroom attached had some interesting very radical literature.  My understanding is that this radical was the one who had inspired certain individuals to plot jihad here in Australia. The good news is that their plots were thwarted. Feiz Mohammed fled to Lebanon and has not returned to Australia (he was born here but his parents are from Lebanon). Instead he continues his radical preaching from abroad and is just as dangerous as the late Anwar al-Awlaki.

At the present time there are many reports to digest on the subject of the two suspects, especially information relating to the older brother. It seems that he paid a visit to his father who had returned to Dagestan and that he had spent 6 months in that location – long enough to have mixed with radical Chechyans and to learn about making an IED.

As soon as this bombing had taken place I had believed that it was a lone wolf jihad effort. It seems that technically I was correct… I TOLD YA SO!!


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