There is no conspiracy involved

The news services have done their best/worst with the interviews given by relatives of the Boston Marathon Bombers. They spoke to an uncle of the men, their father, their mother and an aunt, as well as one of the estranged sisters. I am not even goint to mention some of the nonsense reports and no doubt the disappointment of the left-wing media (Michael Moore in particular) when it was discovered that their desire that the violence was the work of “the right” turned out to be false.

For the moment I want to concentrate upon what the mother stated because she seemed to be the one who is heavy into conspiracy theory. She does not believe that Saudi Arabian jihadis working at the behest of Al Qaeda actually knocked out the World Trade Centre and therefore how she couched her words seems to me to be on the delusional side. The report indicated that the mother claimed that her son(s) was (were) counselled by the FBI. However, it seems her reality is more than a little bit confused.

The oldest brother Termalan (spelling) spent at least 6 months abroad in Chechnya. It appears that whilst he was there he became involved with the Chechyn terrorists who are linked with Al Qaeda. Upon his return to the USA, there was a request from a foreign government (assume Russia) for the FBI to check him out. In other words the FBI did a background check, spoke to him, but they cleared him of any involvement with the extremist Chechens. Whoever did the work in the FBI definitely did sloppy work.

The alleged counselling was in fact the interview with Termalan when he was being checked out. The mother seems to think that due to this contact that somehow her sons were set up.

Now let’s look at the reality of the situation. Termalan was involved in the making of the IEDs that were used for the bombing. When the pair were discovered near MIT there was a shootout and a police officer was killed. It seems there was more than one shoot out. The older brother also had an IED strapped to his body. The morgue photo showed a body that was ripped at the side… was that an injury from when the younger brother ran over him?  On top of that an IED was thrown at the police when they were chasing him.

The way in which the pair had dropped their bombs was quite cold, and it reminded me of the Beslan massacre where the Chechans had callously killed all of those children that they held captive in the school.

One other point that I want to raise regarding any feelings of sympathy for the family based upon their refugee status… forget it… We do not know if either brother ever saw anything that was devastating. We do not know why their father had been bashed by KGB agents, perhaps he had been involved in the Chechen movement to secede from Russia. There is simply nothing in their background that shows that they were in fear of their lives due to the conflicts. You only have to look at the fact that the father went back to Dagestan to understand that their story does not in fact hold up.


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