Home grown terrorist takes on a new meaning

IMPORTANT UPDATE Gateway Pundit has a story that is proof of what I have written in the post below. The mother of the Tsarnaev bombers has finally let it slip… that she is as radicalized as them. The clip was played on CNN !!!

I started concentrating on the mother as a possible source of radicalization after I saw some of the things that she had said about consulting the Koran when she was worried about her oldest son and his “friends”. Then another member of the family let slip information about a man who had been a regular visitor to the Tsarnaev household, and that when the father had expressed concern she had attempted to allay his fears about the intensity of what was going on.

I have other questions about the actions of both mother and father – why did he return to Russia, and why did she leave not so long ago to join her husband in Dagestan?  What links if any do they have to the Chechen Nationalist movement? Why was the father being hunted in Dagestan prior to him coming to the USA? Why was he bashed by the Russian secret service?


What could have changed a woman who was working as a beautician in a spa, and see her quit that job and have a business in her own home? One person, a young writer, has revealed that her family were customers of the mother of Tamerlan Tsarnavea.  They used to go to a spa where she gave them facials, and then they went to her home. The young writer has stated that she met both of the terrorists at this home. It now appears that this story has taken some legs and more is being revealed about the mother and her turning to a more “religious” Islam, including the wearing of the hijab. The British Telegraph has the story on what I think could be the beginnings of that radicalization. It was home grown radicalization.

According to this story, the mother was worried that Tamerlan was getting into drugs etc. and she began to study the Koran with her son. Gradually they both changed, and he was the one who demanded that she begin wearing the hijab. This ties in with comments made by the uncle about the change in Tamerlan and how he had “gotten religious” all of a sudden and demanded that his uncle begin praying 5 times a day.

Around this same time there was a very brutal murder of 3 men in Boston. One of the three murder victims had been a friend to Tamerlan. The murder itself bore the hallmarks of a slaying by someone involved with Islam (slitting of the throat) or involvement with Al Qaeda. I am not going to second guess if there is a definite link to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but it is highly likely. The murder victims were found with their throats slit and there was marijuhana (sp) sprinkled on their bodies. The authorities in charge of that investigation had revealed that it appeared that the killer was known to the murder victims. Tamerlan did not attend the funeral of the man who was supposed to have been his best friend.

However, back to the mother, because I think it is also becoming clear that she is lying about a number of things, especially the previous contact with the FBI. The latest lying story out of her mouth is that she claims Tamerlan before his death told her the FBI had been in contact with him and told him to come and see them. That conversation probably never happened. The mother also lied when she claimed that the FBI had “counselled” her son. The FBI had undertaken an investigation and had closed the file. The Russians have stated that the FBI were contacted again after another trip by Tamerlan Tsarnaev but the FBI did not respond to that contact.  If the FBI is telling the truth then that makes the mother a liar.

There probably needs to be more focus on the Tsarnaev family because it is highly likely that the reason the father left Dagestan in the first place was due to his involvement in the criminal activity of the Chechen movement.  According to reports that I have been reading the Chechen movement is split between the Nationalists and the Islamists. The Nationalists have a fight with the Russians. Despite the fact that I am concerned about the lack of human rights over the way in which the Russians have attempted to crush the Chechens and their rebellion, I am now at the crossroads of thinking that perhaps the brutal action of the Russians was somehow justified, especially when I consider what took place at Beslan.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev did make contact with an Islamist in Dagestan. He was observed by the Russians and the police of the region making that contact during that last 6 month stay. The aunt probably let out more than she intended about the sympathies of the family with regard to Chechen Nationalism…. this story is continuing to develop. There are new twists and turns, but it is the mother…. someone needs to take a closer look at the mother and her own radicalization.

UPDATE: The Jawa Report has an interesting post that discusses why the FBI failed to further investigate the activities of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. What really stood out to me in that report is the fact that the State Department had not designated the Chechen groups as terrorists, and it goes back to the Bush years.

The issues between Russia and Chechnya are rather complex. One could almost argue that it is about “oil” because Chechnya is oil rich and Russia needs that oil. However, that would be an oversimplification of the whole issue. During the 1990s the Russians committed atrocities in Chechnya. One could easily argue that the Russians were getting fed up with the thieves and rats that are the Chechens, but that does not excuse what the Russians did at the time.

  The Tsarnaev family fled Chechnya around that time and they ended up in the USA somewhere around 2001. The stories about how they arrived keep changing, and I find this inconsistency about their story is a red flag. The story is that the father requested refugee status after arriving on a tourist visa claiming that he was worried about being killed by the Russians. At some point he had been beaten by the Russian authorities. It seems that whoever handled his case was naive enough not to ask questions about the activities of this member of the Tsarnaev family. The aunt in Canada also has a colourful past that indicates that she was involved in the Chechen Nationalist movement. Something is not right about their story especially when this member of the family returned to Dagestan.

The Chechens have been responsible for a wide range of atrocities in the form of bombings, and the worst of their atrocities happened at the school in Beslan where children were murdered. The Chechen Nationalist did not give a rats about those children. It was a shocking crime.

The point being made by Rusty at MyPetJawa is that the FBI dropped the ball and they failed to do the further investigation, but they could be excused because the State Department had failed to designate these Chechens as a Terrorist organization. It allowed Tsarnaev to fly under the radar. The Russians had made the report on Tsarnaev’s activities when he was in Dagestan. He was observed making contact with an extreme Islamist whilst he was in Dagestan. Was that when he was shown how to make an IED?

Whilst it seems that this was a lone wolf effort, there is still reason to believe that there were others involved somewhere behind the scenes. Did they really get all the information off the internet?

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  1. Tsarnaev’s mother, who thinks her sons were set up , contends that the FBI was actually monitoring Tamerlan leading up to last week’s bombings.


    • However the mother has proved herself to be a liar. Almost everything that comes out of her mouth has been a lie. NO. The FBI were not monitoring Tamerlan. She is lying about that… she is a liar… and she is a jihadi.