Islamist terror on the rise – French Embassy in Tripoli

UPDATE: If you have not seen the connection of the Touareg to the bombing of the French Embassy in Tripoli then you should have a look at this report from Reuters.

During the Libyan civil war the Touareg remained loyal to Moammar Gadhafi. He had ensured that loyalty by giving them weapons as well as money to fund their fight against the government in Mali. I have no idea if Gadhafi money is still being used to fund the Touareg. What I can say is that the Touareg are Islamists and they are in Libya. I will also point out that prior to the actual war breaking out Gadhafi brought in people from Mali to be the sharpshooters. A lot of Libyans died as a result of indiscriminate shooting from the rooftops, and yes many children died at the hands of Gadhafi.

This particular car bombing has all of the hallmarks that points the finger at the Touareg rather than at the Islamists in Benghazi (a different group of Islamists). It must always be kept in mind that neither group is kosher.


UPDATE:  Here is a much better report on the bombing of the French Embassy in Tripoli.  I draw your attention to one very important point and that is Mohammed Aziz, the Libyan minister did not waste time dithering about whether or not this was a terrorist attack. This is a far cry from the wishy washy response that came from the White House after the Boston bombing…. where they continue to downplay that it was a terrorist attack.


Do keep in mind that this attack could have been perpetrated by people loyal to Gadhafi, but in Libya you just never know….. I have just seen a report that a car bomb went off outside of the French Embassy in Tripoli.

After just reading that it is now believed that the younger Tsarnaev blamed American presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan (an irrational belief in my view) for his radicalization, it is astounding to see, once again the rise of the Islamist violence. (tongue in cheek because it is not astounding at all).

At this stage I have some theories about motivations:

1. the pro-Gadhafi contingent in Libya are beginning to make their move. Possible, but unlikely at this point in time.

2. the specific attack on the French Embassy in Tripoli is related to the Mali situation. The French went into Mali to expel the Islamists who were making life hell for the people who live in that country.

The most likely reason is in fact a revenge attack over Mali, and this raises the question as to who might be responsible for the car bombing. I keep coming back to those who had been sponsored by Gadhafi – the Touareg. However, this might not be the case. It could have been inspired by those affiliated with Al Qaeda as well. The main group that had affiliation have been quiet and they had not been all that active in Tripoli since their base is in Benghazi.

The French took a leading role during the civil war in Libya such that the pro-Gadhafi contingent in the country would be both Anti-American and Anti-French, but that leaves out Canada…. except for one thing….

The two men who were busted in Canada for their plans to bomb a passenger train as it passed over the bridge that crosses the Niagara Falls were Tunisian nationals, and it is believed that they are linked to the Iranian branch of Al Qaeda.

Here is where it gets all fuzzy because Iran, Russia and China were assisting Gadhafi. Iran has been assisting Assad in Syria (a big sphere of influence for Iran). Iran has probably been sponsoring and helping the Chechen Islamists…. Why is it that Iran keeps popping up?

BTW one more thing to consider: Iran had been helping North Korea in building their nuclear weapons….is it all coincidence?

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