I hoped that I would be ending these posts but….

I just saw a piece of information on an Australian news site that indicates something very interesting about the mother of the terrorist Tsarnaev brothers.

According to this news source, the mother, Zuibedat Tsarnaeva was placed on the terrorist list back in 2011.

Russia raised concerns to US authorities about the mother in 2011 – at the  same time they asked the US about Tamerlan, several sources told CNN.

FBI agents interviewed the mother as part of the investigation into Tamerlan,  whose case was closed after several months.

Read more:  http://www.news.com.au/world-news/father-of-boston-bombing-suspects-tamerlan-and-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-returning-to-us/story-fndir2ev-1226629648716#ixzz2RYEXQW88

I started having doubts and my own theories about the mother as soon as I read some of the things that she was saying about the FBI. None of it was ringing true to me (even though I am a foreign national) but what really clinched it in my mind was her claims that there was no blood and that what we saw was red paint… and it kept on getting worse…..

Needless to say I am personally not surprised about this particular development because I had a hunch that she was moving in that direction.

Once again the clues were:

1. the mother seemed to be the one who initiated interest in reading the Koran and taking instruction from the Koran… as well as taking the Koran literally.

2. the mother came out and stated she did not care if her sons were killed, and if she was killed. (As a mother of three sons, I find this kind of statement incomprehensible)

3. the mother seemed to be the one who either introduced the man named Missa to the household, or she at least encouraged him to give instruction to her oldest son.

4. another sign of her radicalization was the sudden wearing of the hijab as well as some other things that are “Islamic” in nature, as related by a young woman who had been her customer.

UPDATE: why am I not surprised about this latest news report in Australia regarding the mother of the Tsarnaev bombers? The comments regarding the subject of the mother’s radicalisation of her son/s has come from both Republican and Democrat sources in the Congress. She is now a person of interest, especially after her outbursts in interviews.

This is the woman who has the hide to say that she thought that America would be safe for her sons, BUT it is the other way around, America was not safe because of her and her sons.

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