Putin regrets

CNN reports that Vlad Putin regrets that Russia could not provide more information at the time that the Tsarnaevs were being investigated that would have somehow prevented the Boston massacre. At the same time he hits out at Western nations that have criticized him for the crackdown on the Chechens.

First of all, I find it amazing that this former head of the KGB keeps coming off as being more human than the POTUS. This is not good!!  I do not like Vlad Putin and yes I do think that he is evil, yet my heart tells me that I have to agree with his statements and comments on this matter. Russia warned the USA but for some inexplicable reason the Tsarnaev family were not considered a threat even though both mother and son had become radicalized.

Why was the case file closed? Why did the FBI and Homeland Security fail to keep this family under surveillance? To me it is just like the attitudes that were adopted in regard towards Nidal Hasan who had been in touch with Anwar al-Awlaki. The warning signs which were written very large in RED LETTERS or a RED FLAG if you prefer, were totally ignored in the case of Nidal Hasan. In that case he should have been thoroughly investigated months prior to his attack at Fort Hood. The warning signs were present. Yet those who were doing the surveillance failed to understand the significance of him seeking out Anwar al-Awlaki, the imam who was the go to man for those responsible for bringing down the World Trade Centre and killing 2996 people.

Homeland Security should have had the Tsarnaev family under surveillance but they believed that the Chechens were not going to unleash their anti-Russia stance in the USA. The Homeland Security failed to understand the meaning of Ummah.

I sympathize with Vlad Putin in this matter. For years Russia has been subjected to bombings in railway stations and theatres. Large numbers of Russians have been killed by the Chechen rebels. I agree with Vlad Putin that these are not Freedom Fighters.

Our views are often formed as a result of the news sites that we read. I see this as a genuine problems these days. When I was growing up that was not the case because journalists, other than the Pilgers of this world actually reported the news without colouring the details. Today there are more in the mold of Pilger and his ilk who present the news as opinion rather than facts. By doing this they are managing to hide the real facts. I think that a good case can be mounted against those who scream human rights abuses at the Russians. Like most other people I had swallowed the line that somehow or other the Russians were at fault when they moved to crush the Chechen rebellion. Even though my views are changing, I do think that there are human rights issues that must be addressed by Vladmir Putin. There is fault on both sides… but the Chechens are truly nothing more than common criminals.

In some respects this is why I find that what has been spoken by Putin about the Boston massacre resonates with me, but when the POTUS speaks, all I want to do is close my ears and not bother with anything he has to say because there is no emotion, it is just hype where he is concerned.  It is a very strange world when I agree with a Communist leader… but then again Fidel Castro told that North Korean nut case to cool it!!

2 responses to “Putin regrets

  1. It is easy for the FSB to arrange for opponents to be jailed on trumped-up charges (as they used to say in the KGB, ‘Show me the man and we’ll find you the crime’.) In some cases this is because they pose a political threat to the regime, in other cases simply because the men who run today’s Russia want a slice of the companies they work for.


  2. Looking at putin from the outside. Although he is ex-kgb,he does appear to be more of a white-hat then a black-hat.at least he is well aware of all the dirty tricks the intelligence agencies play,i doubt very much that some heads of state are truly aware of what goes on.