Syria – the fighting continues

I do not wish to delve into the Syrian conflict and I have no desire to take sides. The reason for my attitude is based upon the fact that the Syrian rebels are now backed by Al Qaeda elements. In the early days of the conflict this was not very clear, but the reality is, that over the past 12 months or more, the Al Qaeda jihadist element has poured into Syria. I see this as a very big problem for those of us who are totally opposed to jihad.

There are other issues that I want to raise and I will raise them here but I will continue to use another alternative blog if I want to write about the actual conflict. Here are my issues:

1. The use of chemical weapons. There is now accumulating evidence that one side has used chemical weapons against the ordinary people. The chemical appears to be Sarin and that is the same chemical that was used by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds. Connect the dots and please do not tell me that Iraq did not have chemical weapons, or that those chemical weapons were destroyed.

2. Russia and Iran – the spheres of influence. It must be pointed out that for a very long time Syria has been the satellite of Iran, and through Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon was getting its funding. Iran has been active in Syria, and Iranian forces have been known to have killed hundreds of Syrians.  That leaves Russia who also sees Syria as a sphere of influence.

3. The Chechen connection – the two Chechens who threw the curve ball at the Boston marathon have given Putin the means by which he can once again attempt to oppress the region occupied by the Chechens in the former Soviet Union. Russia wants the oil that is in the lands occupied by the Chechens. Putin must be thanking his lucky stars that Tamerlan Tsarnaev played right into the hands of radical Islamists and did the unthinkable – he took the Chechen/Russian conflict to the USA.  It seems that Putin has been making noises about the ruthless Chechens crossing the border into Syria and fighting with the Jihadis who are present in that country.

I will add here that Vladmir Putin is not a very likeable character, and in fact he is quite abhorrent. He is ruthless and he will crush those who oppose him in a most bloody and ruthless fashion. Yet, Vladmir Putin is also a man who is unafraid to come out and say the obvious when it comes to jihad. This is an impossible situation because it means being on the side of a ruthless dictator because he has more common sense than the POTUS!!

4. The red line has been crossed but once again there is inaction from the White House. Someone does not want to make a decision about the use of chemical weapons during this civil conflict. Why not?

5. The Tsarnaev connection to the Ummah – one of the most difficult concepts to understand is the Ummah. There are many who simply do not get it where the Ummah is concerned. It is the concept of the Ummah that ultimately led at least one Tsarnaev brother to commit a criminal act. Muslims who ultimately believe in the Ummah are on a certain path – they are continuing the path of Mohammed. To them it is either surrender or death. The younger of the Tsarnaev brothers stated that he was upset because Americans were killing Muslims but of course that is bullshit. Muslims are killing Muslims. The Americans were not killing Muslims in Iraq, but Sunni and Shia have been bombing each other. The same is true in Afghanistan. It has been the Taliban killing Americans, British and Australians, and on the other side a few Afghanis have died because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There has not been wholesale massive killing, but if you listen to the advocates of the Ummah, then you are more likely to think that those bombs that constantly kill people in Iraq had been placed there by Americans.  The belief in the Ummah, and even the belief in the Mahdi is the one thing that left-wing Americans and Australians simply do not understand.  It is time that these people pulled their heads out of the sand and had a look at history.

Any further comments that I might want to make on this subject will be written on an alternative blog.


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