Who is Troy Crossley? Should the FBI tail him?

I am not going to comment. Please read the link.

The CourtJester has a theory and it is an interesting theory about the people who want to free the Joker aka the younger Tsarnaev brother.

If these tweets are correct then the 19 year old Joker lied to the FBI about when he was recruited. It also means that the FBI and the CIA need to fully investigate Troy Crossley. It also means that KGB might be very interested in such developments.

Perhaps the Robot might like to pull his head out of the sand at the same time.

2 responses to “Who is Troy Crossley? Should the FBI tail him?

  1. Troy Crossley sounds like a real kook. Not sure he is worth the money to investigate .


    • Not so sure about that!!

      If you read what Jester has discovered, I think that there might be a good reason to investigate Troy Crossley. He is not just a kook even though I would have dismissed him that way when I first heard about his protests and wanting to free the Joker Tsarnaev.

      From the exchange of tweets it seems that Crossley knew what was being planned. There is another name involved in those tweets, and that person needs to be investigated as well.

      The two guys from Khakastan do not seem to be involved, plus they are being very helpful.

      Crossley is simply a very different kettle of fish and it might help to know more about his allegiances….