In case you have not seen this interview

I am wondering if this is a scoop for my American friends. This is an interview with the girlfriend who called the police on Tamerlan Tsarnaev. It is worth reading.

Now I can see a few things that remain unanswered. If this girl knew that Tamerlan was being radicalized, why did she not inform the FBI about what she saw or experienced?

UPDATE:  Here is some more speculation about who might have radicalized Tsarnaev. Keep in mind that the person mentioned is allegedly Canadian until you read the fine print and discover that he was another Chechen. It is possible that he had an influence on Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The report also mentions the name of a person who was a recruiter of jihadis in Dagestan, and Russia seems to have released information about Tsarnaev’s contact with this man.  It is all fitting together, and yes in my mind I come back to mama Tsarnaev as the major force behind the radicalization. Considering the comments made by the other girl who had featured in the life of Tsarnaev, it looks like he was radicalized prior to his trips to Dagestan.

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  1. Not sure who radicalized Speed Bump (Tamerlan) or where however, the news here today (Boston) focused on the fact that Speed Bump called his wife after the bombings; what was said in the conversation is unknown.

    Also, the Borat brothers were planning to blow up the 4th of July celebration (a huge event) in Boston this year. They won’t be doing that.

    Here’s a link from WCVB in Boston:


    • Sue, that is very big news!! This puts a lot of focus on Katherine Russell. I am still certain that she knew something before the bombings took place. I mean she radicalized for that clown Speed Bump


  2. Breaking (from the field): Katherine Russell’s DNA does NOT match the ‘female’ DNA found on one of the devices. That said, Russell knows more than she’s saying; we may never know the truth since she has maintained a ‘legal mouthpiece’ to speak for her.

    Trying to get in touch with a former colleague at the MA Medical Examiner’s office; so far, Speed Bump’s cause of death has not been released, even though the family has claimed the body. Once the body is claimed, the death certificate may be released, but nothing yet.

    Hoping my pal is around and can give me the inside scoop!


    • SueK that is simply very cool.

      I agree Katherine Russell knows a lot more than she is saying. I think she knew before the fact that the pair were going to bomb the event.

      If it was not for the fact that mommy dearest is in Dagestan, I would go so far as to bet that the female DNA belongs to her!! But that might just be going too far.


  3. Breaking; just in from the Medical Examiner’s office:

    “The cause of death of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev has been determined to be gunshot wounds to (his) torso and extreme blunt trauma to (his) head and torso. He had been shot by police and run over by a motor vehicle.”

    Baby brother, Flashbang pancaked big brother, Speed Bump.

    I love irony! 🙂


  4. Funny, but when Flashbang was on the run that Friday morning, he found some way (from wherever he was) to send a Tweet stating that he would kill all the police because they killed his brother.

    Would you like to rethink that, Flashbang??? Exactly who killed Speed Bump?


  5. Speed Bump’s uncle has arrived from Maryland to ‘perform the burial rites,’ whatever that means. He and his ilk will be washing what’s left of the body in preparation for burial; a burial that no cemetery thus far will do. They will try the People’s Republic of Cambridge to see if a plot can be arranged; if not, they will seek help from the state. If our moonbat ‘Governor’ directs that a plot be found, he’ll be run out of this state on a rail.

    All I can say is that he needs to be turned to ashes and shipped back to Kleptostan at his *family’s* expense. If by some chance he’s buried in the Boston area, it had better be in an unmarked grave. That’s all I’ll say about that…


    • agreed. There is a real need for righteous anger and indignation. The more I learn about the plans of the Tsarnaev brothers the worse it becomes.

      I am also talking about the fact that the FBI did not follow Tsarnaev when they were given such a strong tip off. The true scandal is that they did nothing, just like it happened with Nidal Hasan.


  6. Just in; Aussie, you may not believe this but the ‘sanctuary city’ of Cambridge, MA said they have had no petition to request burial of Speed Bump in their city. City officials are saying that it would be a waste of time to petition the city; it will be denied.

    Cambridge is one of the most liberal cities in liberal Massachusetts and I’m stunned to learn that they won’t bury this terrorist within city limits! Maybe all the moonbats are finally starting to get it?

    It looks as if the funeral director and/or the family will have to petition the state to find a spot to plant Speed Bump. I will tell you that no matter where he ends up there will be protests galore in fact, they’re already starting and his corpse is still at the funeral home.


    • Maybe they learned a lesson when so many of their own were injured in the bombing.

      For the first time they have to face the reality of jihad.


  7. Continuing on the burial (or lack thereof) theme: Colorado has said no; several people have come forward to offer a burial plot however, the towns/cities in which they reside have also said no.

    I understand that cremation is a no-no for Muslims, as is burying the corpse in a non-Muslim cemetery. I did a search and can’t seem to find a ‘Muslim cemetery.’ Russia is refusing the remains, so not even Speed Bump’s home country wants him.

    He remains at the funeral parlor in Worcester. Perhaps if they just leave him there to decompose the matter will be settled? Then, what’s left of him could be thrown out with the trash which, in my opinion, would be fine…


    • the local garbage dump sounds like a good place.

      I find it interesting that Russia does not want to accept him. What about Dagestan or Chechnya?


  8. Unfortunately, Aussie, if he’s buried in a local garbage dump or landfill, some whacko group will treat it as sacred ground and make some sort of a shrine there…

    The body is *not* to be flown into any part of the former Soviet Union. Period. If it were to be accepted, there are no funds to transport it as the cost would range between $3,000 and $5,000. There is a ‘fund’ being set up to fly him over however, the organizer isn’t doing it out of the goodness of his heart; he merely wants the terrorist’s remains out of the United States. I don’t think he’s gotten too many contributions yet and even if he did, there would be no acceptance of the corpse when the plane lands.

    Speed Bump is truly a man without a country. As it should be.


  9. Pigskin, yes, and throw a few pork chops inside the wrapper, just for good measure….


  10. Speed Bump has been planted in an unmarked grave, location unknown, perhaps in the cemetary housing a Connecticut resident’s mother. He said Speed Bump could be buried in the plot beside *his mother!*

    Knowing that several states and all cities and towns have refused his remains, I’m doubting that he’s in Connecticut.

    IMO, someone will let the cat out of the bag. When that happens, I say we all go there and have a nice pork party: Bacon, pork chops, sausage, ham, etc. I’ll kick in for an entire pork roast. Let’s shoot the porcine works ‘in honor of’ good old speed Bump; it’s what he deserves, after all…


  11. Aussie, Speed Bump has been planted in a Muslim cemetery in the Richmond, VA area. Officials in VA are now saying that they were not consulted regarding this issue and are exploring the laws that govern this type of thing.

    Apparently, they have no say as long as this maneuver was done *legally.* That said, the people in the area are terribly upset that this terrorist is buried in their own backyard.

    Stand by…


    • will they disinter him? There are some extremely stupid people out there who continue to defend the creep.

      Also, have you seen the latest on that triple murder? From what I read, DNA from both Tsarnaev brothers was found at the scene.

      I knew about the link to Speed Bump but not from the Jail Bird.


  12. Not sure what they’ll do with him, but officials are checking *every* law to determine if he can be there. The residents of the small town are furious that they were not informed that he was being buried there.

    I’m thinking that his gravesite will become the most popular urinal on the planet…

    The ‘do gooder’ who arranged this is a ‘good Christian’ who said she was doing the right thing. That’s right, lady, let’s keep turning the other cheek so that we can be smashed again and again by these subhuman murderers.

    I sent you an e-mail regarding the 9/11/2011 triple murder in Waltham, MA. The DNA at the grisly crime scene does indeed match Speed Bump and Flashbang’s DNA. Add three to the list of those who are dead at the hands of these two stellar human beings.


  13. Aussie, as the title of your blog says: ‘There are wars on many levels.’

    There are also lies on many levels.

    I do hope Flashbang is enjoying ‘solitary’ in a small cell with a steel door and only a slot to deliver food. He is guarded 24/7.

    BTW, Katherine Russell has hired a *criminal* attorney recently. Interesting…


  14. Yes, the criminal attorney is a new twist; previously, the ‘family attorney’ was doing all the talking. It’s on another level, now.

    Why hire a criminal attorney if she’s pure as the driven snow? What’s she hiding? The info on her computer spoke volumes and I believe that there may be indictments handed down for Mrs. Speed Bump.

    So far, nothing from the new attorney.



    • Definitely developing.

      And I wonder what the FBI have found out about some of the close associates, such as Troy Crossley.

      I am waiting, waiting, waiting…. and I note that Crossley has gone quiet.


  15. I’ve heard nothing on Crossley; he seems to be off the radar right now, at least as far as the media is concerned.

    Russell’s criminal attorney said today that ‘she continues to cooperate with authorities.’ Really? I wonder if they’re talking to her about what they found on her computer….


    • I will believe that she is cooperating with the authorities only after she is charged with a variety of criminal offenses, including being charged with assistance after the fact.