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The Question Is Answered: Mirandize

There is no need for me to add anything here. Holder is too much of a dumbass in my view… but then again so is his boss.

Stately McDaniel Manor

If you, gentle readers, ever had any doubt that Democrats cannot be trusted with the safety of the American people and the national security of America, lay that doubt aside.  There can no longer be the slightest question.  But before I provide the latest outrage, a brief side trip into the Twilight Zone that is the brain of our Secretary of State–America’s top diplomat–John Kerry.  Via Fox’s Greta Van Susteren:  

We just had a young person [Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarvaev] who went to Russia, Chechnya, who blew people up in Boston. So he didn’t stay where he went, but he learned something where he went and he came back with a willingness to kill people. I think the world has had enough of people who have no belief system, no policy for jobs, no policy for education, no policy for rule of law, but who just want to…

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About Sunil Tripathi – RIP

It is with sadness that I read that the body of Sunil Tripathi, the person originally named as suspect 2 has been found in a river.

My sympathy is extended to his family upon the loss of their son. May he rest in peace.

At least the mystery of his disappearance has been cleared up.

Islamist terror on the rise – French Embassy in Tripoli

UPDATE: If you have not seen the connection of the Touareg to the bombing of the French Embassy in Tripoli then you should have a look at this report from Reuters.

During the Libyan civil war the Touareg remained loyal to Moammar Gadhafi. He had ensured that loyalty by giving them weapons as well as money to fund their fight against the government in Mali. I have no idea if Gadhafi money is still being used to fund the Touareg. What I can say is that the Touareg are Islamists and they are in Libya. I will also point out that prior to the actual war breaking out Gadhafi brought in people from Mali to be the sharpshooters. A lot of Libyans died as a result of indiscriminate shooting from the rooftops, and yes many children died at the hands of Gadhafi.

This particular car bombing has all of the hallmarks that points the finger at the Touareg rather than at the Islamists in Benghazi (a different group of Islamists). It must always be kept in mind that neither group is kosher.


UPDATE:  Here is a much better report on the bombing of the French Embassy in Tripoli.  I draw your attention to one very important point and that is Mohammed Aziz, the Libyan minister did not waste time dithering about whether or not this was a terrorist attack. This is a far cry from the wishy washy response that came from the White House after the Boston bombing…. where they continue to downplay that it was a terrorist attack.


Do keep in mind that this attack could have been perpetrated by people loyal to Gadhafi, but in Libya you just never know….. I have just seen a report that a car bomb went off outside of the French Embassy in Tripoli.

After just reading that it is now believed that the younger Tsarnaev blamed American presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan (an irrational belief in my view) for his radicalization, it is astounding to see, once again the rise of the Islamist violence. (tongue in cheek because it is not astounding at all).

At this stage I have some theories about motivations:

1. the pro-Gadhafi contingent in Libya are beginning to make their move. Possible, but unlikely at this point in time.

2. the specific attack on the French Embassy in Tripoli is related to the Mali situation. The French went into Mali to expel the Islamists who were making life hell for the people who live in that country.

The most likely reason is in fact a revenge attack over Mali, and this raises the question as to who might be responsible for the car bombing. I keep coming back to those who had been sponsored by Gadhafi – the Touareg. However, this might not be the case. It could have been inspired by those affiliated with Al Qaeda as well. The main group that had affiliation have been quiet and they had not been all that active in Tripoli since their base is in Benghazi.

The French took a leading role during the civil war in Libya such that the pro-Gadhafi contingent in the country would be both Anti-American and Anti-French, but that leaves out Canada…. except for one thing….

The two men who were busted in Canada for their plans to bomb a passenger train as it passed over the bridge that crosses the Niagara Falls were Tunisian nationals, and it is believed that they are linked to the Iranian branch of Al Qaeda.

Here is where it gets all fuzzy because Iran, Russia and China were assisting Gadhafi. Iran has been assisting Assad in Syria (a big sphere of influence for Iran). Iran has probably been sponsoring and helping the Chechen Islamists…. Why is it that Iran keeps popping up?

BTW one more thing to consider: Iran had been helping North Korea in building their nuclear weapons….is it all coincidence?

Home grown terrorist takes on a new meaning

IMPORTANT UPDATE Gateway Pundit has a story that is proof of what I have written in the post below. The mother of the Tsarnaev bombers has finally let it slip… that she is as radicalized as them. The clip was played on CNN !!!

I started concentrating on the mother as a possible source of radicalization after I saw some of the things that she had said about consulting the Koran when she was worried about her oldest son and his “friends”. Then another member of the family let slip information about a man who had been a regular visitor to the Tsarnaev household, and that when the father had expressed concern she had attempted to allay his fears about the intensity of what was going on.

I have other questions about the actions of both mother and father – why did he return to Russia, and why did she leave not so long ago to join her husband in Dagestan?  What links if any do they have to the Chechen Nationalist movement? Why was the father being hunted in Dagestan prior to him coming to the USA? Why was he bashed by the Russian secret service?


What could have changed a woman who was working as a beautician in a spa, and see her quit that job and have a business in her own home? One person, a young writer, has revealed that her family were customers of the mother of Tamerlan Tsarnavea.  They used to go to a spa where she gave them facials, and then they went to her home. The young writer has stated that she met both of the terrorists at this home. It now appears that this story has taken some legs and more is being revealed about the mother and her turning to a more “religious” Islam, including the wearing of the hijab. The British Telegraph has the story on what I think could be the beginnings of that radicalization. It was home grown radicalization.

According to this story, the mother was worried that Tamerlan was getting into drugs etc. and she began to study the Koran with her son. Gradually they both changed, and he was the one who demanded that she begin wearing the hijab. This ties in with comments made by the uncle about the change in Tamerlan and how he had “gotten religious” all of a sudden and demanded that his uncle begin praying 5 times a day.

Around this same time there was a very brutal murder of 3 men in Boston. One of the three murder victims had been a friend to Tamerlan. The murder itself bore the hallmarks of a slaying by someone involved with Islam (slitting of the throat) or involvement with Al Qaeda. I am not going to second guess if there is a definite link to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but it is highly likely. The murder victims were found with their throats slit and there was marijuhana (sp) sprinkled on their bodies. The authorities in charge of that investigation had revealed that it appeared that the killer was known to the murder victims. Tamerlan did not attend the funeral of the man who was supposed to have been his best friend.

However, back to the mother, because I think it is also becoming clear that she is lying about a number of things, especially the previous contact with the FBI. The latest lying story out of her mouth is that she claims Tamerlan before his death told her the FBI had been in contact with him and told him to come and see them. That conversation probably never happened. The mother also lied when she claimed that the FBI had “counselled” her son. The FBI had undertaken an investigation and had closed the file. The Russians have stated that the FBI were contacted again after another trip by Tamerlan Tsarnaev but the FBI did not respond to that contact.  If the FBI is telling the truth then that makes the mother a liar.

There probably needs to be more focus on the Tsarnaev family because it is highly likely that the reason the father left Dagestan in the first place was due to his involvement in the criminal activity of the Chechen movement.  According to reports that I have been reading the Chechen movement is split between the Nationalists and the Islamists. The Nationalists have a fight with the Russians. Despite the fact that I am concerned about the lack of human rights over the way in which the Russians have attempted to crush the Chechens and their rebellion, I am now at the crossroads of thinking that perhaps the brutal action of the Russians was somehow justified, especially when I consider what took place at Beslan.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev did make contact with an Islamist in Dagestan. He was observed by the Russians and the police of the region making that contact during that last 6 month stay. The aunt probably let out more than she intended about the sympathies of the family with regard to Chechen Nationalism…. this story is continuing to develop. There are new twists and turns, but it is the mother…. someone needs to take a closer look at the mother and her own radicalization.

UPDATE: The Jawa Report has an interesting post that discusses why the FBI failed to further investigate the activities of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. What really stood out to me in that report is the fact that the State Department had not designated the Chechen groups as terrorists, and it goes back to the Bush years.

The issues between Russia and Chechnya are rather complex. One could almost argue that it is about “oil” because Chechnya is oil rich and Russia needs that oil. However, that would be an oversimplification of the whole issue. During the 1990s the Russians committed atrocities in Chechnya. One could easily argue that the Russians were getting fed up with the thieves and rats that are the Chechens, but that does not excuse what the Russians did at the time.

  The Tsarnaev family fled Chechnya around that time and they ended up in the USA somewhere around 2001. The stories about how they arrived keep changing, and I find this inconsistency about their story is a red flag. The story is that the father requested refugee status after arriving on a tourist visa claiming that he was worried about being killed by the Russians. At some point he had been beaten by the Russian authorities. It seems that whoever handled his case was naive enough not to ask questions about the activities of this member of the Tsarnaev family. The aunt in Canada also has a colourful past that indicates that she was involved in the Chechen Nationalist movement. Something is not right about their story especially when this member of the family returned to Dagestan.

The Chechens have been responsible for a wide range of atrocities in the form of bombings, and the worst of their atrocities happened at the school in Beslan where children were murdered. The Chechen Nationalist did not give a rats about those children. It was a shocking crime.

The point being made by Rusty at MyPetJawa is that the FBI dropped the ball and they failed to do the further investigation, but they could be excused because the State Department had failed to designate these Chechens as a Terrorist organization. It allowed Tsarnaev to fly under the radar. The Russians had made the report on Tsarnaev’s activities when he was in Dagestan. He was observed making contact with an extreme Islamist whilst he was in Dagestan. Was that when he was shown how to make an IED?

Whilst it seems that this was a lone wolf effort, there is still reason to believe that there were others involved somewhere behind the scenes. Did they really get all the information off the internet?

Gun laws would not have stopped the bombers

As an Australian it is not my business to enter into the gun debate in the USA but that does not mean that I cannot take an active interest :). For reference here, during the 1960s my first cousin Dorn was kidnapped raped and murdered by someone who owned a shotgun. She was shot in the head so it would not have been a pretty sight. Yet, that incident has not in any way shaped my own thoughts on the subject of gun control.

Australians do not have something like the Second Amendment. We have not felt the need to possess guns to protect ourselves. Most of the gun violence comes from people who hold illegal firearms and a lot of the murders are by means other than with guns. It seems that knives are very popular as a murder weapon, and fists are probably the next most popular murder weapon, followed by an assortment of other unlikely objects, including a kettle.

Since the Sandy Hook shootings the Australian media have done their best to give what I consider to be an inaccurate picture of violence in the USA. Even when they babbled on about the death of that girl in Chicago they forgot to add that Chicago has very strict gun laws that prevents citizens from protecting themselves from the hoods and that the girl was in fact shot by someone who had a gun illegally.

So, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Tsarnaev brothers, who were in possession of some guns and ammunition – used to kill Officer Collier and wound the other officer – did not have a permit to own any guns or ammunition.

It seems to me that the laws the push to limit second amendemnt rights is a waste of time and yet again I see proof to support my own understanding – that licensed gun owners are far more responsible than those who do not have a license and hold their weapons illegally.

By all means there should be a crackdown on the illegal gun owners but there is absolutely no need to draft useless draconian laws that infringe the US Second Amendment.

It was Jihad but what about the Chechyna angle?

The information is still coming in regarding the Boston bombers. This is something that is simply too hard to understand in simple terms. There are lots of unanswered questions regarding motivation. I remain wary of any conspiracy theory regarding possible Saudi influence (at least the influence of the Saudi clan in charge!!), yet there is one little piece of information that needs further exploration. This relates to the family’s reason for leaving Chechyna or Dagestan or Krygztan or wherever they were living prior to coming to the USA as “refugees”.

It has taken me a long time to realize that the Chechens are a criminal class. That realization has come at the expense of a lot of lives lost as well as many who have been maimed for life in a series of bombings and acts of terror in Russia and in Chechnya. One could say that the attack on the school children in Beslan sealed it for me with regard to Chechnans. I think that the issue of Chechyna is very relevant as to why these brothers involved themselves in a jihad plot. What I am getting at is that I think that there was a two-fold reason for what they have done.

The Chechen issue is not about Islam but it is about Nationalism and it is about the establishment of their own State. At least that is what some would like us to believe. Chechens have committed horrendous crimes, not in the name of Islam, but in the name of “freedom”. It sounds a lot like the fight by the original IRA when ordinary people took on the British military in order to gain their freedom from being ruled in Ireland. That effort, known as the Easter Uprising, led to the partition of Ireland and to the formation of Eire and Northern Ireland. The push for freedom in that situation is something that I understand. However, I do not believe that the Chechen situation is the same. The goals are simply not the same thing.

In the past I have seen articles on the leaders of the Chechens who are the “freedom fighters” and they are hard line Muslims. Anyone who does not toe the line for the leader is killed. Torture is something that is known rather than unknown. It seems that the older of the brothers spent time with these criminals, and very likely learned how to make bombs whilst he was staying with them.

I have serious questions about most of the relatives of this family. Even the uncle, who seems ok and who is happy to live in America is somewhat suspect to a degree. The important question that I have relates to the father, who is now living in Dagestan. Why was he beaten up by the KGB? I do not believe it was due to him being a Muslim but what if it was due to the father being involved with the Chechyn Nationalist movement? If this was the case, is is possible that he influenced his own son in some way? His threats were rather ugly and I simply have doubts about him. At the same time I have some concerns regarding the mother because she has a bit of a criminal history too, because she was arrested for stealing clothing.

From what I was reading this morning the radicalization of the oldest began in 2008. At that time he became a “devout Muslim”. People do need to understand what it means to be a “devout Muslim” because there is an important link. That radicalization that began in a Boston mosque continued when he also returned to Russia for a period of time.

The Chechen angle is important for another reason and I think that it is where the FBI made an error of judgement regarding Tsarnaev. We can assume that it was Russia that made the request and it was Russia that passed on information regarding Tsarnaev’s activities when he was in Chechyna. The question becomes: why did the FBI close the file? Why is it that the FBI did not monitor Tsarnaev? One possible answer is that the FBI failed to realise that the Chechen issue was not simply a Russian situation, and that it was bound to spill over because of the link between Chechens and Islam. This is precisely what has happened. Chechen Nationalism linked with radical Islam within Tsarnaev and that made him more likely to become a jihadist.

There is a home grown element that cannot be ignored. One of the Tsarnaev brothers had become a US citizen. In this respect he has the same status as Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood murderer. The home grown element that I am referring to is not so much the US influences but the fact that the FBI and other agencies turned a blind eye with regard to possible, or should that be probable Islamic influences. The home grown element that I am referring to is that the FBI had become too PC. My reference to Nidal Hasan is not what you think either. It is a reference to the fact that the authorities failed to monitor Nidal Hasan when he was seen to be communicating with Anwar al-Awlaki, and in this case the FBI failed to monitor the older Tsarnaev brother, thus they missed a golden opportunity to ensure that the brothers could not carry out their bombing.

I would have thought that the spy agencies would have been monitoring anyone who visited the web sites of any of the most radical of the imams around the world. In the past that would have included Anwar al-Awlaki but now it also includes the Lebanese-Australian Feiz Mohammed. On top of that they should have been monitoring anyone who had been reading the Inspire magazine.

In this particular case I think the bigger failure was the held belief that the Chechen issue was confined to Russia. The remainder follows on from this faulty belief.

There is no conspiracy involved

The news services have done their best/worst with the interviews given by relatives of the Boston Marathon Bombers. They spoke to an uncle of the men, their father, their mother and an aunt, as well as one of the estranged sisters. I am not even goint to mention some of the nonsense reports and no doubt the disappointment of the left-wing media (Michael Moore in particular) when it was discovered that their desire that the violence was the work of “the right” turned out to be false.

For the moment I want to concentrate upon what the mother stated because she seemed to be the one who is heavy into conspiracy theory. She does not believe that Saudi Arabian jihadis working at the behest of Al Qaeda actually knocked out the World Trade Centre and therefore how she couched her words seems to me to be on the delusional side. The report indicated that the mother claimed that her son(s) was (were) counselled by the FBI. However, it seems her reality is more than a little bit confused.

The oldest brother Termalan (spelling) spent at least 6 months abroad in Chechnya. It appears that whilst he was there he became involved with the Chechyn terrorists who are linked with Al Qaeda. Upon his return to the USA, there was a request from a foreign government (assume Russia) for the FBI to check him out. In other words the FBI did a background check, spoke to him, but they cleared him of any involvement with the extremist Chechens. Whoever did the work in the FBI definitely did sloppy work.

The alleged counselling was in fact the interview with Termalan when he was being checked out. The mother seems to think that due to this contact that somehow her sons were set up.

Now let’s look at the reality of the situation. Termalan was involved in the making of the IEDs that were used for the bombing. When the pair were discovered near MIT there was a shootout and a police officer was killed. It seems there was more than one shoot out. The older brother also had an IED strapped to his body. The morgue photo showed a body that was ripped at the side… was that an injury from when the younger brother ran over him?  On top of that an IED was thrown at the police when they were chasing him.

The way in which the pair had dropped their bombs was quite cold, and it reminded me of the Beslan massacre where the Chechans had callously killed all of those children that they held captive in the school.

One other point that I want to raise regarding any feelings of sympathy for the family based upon their refugee status… forget it… We do not know if either brother ever saw anything that was devastating. We do not know why their father had been bashed by KGB agents, perhaps he had been involved in the Chechen movement to secede from Russia. There is simply nothing in their background that shows that they were in fear of their lives due to the conflicts. You only have to look at the fact that the father went back to Dagestan to understand that their story does not in fact hold up.