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The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29.3: Morality and Inaction

Mike has answered a major question about the morality of the actions of George Zimmerman on the night that Trayvon bashed his head in.

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This article is devoted to one issue: the fact the George Zimmerman stepped out of his truck on the night of February 26, 2012.  I thought this issue had been long laid to rest–at least for those willing to be persuaded by law, reason and fact–but it appears that’s not the case.  Comments to recent articles (update 29.2 particularly), and elsewhere make definitively addressing this issue timely.  Consider this comment by ackbarsays at Talk Left, which is representative of what I’ve been seeing of late:

Jeralyn, last night I was discussing this case on Nettles’ blog with another blogger who was wavering back and forth over whether he should contribute.  He apparently has the financial resources that he could easily contribute $25,000 to the cause, and he appeared to be considering it, but he kept going back to a question of whether Zimmerman was morally responsible…

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The State vs Zimmerman

I have posted Mike Daniels commentary because he is so clear and succinct in the way that he has analysed the case. Another site that I have read is left wing Jeralyn Merrit. She has good lawyerly analysis of the case. This is an issue that I believe infringes the civil rights of one person only, and it is not the rights of the person who died that night. I believe that there is ample evidence to show that charges should never have been laid in the first place and this case is all about self-defense.

I am going to divert for a moment and mention again what happened to my sister in March this year, because in some ways it is relevant. My sister was attacked by a man over an issue relating to a dog that had strayed onto a property that is used for accommodation of travelers. The property is in St. Kilda in Melbourne, Victoria. The attacker punched my sister in the face. The bruising on her face was very extensive. Now that is most likely because of her age, and that at 62 people tend to bruise a lot easier than at the age of 28. What is more relevant is the actual location where it all happened. I have seen a video of the assault and it was featured on the news!!  My sister was lucky because he head did not hit the brick fence that was directly behind her.  She was one of the lucky ones who did not die after being king hit. Here in Australia there have been several deaths that are of this nature. Some of those cases happened in Sydney and others happened in Melbourne. One of the more high profile incidents was the death in Melbourne of former cricketer David Hookes, who was king hit and he died when his head hit the ground.

The outcry after Trayvon Martin died was always over the top in regard to the actual circumstances of the case. However, that outcry was manufactured due to the manipulation of the Black Grievance Industry. It was manipulated because of the lies that have been told by the mother Sybrina Fulton and the father Tracy Martin. Those lies have been perpetuated by the likes of Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks, Natalie Jackson and others. Those lies led to the railroading of SA Wolfinger, who was about to take the case to the Grand Jury, and the introduction of a Special Prosecutor.

What happened that night?  George Zimmerman, a resident of the Twin Lakes complex was heading out to get some groceries on a wet and chilly night in Sandford Florida. George noticed someone doing something that appeared to be suspicious according to his training as a Neighbourhood Watch person. He pulled over and called the police on the line that he had been told to use. He was asked some questions about the person and in his responses that he gave were the words “black” and “hoodie”. (when the tape was first played on TV the questions of the dispatcher were edited out of the tape leaving the impression that George had a thing against blacks wearing a hoodie). The person saw George and circled his car, when George did not react, the person ran. George got out of the car, but George Zimmerman could not see where the person had gone. The dispatcher then asked the following question:  “are you following him” and George said “yes” and only then did the dispatcher state “we do not need you to do that” to which George replied “ok”. Then George proceeded to the end of the lane to get an address before turning and heading back to his car. On the way back to the car, at the T-intersection, George was accosted by Trayvon Martin. He was directly challenged with “do you have a problem” to which George had replied “no” and Trayvon Martin said “You do now” and then he decked George. There was some pushing and shoving and George fell to the ground. Trayvon Martin mounted George Zimmerman and began raining down blows, hitting is head into the concrete. George tried to wriggle away from the concrete path. At some point his shirt lifted up, and the gun that was in its holster was exposed. Whilst this was happening, George Zimmerman was screaming for help. The phone calls to the  000 began, but no one actually came out to help George. This was at the point where Trayvon Martin placed his hand against George’s mouth and after seeing the gun he made one further threat “you are going to die”. When the hand was removed George let out one more blood curdling scream for help. At the same time he thought he felt Trayvon Martin’s arm moving across his body towards the gun, so he used one hand to try and push him away and with the other hand he pulled the gun from the holster and fired the fatal shot.

Due to the circumtances SYG cannot be argued because George was pinned to the ground and could not escape. This is a case based upon self-defense. George’s life was being threatened by Trayvon Martin in two ways (1) the thrashing of his head against the concrete and (2) the actual physical attempt to get hold of the gun that George had concealed on his person.

With this case, timing and location is everything. Trayvon Martin had plenty of time to reach the property being rented by Brandi Green and to enter that property where he would have been safe. Yet it seems he decided to lay in wait for George Zimmerman and that he decided to attack this person. It was a fatal error.

The BGI have been telling a lot of lies about the case, as they have attempted to ramp the case up as one that involves racial profiling except of course, that was never the case. The lawyers for the family produced an ear-witness, but it seems that her “testimony” is a series of lies. (I always felt that she was lying). The parents and their lawyers have worked hard to cover up the truth about Trayvon Martin and now the truth is starting to filter out. Trayvon Martin had a history as a thug, and a history of cannabis abuse. His Facebook account had references to the use of Purple Dank or Lean. He even had a picture that indicated he had used Lean. Then there is the picture of him holding a gun. Another picture is of his teeth with the gold grilles. It also contained the admission that he was a gangsta.

There is one question that needs to be asked where this case is concerned: Why was a special prosecutor appointed to such a run of the mill case?

A waste of a salami sandwich

Goodness gracious me, the offender was from Lyneham High School in the ACT!!!!!!

This is the second time that a student has seen fit to waste his sandwich by throwing it at the Crime Minister. The first time, the student wasted a good Vegemite sandwich, and that offence occurred in Queensland.

Considering that Canberra is very pro-ALP and pro-Green (I have lived there), I am shocked I tell you, that on the north side of the ACT a student saw fit to throw the sandwich.

Prior to my move to Sydney, we used to live in Kaleen, ACT which is not very far from Lyneham or from Lyneham High School for that matter. When we returned there, we were a little bit further away but within the same region as Lyneham, which is in the Belconnen area or on the north side.

I can only assume that the student who wasted the salami sandwich was either not happy with the contents of his/her lunch, or his/her parents are disgusted with the Crime Minister.


Is Soetoro Ghey?

MyPetJawa has an interesting montage of photographs. Personally, I think he should have included the bowling photo in the mix, and then there are the photos with Kal Penn which were exposed by Hillbuzz.

The Trayvon Martin Case; Update 29.2: Tragedy and Farce.

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By now, most following the Trayvon Martin case know that Judge Debra Nelson denied the defense motion to take the jury to the scene of the shooting.  This is a significant decision, but one that the defense can largely overcome through clever graphics and analogies.  Why would the defense want to take the jury there?  People are poor judges of distance and velocity.

For instance, if I suggested a distance of 440 yards, at least some people would know that’s a quarter mile, but few apart from active runners would know that a reasonably fit adult could run that distance at a moderate pace in about 100 seconds.  A fit teenager in a sprint could easily cover that distance in 20 seconds or so less, and most people know that a standard circular track like those at a high school football stadium is about 440 yards, but few understand that…

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Why did Shulman visit the White House 157 times?

This is a question that needs to be honest, because it seems that the number of visits is totally questionable.

I have updated the number of visits from 118 to 157 times and that means Shulman has visited the White House more than any of the other Secretaries.

It is impossible to believe that Soetoro knew nothing about the targeting after this has been revealed.

Briebart News has a post on this question of the visits made by Shulman to the White House. If anything that article tends to support my theory that Obama knew about and was directing the harassment against conservative groups.

I am making this my sticky post and I will update information as I find stuff on the Internet. For example, did you know that the IRS has been put in “lockdown”?


The National Review is reporting that the IRS is locking down all data across the agency. This means that no computer drives are to be trashed. The IRS is not to discard any computer or laptop.

Does that mean that any upcoming investigation is going to be very sweeping or broadbased? We shall see.

UPDATE 2  – More on Lois Lerner at the FEC

Gateway Pundit has an interesting revelation about Lois Lerner. If you believe that she did not have input with regard to those questions that were asked of a variety of conservative groups, including at least one Right to Life type group, then this is a MUST READ.

The line that interested me the most is the one where Lerner stated to Al Salvi “Tell me you will not run again and we (FEC) will drop the case”.

Salvi refused and eventually the courts threw the case out. My mind tells me that Lois Lerner indulged in political blackmail. My understanding of such a statement is that this is a criminal offence. She has gotten away with that type of thing since 1996. Karma is a bitch… and Karma is coming to get Lois Lerner.


Hot Air has up an article that has a better indication of the depth of the IRS scandal and targeting of specific conservative groups. NOTE: THERE WERE NO PROGRESSIVE GROUPS THAT WERE TARGETED.

To be more specific this is more than just Lois Lerner. It goes higher than Lois Lerner. Shulman and Miller must have known about what was happening, and there is little doubt that they agreed to this taking place. The next question therefore, is whether or not they informed the White House, or their superiors as to what is happening.

So far there are 15 groups intending to sue the IRS and it looks like that number is going to increase, thus becoming a class action against the IRS.

This is not going away and it is getting deeper and deeper. Unlike some bloggers, I do in fact believe that Soetoro knew about the targeting and that he approved of it. There is sufficient anecdotal evidence that indicates that Soetoro was likely informed via Kathryn Ruemmler prior to the election. The IG was sitting on his report prior to the election, and from my pov that indicates a level of malfeasance by the IG himself.


Shulman’s wife is involved with the progressive lobbying group “Public Campaign”.  Public Campaign is funded by

The chain keeps coming back to Soetoro because he is associated with each of the groups that have been mentioned as having a link to “Public Campaign”.

This has a lot to do with the Citizen’s United case because of the decisions that were made that allow corporations to make campaign donations.

However, the real lie continues because the small conservative groups do not have the links claimed by these progressives.

On top of that, the IRS did not target any of the Progressive groups seeking the same status, yet if one looked into their links all of them seem to head in one direction and that is George Soros.

The good news and the bad news – Tunisia style

The BBC is reporting that Tunisia has convicted 20 people over riots outside the U.S. embassy in September 2012. That sounds like good news… but….

They were given a suspended sentence.

According to the report, the Tunisian government is cracking down on the extremists. On the surface it looks like a crackdown until you get to the bit that the sentences were suspended.

So what is else is happening for the BBC reporter to be making that claim of a crackdown? Well it seems that Ansar al-Sharia have been active in Tunisia. No one should be surprised with that news because Tunisians were involved in the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. One man was arrested, but the Tunisian authorities quietly set him free.

Now what I really see as bad news is the fact that Mohammed Magarief has stepped down as President in Libya. This was due to the fact that the militants had demanded legislation that does not permit people associated with Gadhafi to be in power. In Magarief’s defense, he was involved with Gadhafi prior to 1980. He fled to the U.K. and had been in opposition since that time. I see no evidence that he was ever involved in any form of violence… but we shall see.


Green Helmet strikes again.

Der Spiegel is one leftist “magazine” that I enjoy reading because of the interesting perspective that it often provides (I do not read every article, just some), and this article is no exception because I got the distinct impression that GREEN HELMET is back, alive and kicking ROFL.

The key part of the article happens to be the claim and the counter-claim regarding an old Israeli army jeep. The Assad regime and Hezbollah are using the jeep as proof and evidence that Israel, Turkey and Qatar (they are Sunni Muslims) are involved in Syria. However, as you will see, when you read the article, the jeep had been in a museum in Lebanon, and to top it off, the jeep only got to Syria becasuse it was towed there.

For those who do not know, Green Helmet gained fame because of the outrageous suggestion that the Israelis had been responsible for the death of a baby that had been held aloft and used as a propaganda piece back in 2006. It turned out that the rocket that exploded had come from Hezbollah, not the Israelis. Green Helmet is therefore synonymous with the propaganda that is used so readily in the Middle East. Here you can think Mohammed Al-Dura who is most likely still alive today, as well as Rachel Corrie (who refused Israeli help after she was injured when she fell off a bulldozer).


I think you should read this report on what is happening in Burma, because it seems that the religious-ethnic tensions are escalating.

Everywhere it seems that there is a rising and I am not talking about Christians. Whilst there are Christians (Catholics) in Burma, the country is a majority Budhist, with a minority being Muslim. Needless to say the Muslims scream victims but then again they never accept responsibility for their own actions.

It is interesting to note here that the Budhists have decided to strike back against the troublemakers. This might explain why they are no longer prepared to tolerate what the Muslim minority has been dishing out to them.

From the Australian perspective, I note here that these same Burmese Muslims have been getting on boats and attempt to enter into Australia illegally.

For the record, I have also known some Burmese who are Catholic. The first was a girl by the name of Christine and I went to school with her. The other one is a man with the most remarkable deep voice that I have ever heard and I knew him at one of my ex-parishes.

Keep those subpoenas coming Congress

A new phase is starting this week and that new phase is going to create a headache for the Soetoro Administration, especially Eric Holder and John Kerry.

First Congress has requested that Kerry cough up more correspondence via subpoena relating to the Benghazi matter. They lying SOBs are not off the hook just yet. Congress wants those emails relating to the talking points and have provided a list for that purpose. Will there be more stonewalling?

On the issue of stonewalling Issa and Congress need to take action over Holder stonewalling over Fast and Furious. They also need to go the next step and demand that Soetoro hands over the documents that he claims are under executive privilege in regard to the Fast and Furious matter. This is one more matter that should be added to the drawing up of impeachment documents when the time comes.

Second, Congress is investigating whether Eric Holder lied under oath. From what I have seen I think that is a given.