The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 27: “I forgot about it.”

Once again Mike has written a very thoughtful piece about the latest developments in the Zimmerman case.
This is a case that should never have gotten this far in the first place. Zimmerman was attacked by the thug Trayvon Martin and it is is a miracle that he survived the beating. Having seen what happened to my sister when she was hit in the face by an intruder and came very close to smashing her head on a brick fence, I more than sympathize with George Zimmerman. (the incident involving my sister is very recent, and she had substantial bruising to her face. She was lucky not to have been killed by the thug who attacked her… and it was caught on CCTV)

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On April 30, 2013, a hearing running just over three hours was held before Judge Nelson. A video of the hearing can be found here.  Accounts of the hearing by local news sources, which have covered the case in greater detail than national news sources, were surprisingly incomplete.  A report by ABC News’ Matt Gutman was equally sparing with the facts.  But before delving into the most recent developments, a brief timeline will help to explain how the case has arrived at this point.

March 25 and March 26, 2013: Mark O’Mara filed a motion for sanctions against Bernard de la Rionda (herineafter BDLR) of the special prosecutor’s office, for multiple discovery violations, and also filed a motion for attorney’s fees resulting from those violations.  Scheme Team attorney Benjamin Crump is inextricably intertwined with all of this.  I covered these issues in Update 24, which explains in detail the…

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