Benghazi – liar, liar, pants on fire

First up, I do need to report that the current situation in Libya is heading back to being very dangerous. I am keeping an eye on reports about what is taking place and I have to say that I am not pleased about these developments. These developments do in fact involve a minority of Libyans attempting to impose their will. It also has to do with legislation that the Assembly was forced to pass at the weekend. The net affect is the possibility that the new government that had been formed legitimately could be brought down. If I am going to report on these matters I will be doing it on a different blog.

Second, I hope my heading was attention grabbing because I think that it reflects the nub of the issues that are currently being raised. The White House Administration, and that includes Hilary Clinton, lied about what took place when the US consulate came under seige by Al Qaeda operatives on September 11 2012. They lied and people died.

I have read a number of the stories regarding what the whistleblowers will be sayin during the new Congressional hearings. The most serious of the allegations is that the claim that there was no request for help is nothing more than the biggest lie of all. The forces that were prepared and ready to go to Benghazi were told to stand down, but it is not clear who gave that order at the African Command control centre. I doubt it was General Ham who gave that order.

On top of that the whole affair has increased pressure on the current Libyan government to the point that it is now crippled. As a result of what Susan Rice did, the investigation went cold, and the person/s responsible continue to be free within Libya or elsewhere. Those responsible have been active in a number of countries, not just in Libya.

BTW the latest information indicates that Al Qaeda is starting to increase in Libya, but rather than in Benghazi there is mention of the southern part of the country (and that makes sense). The border at the southern end of the country is porous. It is where Gadhafi and his family were hiding out prior to their capture, and it is where Saif Gadhafi attempted to head towards the border prior to his capture. This southern region is also the means by which arms were being smuggled out of the country and given to a variety of Islamists, not just Al Qaeda by the Gadhafi family and their followers.  My reading here is that the situation is beginning to be very dangerous with Al Qaeda attempting to maintain a larger presence as it attempts to destabilize the new government that was elected by the people of Libya. Of course those affiliated with Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni and Shia are minority in Libya), want to increase their influence over the country. This is why I forsee that there is likely to be a second and more bloody civil war in Libya some time in the future.

If the White House Administration did anything to assist the attack on the consulate then there is blood on their hands, and it will not be just the blood of Americans in the long term. What I do know is that the White House, and specifically Obama lied about the circumstances, including lies about the lack of assistance as those people were fighting for their lives.


2 responses to “Benghazi – liar, liar, pants on fire

  1. Lynn Atkinson

    Might be interested to know about this young REPUBLICAN aide to the judiciary who was fired for unethical behavior and leaking information to advance her political career during the watergate affair. She was on the do not hire for federal government pisition again. Her name was Hillary Rodham-as in Hillary Rodham Clinton. New last name, new party. And by the way, the reason the FBI was not allowed to go in for 2 months was because of the lies told about the reason for the benghazi attack. the president of Libya announced it as a terrorist attack when it happened. As Susan Rice, the president, and Hillary blamed it on the video, they caused problems for the fragile new libya government and that has led to the problems niw-so the fbi was not allowed in. I wonder if Hillary has any dejavu from her days as a republican aide during watergate?


    • I was not aware that Hillary Rodham had been a Republican aide at that time but I had recently heard about her leaking information or something like that concerning the Nixon affair.

      The woman is not to be trusted at all.

      I did pick up the fact that Susan Rice making that statement had a lot to do with the delays. What she did was also unforgiveable.