Found alive!!

This is a miracle story brought to you by the British Press. It is the second time that I have heard something like it, the last being about a young girl who had disappeared in California and was feared dead, and suddenly she turned up alive. This time the three females who had been kidnapped were from Ohio. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and the oldest female of the three, Michelle Knight have been rescued from their living hell.

It is a miracle story because Amanda managed to attract the attention of a neighbour as she begged to be released from the house. She then called 911 and told them she was Amanda Berry. All three young women have been rescued and their kidnapper has been arrested.

BTW I hope that the police will now apologise to those they suspected of doing harm to the three young women. Gina was kidnapped at the age of 14, Amanda was 16 amd Michelle was 20.


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