Do you prefer a pencil machine gun or a bic automatic?

The most ridiculous news story that I have seen has got to be the suspension of a child because he used his pencil as though it was a machine gun. Those responsible for disciplining this child over role play need to be removed from the school system… immediately.

According to the report at Hot Air the child’s father had been a Marine. This child was playing at being a Marine and the other child was the baddie.

It used to be that when playing such games “the baddie” would go “you got me” and then play dead. It is really all about child’s play. There is nothing sinister in such play. It is natural and it is normal. I say that as a mother who brought up three sons. BTW they had a wooden toy gun that was fashioned out of a block of wood.

The reason for my question is simply that the author of the Hot Air article said that he preferred the Bic semi-automatic over the pencil machine gun. So…. in the true spirit of the absurdity in the whole story… what do you prefer?

1. the finger pistol?

2. the crochet hook glock?

3. the bic semi-automatic?

4. the pencil machine gun (weapon of choice for a budding Marine)?

5. the knitting needle rifle?

6. the golden pen with gun hidden inside? (per James Bond movie)?


2 responses to “Do you prefer a pencil machine gun or a bic automatic?

  1. jordan2222

    More insanity.


    • You are not wrong. It is absurd that they have disciplined this child. They are totally stupid people and not fit to be involved in education.