He had prepared a suicide note

By now you are aware that only one of the brothers has been charged with abduction, rape and other crimes. The other two have been charged with minor offenses that are unrelated to the house of horrors. For the moment I want to focus on something that was written in what is a prepared suicide note from the perpetrator of this horrendous crime.

After claiming he was addicted to sex, this man had the hide to blame his victims for what he had done to them because they got into his car.

Believe it or not, there are lots of young women who do something that is completely foolish when they accept a lift with someone that might or might not be known to them. Most of the time they are safe, but there are other times when those people become victims.ย  A lot of these females are either naive or they are not able to sense the dangerof the moment. This is a world wide problem, and I do know that there have been notable cases in the UK where the victim actually knew the person who had attacked her, to the point of trusting that person when he gave her a lift.

The story I want to tell happened a very long time ago, and at the time I would have been around 13 years old. You see, I was approached by a stranger when I was walking around the neighbourhood doing a pamphlet drop for my father’s business. It started with a request for directions. I answered the person and told him how to get to the other street. He then wanted me to get into his car, and I said “NO”. Instead of him moving on, he began to follow me. I used the flight or fight principle and as it happened I was close to the house belonging to the family of a very good school friend. They were people that I trusted implicitly and I fled to that house.

However, it was not the only incident that took place in my life, and the second time it was a married man who was the person who had begun to follow me as I was walking home from where I had been working (his wife worked in the same factory).ย  I knew he was following me, and I was nervous, and by chance there was a woman working in her garden, so I stopped to talk with her. That strategy also worked and he drove away. It was very scarey.

The point about the first incident is the way in which it took place, because the question itself was quite innocent, and one which anyone would answer and then move on. The invitation to get into the car was the red flag.

Until we hear from the female victims about how they ended up in the house of horrors, we cannot speculate about how he managed to lure them into his care. What we can ask however, is whether or not any were so familiar with him, that their radar did not go up and they felt safe getting in the car. One good example here is the fact that the youngest girl was a friend of his daughter. Did she know him?ย  I could ask the question about whether or not Amanda Berry was offered a lift home by this person, and that perhaps she thought that she knew him well enough to accept the offer. Until the girls tell their story, such queries are just speculation.

My real point is that the victims of the crime that took place were not to blame for their own kidnapping.


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  1. jordan2222

    Anyone who would say this just plain nuts:

    My real point is that the victims of the crime that took place were not to blame for their own kidnapping.