What a waste of a vegemite sandwich

I am sure you already know my opinion about the Crime Minister of Australia. The woman should be in jail…..

The other day, the Crime Minister went to a high school in Queensland, and some enterprising student wasted a good vegemite sandwich by using it for some target practice.

I will let you in on a secret, I actually laughed because it happened, but I was laughing at the response of the student that got suspended which had gone along the lines of “everyone hates her”.   Now that is a statement that has come out of the mouths of babes (actually, he was one of the 16 year olds that she is contemplating allowing to vote – but she cannot do that without a referendum or at least something passing in the Parliament – and I do not consider 16 year olds mature enough to vote!!)


2 responses to “What a waste of a vegemite sandwich

  1. But if you’re going to throw anything at her, a vegemite sandwich is a good thing to throw. Probably not going to get you in jail for too long, and the black, gooey stuff would look good in her red hair. Red and black are the Communist colors, after all.