The wheels of the bus – Benghazi misadventures

So, Hillary is all mum about whether she will attempt to apply for the position of POTUS in 2016. Quite frankly, as an outsider, I am convinced that Hillary Clinton should never be allowed to take up that role. I am basing that assessment upon more than just the stuff up regarding Benghazi. Hillary Clinton is very untrustworthy and yet that is not the main issue in regard to why I believe that Hillary Clinton should never become POTUS. My rhetorical question remains: Who Killed Vince Foster? The current answer is: Whitewater scandal.

The Department of State is rightfully taking heat over a series of events regarding what has taken place in Libya. (As an aside, there is a warning at present that Americans should not travel to Libya and there will be a partial withdrawal from Tripoli. This is due to the current dangerous climate over there – I think you can expect a civil war to erupt very soon). Someone in the Department of State refused the request for the embassy at Tripoli and the consulate in Benghazi to maintain an adequate security level. One finger is pointing at Patrick Kennedy. The other finger points directly at Hillary Clinton.

Now, a new question to be asked: Who is the boss of the Secretary of State? The answer to that question is the person who resides in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton was directly answerable to none other than Barack Obama. I believe that a third finger should be directly pointed in that direction.

Hillary Clinton ordered a review and to be honest, what a joke. It was an exercise in whitewashing and it determined to lay blame at lower levels. There are some assistant secretaries that are about to lose their jobs because of a report that is entirely flawed. The reason for the flaw should be obvious: former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, known for his sucking up to Barack Obama and all things Democrat. There were people who were never called to be witnesses before that review panel. One of those not called was Gregor Hicks.

One very big issue has been erupting and it is the talking points given to Susan Rice who then went on television where she contradicted the President of Libya with her lies about what had taken place. One finger is pointing at Victoria Nuland (whose politics are not all that clear, but I doubt she was ever a registered Republican even if she worked with Dick Cheney). Victorian Nuland’s boss is Cheryl Mills, and who is the boss of Cheryl Mills? Why it is Hillary Clinton.

I am going to pose another question here because I think that there is another level of politics in play and I think that this is something that needs to be nipped in the bud because if it ever happened then the USA would end up being totally screwed. A name is being bandied about as a possible candidate in 2016 and the name is Michelle Obama. Good old Mooch who has no political history and who hates America…. Could it that there is a concerted campaign to ensure that Hillary is finally placed out of the way for 2016? I mean there are people who persist with this nonsense that Hillary will be a 2016 candidate.

If I am going down the right path, then I have no doubt that the incumbent in the Oval Office is attempting to ensure that Hillary is ruined for good…. but mud has a habit of sticking Barack!!


2 responses to “The wheels of the bus – Benghazi misadventures

  1. Lynn Atkinson

    As I have stated before, Hillary was involved in another scandal. Watergate. Then she was republican, then she was Hillary Rodham. Fired and placed on the do not hire list for unethical behavior and leaking information. Just check it out. Further, if we are going to talk scandal connected to the Clinton name, shall we mention the massacre in Rwanda? How about the set up at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the very interesting occurrences at the OKC bombing (and I was there). Further, how about the pre-911 bombing for the world trade center and Clinton offered Bin Ladin’s head on a platter-but refused! 911 happened 8 months into Bush’s watch. And what about the death report in December 2001 of Osama Bin Ladin-with no pictures shown for a long time and then the who id shorter, heavier, wearing expensive hol resurgence if Bin Ladin


    • Lyn, now you are talking… can you see where I am leading?

      You are hitting a very important nail on the head in regard to Hillary Rodham Clinton… the Clintons in general etc.