West Texas Explosion

I have not said anything about this explosion. I have read about the disaster but until now I thought that the explosion was caused by water being sprayed on the fertilizer. However, I could be wrong.

The Greenroom from Hot Air has a story that is a must read. I think it sounds like something is afoot and we have not heard all of the details.

It is very common for someone who is responsible for a fire to be on the scene. This happens a lot here in Australia, especially in bushfire situations. Another situation not known to you was a nursing home fire in Quaker’s Hill, where a number of elderly patients lost their lives (that nursing home is not very far away from where one of my sons lives). The person responsible for the fire was on the scene and even interviewed on TV. It did not take long though, before this man, a male nurse, was arrested over the fire.

You should note that the perpetrator of the Cleveland kidnappings was also on the scene, especially at the vigils, where he was playing his sick games with the victims and their families.

Keep an eye out for any further information on this new development. It could be that there has been yet another cover-up of something that is sounding like a terrorist attack.

Let’s see who is the first to identify the political allegiance of the man who has been arrested.


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