Claim/counterclaim – Turkey vs Syria

Last week there was a bombing in Turkey. The Assad administration claim that they are not responsible, but Turkey claims otherwise.

There are some issues that need to be discussed in regard to this development:

1. The bombing could be the beginning of a major offensive in the region. If it is proved that the Assad regime was involved, then this could mean that Turkey has good reason to call in NATO forces. Stand by – let’s see what develops.

2. If it was proved that the rebels were behind the attack, then this could have the impact of shifting sympathy away from them…. it would also open up questions about motivation with regard to the bombing. (my initial reaction was along the lines of perhaps this was done to get international attention and focus).

The link that I have provided indicates that a third source, with links to Assad was responsible for the bombing. According to the Turks, this group is Marxist with links to Assad.

The stand out was the use of the word “Marxist” and links to the Assad regime. This is very possible.  However, if that was the case, perhaps one could start looking for the Soviet connection. Russia is very keen to keep the Assad regime in power.

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